Photos of the plane crash on Wisteria Lane on ‘Desperate Housewives’

When Marc Cherry said an Oceanic airplane would crash on Wisteria Lane, he didn’t say that in the way that we sometimes refer to the street when we really mean the entire show. No, he meant that the plane actually crashes on Wisteria Lane. Well, on some houses, to be exact.

Check the photos out here, at

Now I’ve studied these photos. I’ve zoomed in and tried to search for clue within the debris, and then — after I realized I couldn’t find anything anyway — I decided that I didn’t want to know who dies. For some unknown reason, for probably the first time in my life, I can wait until Chanukah to see what Chanukah Harry got me (instead of shaking all the presents in search of Totally Hair Barbie).

I want to be surprised. The end.

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    • Jaz

      Dear DH gods,
      Please don’t kill Mrs. McCluskey or Tom.
      Anyone but them is fine.
      Thank You.

    • Tyler

      I second that, Jaz.

      There’s rumors going around this is actually a picture from the World of Wars set, starring Tom Cruise. I checked out the photo from the movie’s site, and it checks out. Who knows, though, it could be recycled footage.

    • Hannah

      this is definitely the war of the worlds set-not desperate housewives

    • Rich

      Dear Wisteria Lane Lord,
      I would like to update my fellow desperate housewives addicts list and dont kill off Bree,Andrew,Julie( she already suffered enough), of course Tom,Mrs McCluskey,none of the Scavo children, and Gabby or her sexy as hell ex-gardener John


    • Nickie Lew

      Ny favorite show, I have watched every single episode since the beginning. Desperate Housewives, despite the title, has been fun, quirky, interesting, clever, unique. One of the best elements has always been that the situations have all been resolved well, with the exception of killing off Edie (Nicolette Sheridan). Apparently, Mr. cherry thinks that having the show take a dark turn will boost ratings, but to the contrary, he will not only kill off the characters we look forward to seeing each episode, he will certainly kill off the fan base – I can assure you I won’t be the only one to quit Wisteria Lane if this happens.

    • Nickie Lew

      My favorite show, I have watched every single episode since the beginning. Despite the title, it is a sophisticated, fun, quirky, interesting, clever show. One of the good elements about the show is that the situations are resolved well, with the exception of killing off Edie (Nicolette Sheridan). If the show takes a dark turn and kills off more of the characters we are attached to and look forward to seeing, you will kill off your fans as well. If Wisteria Lane turns ugly, with death and loss, there is no point in my ever going there again, and I won’t.

    • Sergio

      I went to Universal Studios summer 2007 and I could see both Wisteria Lane and War of the Worlds sets. Those photos are definitely from War of the worlds set. I’m trying to look for my pictures and videos to show them to you guys. But even if they are from War of the Worlds set, I think they might use that set for the episode. Why would you crash a plane and destroy a set if you have one already? I know it doesn’t look like Wisteria Lane but if they give close shots or something, we won’t notice. I don’t know, just my opinion anyway ;)

      BTW: I don’t wanna know what happens on that episode either :D

    • kirsty

      please dont kill gabby she is my most favourite desperate housewive by far or lynette dont kill her either especially because she is pregnant,or susan i like her too or katherine everyone else can die its fine with me but bree really gets on my nerves but why did you have to kill edie i loved her she was really sexy so do as i say and give marcia cross the sack please mr cherry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!