Is Amber Rose Painting Houses Now?

While I usually covet almost all things Amber Rose, I do have to say…this is a strange departure. The grey jumpsuit look isn’t exactly something I would expect from dear Amber…the red lipstick? Check. Giant Shades? Check. Painting gear? Um…who are we talking about again?

Also not a normal Amber Rose outfit choice – Doc Martens. That’s right – Doc Martens. I don’t think I have seen a pair of Doc Martens since alt-rock grunge dominated music and fashion. Is there going to be a Doc Marten/Birkinstock resurgence? I so hope not. It didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now, Amber.

Can we please get back to miniskirts and stilettos now?

Image: Bauer Griffin

Image: Bauer Griffin

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    • Tia

      who ever wrote this article is a total idiot . “they didnt work then and they wont work now” hahaha this boot is the best one to get if you go for the grunge look or punk or whatever. its not that its an ugly boot, it’s just not your style. but i wear my docs all the time and i get TONS of compliments. and if it was out of “style” , lmao, then why would she wear them ? she clearly likes them and thats that. like fuck! give her a break.. your gonna come down on her cause you dont like the boots ? haha laaaaame.
      ALTHOUGH, i do agree on the grey jumpsuit. wtf is up with that?