Miley Cyrus on Sex & the City 2

Woah woah woah!!  Ok I was about to totally FREAK about Miley’s outfit in this pic…for so many reasons it is just so inapprop for Hannah Montana even if she is trying to transition into adulthood.  Let’s remember the Vanity Fair drama please!!

But then, lucky for her, I realized that she is on the set of Sex & The City 2…in costume!!  Whew!  I was imagining that Billy Ray sent her out the door in this outfit and said, Go get ‘em honey!  Supposedly she doesn’t actually have any lines in SATC2, but this outfit definitely speaks a few lines on its own.  Now we get to spend the next few months wondering why the heck she could be wearing this…

I’m going to admit that the boots are pretty cute and I kind of want them, but the push-up bra action just makes me feel super uncomfortable.  No one wants to be caught checking out Miley Cyrus’ cleavage.  And I REALLY hope there is a good story behind that Brontosaurus necklace.

Image: Fame Pictures

Image: Fame Pictures

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    • Anushka

      I read on some SATC 2 gossip site that the reason Miley is wearing this outfit is because she’s supposed to show up at a red carpet event in the same dress as Kim Katrall!

    • Whitney

      Honestly i think everything should just really back off of Miley. Shes a gorgous talented young woman, NOT a little kid anymore. I’ve seen far worse outfits and such from younger girls who are just thirteen years old and you want to criticize her? Miley is only trying to break her “disney” image and have fun with her life, but the world just won’t allow it. WEll sorry to break it to you guys, it’s HER life and shes going to live it the way she wants. Jealousy, it truely is a shame..

    • Rachel

      i think Miley looks super-cute! The gloves are to die for!