Who Wore The White Shirt The Best?

I love a man who wears a basic white t-shirt and jeans. Simple yet clean, refreshing and it’s pretty much a classic casual look for any Men. A lot of celebrities sure have pulled this look effortlessly and made a lot of women swoon. Yes, present company included.

2 Hollywood Men tried the look today. Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl and James Lautner from Twilight movie. One of them looked great, the other one was, well… you’ll see.

James Lautner

James Lautner

James Lautner wore his white t-shirt and jeans combo for a Cool (Wet) magazine photoshoot in Malibu beach. Talk about a Wet T-Shirt moment, hah.

Penn Badgley

Penn Badgley

Penn Badgley wore his own white t-shirt and jeans combo plus a knit cap around Chelsea in New York City with girlfriend Blake Lively.

Now don’t get me wrong, I actually like Penn but not today. All I could think of after seeing the picture was, “get a shower dude“. Or maybe join James down there in Malibu beach.

Who do you think wore the white T-Shirt the best? I know I know, James was in a photoshoot. I’ve seen other Men wear white shirt before and they were not in photoshoots. They looked way much better than Penn that’s for sure. Now I’m a little pissed because I thought anyone would look good in a white shirt. Judging from Penn’s picture, apparently not. Oh well, maybe some other time. I dig his blue sneakers though.

(Images : INF, Bauer-Griffin)

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    • http:///members/star1/ Star Stevenson

      C’mon Dexie this isn’t fair, Penn’s shirt should be wet! ;) But I must admit, James looks pretty nice in that pic…

    • http://sheknowsbest.com Dexie Wharton

      Haha. Like I said, he should join James in the beach..LOL

    • Dawn Campbell

      Seriously, His name is Taylor Lautner….. not james….