Mischa Barton Needs To Learn Simplicity

Okay let’s start with the good news…which is that Mischa Barton’s hair and makeup look fab.  But the bad news is that everything from the neck down is dreadful.  Mischa Barton attended the Metropolitan Opera’s season opening in NYC with designer Zac Posen and made this terribly unfortunate outfit decision.

I am assuming that the completely over-complicated ensemble that she is wearing was designed by her partner for the evening…which is really so utterly confusing!  When the uber-famous fashion designer has produced oodles of gorgeous duds, why would he put her in this yucky foofy drapery of a dress?

Mischa’s black off-the-shoulder floor length crinkly number is completely unflattering.  The transparent voluminous sleeves have way too many floppy bows and there seems to be no shape to the optical illusion horizontal-striped tube that is the dress.  It seems that she tried to add some shape to the dress by wrapping some heavy artillery around her waist, but it just adds more complication to the jumble.

Image: Fame Pictures

Image: Fame Pictures

Maybe Zac Posen was playing a joke on her and knew she would wear whatever he asked her to.  He’s thinking haha I got this out of my Grandma’s closet and you think I designed it!  Zac, you are a mean guy.  Mischa, try to find that happy place when you were the beautiful and natural beauty Marisa on The OC.  I miss that girl…I think she is hiding somewhere in the sleeves of this dress.

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