Nicole Richie Wears Birdcage Shoes

You know what’s fun to do only weeks after having a baby?  Go out clubbing all night and leave your newborn baby at home!  Nicole Richie and Joel Madden were spotted out and about leaving The Roxy in West Hollywood on Saturday sans baby.  I would have to say that Nicole looks extremely scrawny for being a mama who just gave birth…but I’m definitely not surprised since that girl just loves to lose weight.

Nicole is wearing a pair of terribly uncomfortable looking shoes seemingly made from antique birdcages.  Not that I wouldn’t wear shoes that are uncomfortable, but at least they should look good too.  These just look yuck.  And especially because she has paired them with pajamas.  I guess she was too tired from taking care of her new baby to change out of her silk nightie before she went out.  Joel looks pretty goofy with a red trilby and unbuttoned shirt.  Let’s just assume that babies trumped appearance last night for the Richie-Madden duo.

Image: Fame Pictures

Image: Fame Pictures

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    • Taran Fisher

      You’re totally right about the outfit! I have PJs that look exactly like that! Ha. But I am kinda digging the shoes. Is it just me…or does anyone else out there like ‘em?