Sothys Skincare Giveaway

You might be familiar with Sothys skin care and body care products from you local salon or spa. Soothys started as a beauty institute in Paris beginning back in 1946. In the late 1970s, they opened their doors in the US, distributing the beauty products to Americans that French women had grown to love. Today, Sothys is one of the top professional skin care lines in the world.

Image: Sothys

Image: Sothys

This week at Shopaholics Daily, we are giving you the opportunity to win TWO fabulous Sothys products — Hydroptimale THI3 Light & Comfort Hydrating Creams and Hydroptimale THI3 Hydrating Mask.

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment here and tell us about your favorite skin care line. You comment will automatically enter you into the contest, which runs through October 31, 2009 at 11:59pm ET. We will select one random winner from all the comments.

Let’s learn more about these terrific Sothys products.

Hydroptimale THI3 Light & Comfort Hydrating Creams ($55 for 1.7 oz)

Patented Sothys complex Optimizer SC regulates water flow through the skin the Molecular Patch acts as a pseudo-skin. Made of osmolytes encapsulated in algae and vegetable polymers, it assures ultimate and long lasting protection and hydration, at least 8 hours. Filagrinol complex containing extracts from pollen, wheat germ oil, soybean and olive hydrates, softens and improves the overall function of the skin. Sothys’ Hydroptimale Creams produce instant hydration improvement in the skin by up to 82% after three hours. After continuous use for one month, hydration can be improved by 66%.

Hydroptimale THI3 Hydrating Mask ($33 for 1.7 oz)

Hydrating Mask offers an instant solution to any type of dehydrated skin, plumping the skin with moisture for a healthy lift and glow by re-balancing the water exchanges within the skin and lessening the tightening sensation associated with dry or dehydrated skin. Beetroot extract balances water movements in and out of the cells to improve their metabolism while plant-based complex Filagrinol retains and optimum moisture in the top layer of the skin with extracts of pollen, soybean oil, olive oil, and wheat germ oil.

You can learn more about Sothys at

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    • Julia Smith

      would love to win so I can try these

    • Debbie

      Skincare favorite is renutriv by Estee Lauder now that I use a clarisonic. I want skin that is glowing and hydrated. This does it….

      Seems all of my skincare works better when using this.

    • christine

      I love Jan Marini. It’s taken care of my skin for years!

    • Michelle Draveski

      I would really love to ty this. I always prided myself on having young looking skin but as of late I am seeing the lines and I never thought I would be so vain about it but SOBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB I ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • Rian

      My favorite is Bliss’s Youth as we know it line…

    • Sandra A

      I’m liking MyChelle right now.

    • Jaque

      I would have to say my favorite skin care line is Channel.

      Thank you. :-)

    • Cathy W.

      My favorite skin care line is Lancome, but I’m always looking for the perfect product, so I try different products from time to time.

    • Stephanie V

      I switch around all the time but lately been using Suki which I really like
      tvollowitz at aol dot com

    • courtney s

      i really like obagi!! they have good skin stuff

    • Sara

      I use Cetaphil to clean and some of Origins products for brightening and exfoliation.

    • april

      I love Kiehl’s! Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Anne Taylor

      I really enjoy Roc’s products; but lately have been sticking to extra virgin olive oil :-)


    • L.D.

      My current favorite skin care line is Nu Skin. The products are amazing. I love that they have so many different things to choose from.

    • Darlene Alexander

      Please count me in.

    • Jean F

      I’ve always used Neutrogena

    • susan varney

      i love aveeno

    • Pamela Callahan

      I have recently tried a Perricone product and I LOVED it!

    • Linda Fish

      Olay is my favorite skin Care line, but would love to try these

    • Tracey Byram

      I swear by Olay. Affordable and effective.

    • Amber G

      My favorite skincare line is Shiseido!6

    • Sharon Harmon

      My favorite is Avon products.
      Happy Fall!

    • tracy davis

      My favorite is Bliss’s Youth as we know it line

    • Brigitte Walsh

      I usually mix and match, and my skincare products/lines really depend on the season. I do like Aveda skincare products and use the Green Science Firming Eye Cream all year ’round.


    • Siobhan

      I love the Olive Essence Spa Experience line. These products like the facial scrub and the moisturizer seem to clear blemishes the best for my skin. And they smell nice too.

    • SiSi

      I love the “Yes to Carrots” skin care line. It works great!
      Would love to try something new:)
      Thanks for the chance.

    • Frances Carty

      My fave is Dr. Michelle Copeland

    • Denise B.

      I actually have various favorite lines which also includes Sothys.

    • Jennifer B.

      I love the Philosophy line of skin care products.

    • Few Skin Care Tips

      My current favorite skin care line is Nu Skin. The products are amazing. I love that they have so many different things to choose from.

    • Pamela Ray

      Current I am using SkinMedica

    • B. Lechowicz

      I love Vichy.

    • Jaclyn Reynolds

      I use Clinique right now but am ready for something new.

    • Linda Lansford

      I just use regular soap

    • Wanda

      I’ve never tried Sothy’s, so at present my favorite skin care line is Lancome. Second favorite is Clinique, and it’s very close between them. Perhaps Sothy’s will pull ahead of both? Thank you for a wonderful giveaway.

    • Linda Peters

      Right now I am using L’Oreal products.

    • Angela J

      I have no favorite, pick and choose among many.

    • pamr

      I like anything by Aveeno; it’s really easy on my skin

    • Theresa

      Osmotics Cosmeceuticals is without a doubt my favorite line.

    • Christine V

      using L’Oreal

    • Deborah Wellenstein

      I have used Clinique for a long time. Thank you!

    • Shari D

      I tend to use Olay and sometimes Dove.

    • vicky boackle

      i like oil of olay.

    • angie

      I like Philosophy products.

    • christopher h

      clinique was always a fave

    • Monique Rizzo

      I am using Mary Kay right now. Thanks for the chance.

    • Marilyn Wons

      My favorite skin care line is Oil of Olay. I started using the original Oil of Olay back in the seventies and still use it. I have added the Night Oil of Olay to my rountine. Great products!

    • Halifax

      I’m using Elizabeth Arden Intervene line, works ok, doesn’t break me out. Olay skincare is good too

    • Jessica Smith

      Definitely Kinara. I don’t know how they do it, but once I started using their stuff I stopped wearing foundation, and my skin tone is blotchy red all over, especially in winter…Kinara rocks.

    • SewCalGal

      I’ve posted about your delightful giveaway on my blogsite for insights on contests & giveaways:

      SewCalGal (at

    • Heather McDonough

      I’d love to win these. I currently use Sothys Hydra-Mat as a daily moisturizer.

    • betsy

      I’d give it a try. I have roscea though. Would it affect it?

    • djp

      sign me up

    • Chris

      I currently use mostly Kiehl’s products, but I just bought some Shiseido Men products to try. I’m definitely looking for new products as I’m getting older!

      chrisny2 (at) aol(dot) com

    • Lynn

      I’m interested to hear more opinions about the Mask. Great giveaway!

    • Courtney

      I love clinique. Their moisture surge is my fave!

    • Christine

      I’m really becoming a fan of Ole Henriksen; the products feel so nice. Would love to try Sothys. Thank you!

    • Joannie

      I use Sothys Total Cohesion which makes my skin feel like silk! I love it!

    • Jenna

      My favorite line is Cetaphil becuase it is very gentle on my sensitive skin.

    • Elizabeth J

      I have been using dermascyne lately= it’s pretty effective

    • Ashley

      i like skincueticals products

    • janeh

      I’m a fan of both Cetaphil and Lancome…….

    • Jessica R

      I recently got to try the Sothys line at a spa this past weekend. LOVED IT.

    • Heather S

      I adore Maurad Products!

    • Huguette English

      I’m presently use the L’Oreal Skin Genesis, I’m ok with it but would love to try something new. Thanks for the chance!

    • 216amyc

      I just recently started using Peter Thomas Roth skincare products. I like them so far!

    • Sarah

      i like oeco!

    • Debra F

      I really like Clinique’s skin care line and I really like Neutrogena intensive moisturizer. Would love to try these. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Allegro

      Oil of OLay has always been in my family.

    • Susan B

      I have always used Mary Kay, but would love to try other products.

    • Susan C

      I love Avon’s Anew line-the products actually work!
      smchester at gmail dot com

    • Lee Taylor

      I’ve been using Clinique Skin Care products for years!

    • Erica-Marie

      I used to use Caudalie, but switched to Sothys after reading the ingredients…just ordered the Lift Defense Mask…I can’t wait to get it in the mail!!!!!

    • Lucy Schwartz

      The 1 system that I’ve used successfully is the Mary Kay line of products.

    • Judy

      I love Sothys products – all of them. I have been using Sothys for many years and people constantly compliment me on my complexion and that is something especially since I am 62 years young. I need to know how I can order these on-line in the U.S.

    • Alice C

      i like neutrogena and weletta

    • Jill Myrick

      My favorite skincare line is Luxiva by Merle Norman.
      Thank you so much for the chance to win.

    • Melissa D

      I’m a huge fan of Aveeno– affordable, high-quality products! Thanks.

    • Shelley Mitchell

      OHHH I haven’t found a good facial mask in a long time. I would love to try this!

    • Jennifer gersch

      I use oil of olay

    • Julieh

      I really like Neutrogena’s skin care. It works great, and doesn’t cost a fortune.

    • Kathy Hecimovich

      I’d love to try this!!

    • roseh2o19


    • ky2here

      I’ve been using L’Oreal Skin Genesis.

    • Becky K

      If I won the lottery, I’d buy the entire La Mer line!

    • latisha depoortere

      Im a big fan of Olay products been using them for years but still love to try new products! nice giveaway thank you!

    • Kathy Scott


    • Erma

      I’d love to try these.

    • Soraya N.

      I’d love to try this….I currently use a lot of Clinique and Keratese products

    • trishden

      Hi, I won some Zia skincare and I really love it. So that is my favorite for the moment. Thanks for a great giveaway!

    • Kimberly

      My current favorite line is Aveda, but I’d love to try Sothys out!

    • peach

      i have never tried sothys skin care, but would LOVE to. my current favorite is actually boscia, the scents are really clean and pure and they clean VERY good without being abrasive.

    • Erica G

      I don’t really have a favorite. I was using Clinique, but it hasn’t really been working as well lately.

    • Susan Ledet

      My favorite skincare line is SKINN by Dimitri James. I’ve been using it for almost 2 years and will never switch!

    • Sheila Hickmon

      I like Clinique. Thanks!

    • shawna

      I like using Arbonne.

    • Christie

      I am currently trying Cetaphil’s line of skincare. I have used their soap for years.

    • wendy wallach

      my favorite skin care line is clinique.

      madamerkf at aol dot com

    • Chrysa

      I like Clinique

    • reeva

      i use loccitane products. i’d love to get my hands on this!

    • Aisling

      I like Clinique products, but switch around quite a bit.

    • Patty

      Am partial to Clinique, but am always trying something new. Also like Avon anew

    • dorothy l

      burts bee



    • Jody Tews

      I use and love Erno Lazslo products.

    • Dddiva

      I go between Clinique and Arbonne

    • Vicki Andrew

      I’ve tried Clinique, mostly as samples but I usually use Orgins

    • Joanna Smith

      Right now I am on the hunt for a new skin care line. I really don’t have a favorite one because none of the skin care line’s I have used in the past have been truly effective in making my skin look and feel healthy! I can say that the ones that I have used that have worked the best for me are Lexli which is an aloe based skin care line and also Hemloq skin care has worked well for me. But, I guess I am still searching for the ultimate products that will wow me. I have heard that the Sothys skin care line is fabulous so here I am hoping to be able to give them a try! Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

    • Marjorie

      I generally use Clinique products.

    • Stephanie Adkins

      I have always been a fan of Clinique products.

    • Jannet Tseng


    • Christina Sparks

      Oil of Olay, it is within my budget and works great

    • Holly

      I use many different products, but I think my fav is Olay.

    • kimbly

      I am a fan of Clinique products

    • Lisa

      I love Avon.

    • DanV

      My favorite is St. Ives

    • Janet

      Clinique rocks

    • Janet

      follower on twitter jmahurin40

    • Charlene Kuser

      My favorite skin care line is Estee Lauder.

    • Gianna

      St Ives :)

    • Lorna Lo

      I used to use an overly harsh skin-care product from another brand and my skin started peeling evey now and then – until someone gave me a bottle of Sothy’s Oxyliance liquid. I followed up with using Oxyliance moisturiser cream and 2 jars, later, the problem is resolved. I am now looking for an alternative Sothys moisturiser to use interchangeably with Oxyliance

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