More Silly Characters From The Hills

I don’t even like The Hills yet, but there is already a possibility that I will be sucked in…it is just such a crazy cultural phenomenon that is really quite fascinating.  And I at least need to see what these chicks are wearing!

Yesterday I spotted Lo and Kristin out and about, and today I just had to post the Audrina and Stephanie Pratt sequel.  Stephanie’s outfit is a perfect example of these Hills ladies taking their job too seriously and going a little over the top with their ensembles.  She’s wearing an evening clubbing outfit complete with bangles, mini skirt, and high-heeled ankles booties…to get a mani/pedi!  And her legs are looking quite twiggy…this girl needs to eat!  Audrina usually looks pretty cute during the day with some California cas looks…her pale gray skinny jeans are the perfect length and I like the cross-body bag.  Points for Audrina!

Okay let’s see if these girls continue to intrigue me throughout the season or if I have given them too much undeserved attention already…

Image: Flynet

Image: Flynet

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    • Mary Jane (yes, really)

      When I was their age I dressed like that too – I, too went to Fashion College & I think they look great. They are young & having fun. Let them enjoy it & stop being so jealous.