Primetime Emmys: Olivia Wilde

I usually love Marchesa, but what is the deal with this dress?  The designers took an absolutely gorgeous dress and put it on the beautiful Olivia Wilde… and then for some reason cut a nice big crack through it.  I had to use some super zoom action to figure out how this dress if even staying on.  I thought it was glued to her skin like Lil’ Kim’s pasties, but it actually has some nude pantyhose filling in the slit and going up around her neck like a nice pantyhose shirt that is attached to the dress.

The shimmery body-hugging lace was really quite gorgeous before they had to open it up so we could see all of this House star’s skin.  Is the red carpet really the place to show skin all the way down to your belly button?  The crack in the dress looks like an arrow pointing down her body.  I’m not a conservative woman, but I do appreciate a certain level of taste.  Next time, wear the whole dress and don’t cut out the parts that you don’t like.  We can imagine where your belly button is even if we can’t see it.

Sorry Olivia, but you’re also going on my Worst Dressed List.

Image: Bauer Griffin

Image: Bauer Griffin

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