• Tue, Sep 22 2009

Yes We Can, But Oh No She Didn’t!

In my 20′s, I spent many hours watching “The Young and the Restless” and actress Victoria Rowell was one of the reasons I tuned in. Victoria’s character, Drucilla, is a pretty girl from the wrong side of the tracks.


Victoria Rowell is the new Obama girl.

Victoria Rowell is the new Obama girl.


At the 2009 Daytime Emmy Awards, however, Victoria was a pretty woman wearing the wrong dress. Um, words can barely describe just how wrong this dress plastered with the face of the 44th president of the United States is. I’m also a Barack Obama supporter, but I can safely say that I would never wear this dress to a formal, red carpet affair.  And maybe not even to clean my apartment.


Hail to the chief!

Hail to the chief!


If this were the MTV Awards, maybe a neo-soul singer like Erykah Badu or India.Irie could rock this daring African print. But on Victoria, the Obama dress looks like a patriotic hot mess.

This of course is my not so humble opinion.  What do you think? Does Victoria Rowell look Hot or Not?

Image credit: Bauer-Griffin

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