• Wed, Oct 7 2009

Weird & Wonderful Shoes from Paris

Footwear has taken a turn for the… interesting during the Spring & Summer 2010 runway shows for Paris Fashion Week!

Of course, the big news is Alexander McQueen‘s high heels – let’s face it, how could they not make an impression:

image: Newscom

image: Newscom

It’s certainly the most distinctive shoe from Paris this week.   I have to admit, I do have a couple of questions…

First of all, can you actually walk in them?

And didn’t Christian Louboutin do these a few years back for a movie??

It took me a minute to realize that the decorations on these shoes from Louis Vuitton weren’t Muppets or small, furry animals.

image: Zuma Press

image: Zuma Press

It’s okay, we can all relax – they’re just really big, fluffy orange tassels.

What do you mean, that doesn’t make you relax?

Junko Shimada is known for some extreme shoe designs – but when you look what’s come down the runway, square plastic soles are pretty tame:

image: Zuma Press

image: Zuma Press

And I actually quite like that little hit of lime green – it’s a great contrast to the slick black patent.

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