Hot or Not? American Idol’s Allison Iraheta

Allison Iraheta blew me away on Season 8 of “American Idol.”  And the powerhouse-piped singer is only 16!  What I don’t love is her unruly, witchy woman hair and her questionable fashion sense.


Allison Iraheta from American Idol.

Allison Iraheta from American Idol.


Here, Allison is posing on the red carpet for MTV’s Los Premios 2009 Awards in Los Angeles, in what looks like a shiny, silver prom dress.  The bubble dress isn’t the best (the bow, and did I mention that it’s super shiny), but if her hair weren’t a complete bird’s nest, Allison’s look might be more youthful and salvageable.


Allison Iraheta is a shiny, happy person.

Allison Iraheta is a shiny, happy person.

The strappy black shoes and purse also clash with the silver dress and her bright red hair.

But maybe I’m just hating on Iraheta’s personal style.  Do you think she looks Hot or Not?

Image credit: Bauer Griffin

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    • http://- SOLCHU LA FAN D ALLISON NUMERO 1!!!

      allison looks gr8t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://- SOLCHU LA FAN D ALLISON NUMERO 1!!!

      i luv allison, i hope ur dating adam lambert !:))))))ur such a cute couple!:D

    • Mari

      I like it. I think she looks fine for the event and I actually love those shoes.

    • DM

      That dress looks just like the Heene family’s weather balloon! Maybe Mayumi can wear it to her sentencing.

    • istersay

      She looks cute, and she’s an amazingly talented singer.

    • Eleanor

      I think she could tone the hair down. The dress is not too bad. But the black shoes and bag, I do not like.

    • http://aol Brenda Foster

      I think her look is unique. She is definitely hot. She has her own style. She is a rock star. She has beautiful hair. Everyone has blonde that is boring. She is Allison Iraheta. I like her style.

    • truth

      Allison can continue to dress however she wants. She is not some teen idol who “fits the suit” like johnny Bravo (look it up). She can SANG.

      Those with exquisite talent can come and go as they please. Leave her alone and maybe she will give you an interview when she is a global star.

    • Paula

      I think Allison looks AWESOME. The look fits her rocker image – you go, girl!

      Oh, and Allison is NOT dating Adam Lambert, to whomever said that they hope they’re dating – Adam is GAY!

    • Kelsey

      Allison looks beautiful and can wear whatever she likes. I happen to love both her hair and outfit.

      This girl has tremendous talent and stands out from the crowd of your typical teenage singers. Not to mention she actually acts like a normal teenager unlike some famous young stars these days.

      It’s so refreshing to see a normal kid with an extraordinary talent. She’ll be around for a long time. :)

    • Bebe

      Allison looks beautiful! I loooove those shoes! i wanna get ‘em. anyone know who designs them?

    • taylor

      adam lamberts gay