Vanessa Paradis Named Face of Chanel

I’m in Paris today, so it’s only fitting that I heard the news that Vanessa Paradis, French model and partner to Johnny Depp, has been named the face of Chanel lipstick.

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Vanessa has a long-standing relationship with the house, having first appeared in Coco ads in 1992; eleven years later, she was the Karl Lagerfeld’s muse for Cambon handbags and in 2010, she’ll be the face of Rouge Coco de Chanel lipstick.

What I adore about Chanel’s choice and Vanessa Paradis herself is how unequivocally FRENCH she is.  She’s not perfect (French beauty never is), but she’s phenomenally sexy and carries herself like a woman, never a girl. She’s also aging gracefully, unlike all too many American stars.

What do you think of Vanessa Paradis’ ongoing relationship with Chanel?

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    • kate

      Why????????/ She is extremely thin, has bad teeth and she is not pretty. Penelope Cruz, Thelma Hacek, Cindy are real beauties. What am I missing here? When did skinny become beauty?????????