Hugh Jackman In A Gray Suit

I don’t care what anybody says, Hugh Jackman is HOT! ;) . The guy can pretty much wear anything, or nothing at all, hah. He can transform himself from an ass-kicking Wolverine last summer to this toned guy in a gray suit.

(Image : Bauer-Griffin)

(Image : Bauer-Griffin)

If Wolverine wore this cut of suit this past Summer, he would have been busing out if it. Not that the ladies would have any problems at all about that, hehe. Hugh Jackman was all muscles while playing the character. He looked HOT in a “I will kick your ass” kind of way but this time around, he looks very suave and debonair.

I give also give him props for going with a pale blue shirt, and a darker shade of necktie. The lace-up oxfords need some shining but it’s ok. We’ll give Hugh a break on the department since he made up for it with his black sunnier and the overall handsome look. I don’t know where he is going with his “Man-Purse” but Hugh Jackman definitely means business.

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    • Robert Barr

      The suit looks great (should have cuff though) but I always thought he came off pretty effeminate to me. Don’t get me wrong, the guy is cut out of granite, but I always thought women wanted men…manly men, men that don’t listen to show tunes.

    • Robert Barr


    • Dexie Wharton

      Well, Hugh makes listening to show tunes hot too..LOL

    • Burgess

      “…don’t know where he was going…” This was taken after he spoke at the Climate Week NYC opening ceremonies on a panel which included the Secretary General of the UN and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. He was there in his role as spokesperson for World Vision. He doesn’t just sing show tunes.

    • Tom

      THIS is what I am talking about.

      I don’t agree that these trousers need cuffs. Flat front, no break, no cuffs.

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    • Blank Label

      i like this.
      btw im with Tom… flat front trousers that are just hemmed just right are fine. cuffs are silly!