Sylvester Stallone Shops At Barneys

Whether it was actually Sylvester Stallone who shopped real hard at Barneys or his wife Jennifer Flavin is not important. Sly dutifully carried the Barneys bags in style.


It’s not that often that we see Sly out and about wearing a nice button-down shirt, with trouser and patent leather loafers. He is usually wearing basic t-shirt and jeans. But then again, he was shopping at Barneys after all.


Stallone’s accessories are not shabby either. I mena hello, he pulled out the sexy Aviator sunglasses, with gold and black combo watch and belt. Sly’s belt buckle actually features 2 guys arm wrestling. It just shows the muscular arms of course but yes, that’s what they’re doing in the buckle.

It’s nice to see Sly looking all put together and cleaned up. Gotta give the guy credit coz he still looking good as ever. I guess you can say I’m happy to see Sly looking like this. I hope to see more of this look in the future.

(Images : Bauer-Griffin)

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    • Robert Barr

      I wish I could look 1/2 as good at 40 as he does at 60 something. However, you can’t get taller and Sly is like 3 feet tall.

    • Dexie Wharton

      Yeah, well I guess a man can’t have everything after all.. LOL.

    • Dianna Trent

      Why do people hate on Sly’s height?! He’s not short – he’s just not 6ft. tall!
      He’s been tagged at 5’8 to 5’9. Whatever! He’s still ROCKY! And I’m lovin’ the goatee & shades!
      WE LOVE YA, SLY!

    • mak

      3 feet like ur mother *—* ass, hes 5’10.

      if hes short what would u call ur father and mother, midgets?!

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