Wearing White After Labor Day

In just a few days, I’m headed on a press trip to Jamaica.

I was super excited to notice that, for the first time ever, each item on the itinerary had a “wardrobe suggestion” – and for the second night’s gala, it was “white dress only”!

Fashion Bug

Fashion Bug

So, I get to throw caution to the wind and wear white AFTER LABOR DAY.

Granted, it’s in Jamaica, where the rule does not apply, and I do not believe in said rules anyway. In fact, I am such a rebel that last fall, I wore a white sundress with Uggs on Rodeo Drive. But anyway…

Perhaps the dress I will wear is this Eyelet Dress from Fashion Bug. I love the defining ability of the waist sash, but what I really love is the bargain cost I can get it for.

If you enter coupon code 776292104 at checkout to knock $10 off orders of $25 or more, plus you’ll qualify for free shipping when your order reaches $75 or more! This deal lasts until October 6 -  which means I can even do some additional shopping while I”m away…

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    • Tiffany

      Cute dress! I think it’s silly that you’re not “supposed” to wear white after Labor Day. I wear what I feel like wearing.

    • barbara wright

      What I want to know is…. why do these stupid rules exist anymore? Whoever invented them is probably long dead. It’s probably those male fashion designers who design hideous clothes and laugh because they know women are dumb enough to wear them just because they’re in style! And high heels? Any old lady with corns will tell you what a bad idea they are, and so will your podiatrist. But women wear them anyway. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I think it’s time we thought for ourselves!

      Sorry! You hit my hot button!

    • Jessica Smith

      What Not To Wear says white after Labor Day is a-okay.