Lily Allen Looking Like a Hot Pink Gnome

Yes, neon brights are definitely IN this Fall.  If you can look great in hot pink, then kudos to you and you go girl.  This is definitely Michael Kors’ signature color for Fall, so either this is his piece or someone is totally knocking him off.  Anyways, some hot pink pieces work and some don’t.

Lily Allen was spotted leaving the Omega Constellation party at Almada and she was hard to miss in this super bright neon coat.  I have to admit that I actually would like the coat if it weren’t for the HORRENDOUS pointy hood!!!  What is up with that??  Why would you add an element to a design that references both a garden gnome and a member of an organization based on extreme acts of racism (I’m not even going to mention the name…but we all know what I’m saying here!)?  Terrible choice!

Yay to neon pink, but nay to pointy hoods.

Image: Bauer Griffin

Image: Bauer Griffin

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