Sharon Stone is Happy That ’80s Are Back

We all know that 80′s fashion is back…but ladies, if you want to pull off these styles you need to do a little more than pull something out of your closet that you haven’t worn for 20 years and say “Hey, I think I’ll start wearing this again…it’s in!”

Unfortunately for Sharon Stone, a Birkin bag does not instantly make your outfit fashionable.  Here she is out and about in West Hollywood wearing an all-out 80′s flashback with an oversized double-breasted unbuttoned blazer with huuuuuge square shoulderpads and a turtleneck.  Here the boyfriend blazer idea has just gone completely wrong.  I think we all remember her wearing this same Gap turtleneck at an awards ceremony maybe three years ago, which means that it’s probably time to find something new to wear.  There is enough going wrong in the top part of this outfit that I won’t even address the horrendous choice for footwear.  Blech.

She could definitely pass as the lead singer of an ’80s coverband in this outfit.  At least she has a Birkin.

Image: Flynet

Image: Flynet

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