Alicia Looking Clueless…Not in a Cher Way

In the words of my favorite America’s Next Top Model under 5′-7″ contestant Laura from Kentucky, “Oh looooordy!!”  What has happened to Alicia Silverstone??  The beautiful blonde Cher from Clueless was spotted leaving Book Soup in West Hollywood with her husband Christopher Jarecki on Thursday.  She was out promoting her new book “The Kind Diet,” which I can only assume based on her previous public appearances has something to do with loving animals, being vegan, and loving yourself.  Obviously this girl has not been loving her hair lately because it looks terrible!

I am SUCH a huge Clueless fan that I want to support everything that Alicia does…come on, Cher was my fashion idol!  I understand that she wants to be seen as a serious animal rights activist now, but she will definitely get more respect if she pays a little attention to her appearance as well.  It’s really not so hard to just brush your hair before you go out!

Actually I’m just going to advise Alicia to get a complete makeover…that long blonde hair is too associated with Cher and maybe she just needs to try a new look.

Image: Fame Pictures

Image: Fame Pictures

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