Weekend Sale Mini-Guide

There’s a lot less going on in the world of private sales over the weekend – but that’s not to say there’s not fabulosity in the mist.



(Actually. Scratch that. I DESPISE the word fabulosity. Fabulousness. Thanks.)

Anyway, things I am excited about:

Forte sale – Um, hi. Cashmere. 71% off.

Vera Wang Lavender – Not that I have anything exciting to dress up for that I don’t already have 16 dresses for. But it’s Vera! Rules do not apply. (75% off.)

Technomarine Watches - Because some people wear them. Not me. But nothing against Technomarine – much against watches.

MaxMara – Because when I see adorable designer $600 dresses suddenly become $100…I get happy in my girlie places.

Born Shoes – Super comfy. And comfy shoes generally don’t give you blisters/cuts/scraps/bleeding heels. (Which are not hot.)

Spanx - Self-explanatory. We all need it. It makes all of us look better. And it’s the best-kept secret of all knit dress hotness photos.

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    • Rochelle K

      Thanks so much for pointing out some great sales! Being one of the many unemployed people in this country, I appreciate your helping us to still be able to get great things, but on our limited budgets!! Thanks!! =)

    • Sam

      These sales are great! Thanks for pointing out the best deals for us!