Not Impressed With Andy Samberg’s GF

Andy Samberg is definitely at the top of his game right now with his whole hilarious hottie thing goin’ on.  I’m not sure how long this romance has been in the works, but he was recently spotted strolling in the West Village with girlfriend musician Joanna Newsom.  Maybe I am just expecting too much from this SNL Dick in a Box genius, but is anyone else disappointed in his other half??

Andy can pretty much wear whatever he wants since his whole image is about just being the regular funny guy who just happens to be famous and cute.  But I am really not liking the leprechaun look that Joanna is sporting.  I would cut her some slack and write off this outfit as one picked by an artist who doesn’t care about mainstream fashion, but the Chanel chain bag and over-the-knee boots definitely don’t allow me to do that.  I am soooo hating the nautical striped turtleneck babydoll paired with the reversible green wool blanket/coat.  And is that just the worst color of Chanel bag ever?  I hope it was on sale.

Image: Bauer Griffin

Image: Bauer Griffin

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    • Lia

      I think Joanna Newsom looks great. Snarkstress probably still wears Bebe tube tops.

    • Lonna Cottrell

      Her Chanel bag…look at the bag under her eyes. And he doesn’t look that interested. I’m crossing my fingers…for a breakup.

    • /members/ashley/ Ashley Shute

      Andy is so my boyfriend and he doesn’t know it. Joanna is just my stand in. But Andy…andy andy…that jacket. My goodness. You wear that all the time. Hasn’t someone like Joe Zee (you’ve been in Elle for goodness sakes!) told you that you need to upgrade the sweater look?

      And Joanna…I completely agree. She’s uber talented but yeah. Not a good look. She should have gone with leggings instead of jeans and worn ankle boots instead. But, whatever. Our pictures aren’t being taken of me every day either.

      /endrant :)

    • nicholle

      god damnit! i thought they broke up. i dont usually cuss but this really pisses me off! i was seriously working up a plan on how i was going to get with andy. but no this fucking big eared girl is still in the picture. andy, you sir, desire better! oh day soon he’ll realize this.

    • Aloe

      Haha she looks like a piece of sh*t… he’d better break up with her…

      • Sam

        i totally agree

      • Sara

        Your dumb, Your just jelouse that he is dating her. Who cares how she looks, Andy loves her. Maybe he will break up with her. But that does not concern you.

    • Gio

      uh yo joanna newsom is definitely the hotter and more talented half. you posted a picture in which it looks like she just woke up. sorry if her cultural contributions are too challenging for your sorority-conditioned mind. i hope they break up too, so i have a shot at her, as i am mistaken for andy samberg all the time.

    • Sam

      andy is going to be my future husband but i just need to get rid of her. shes icky and her voice is scary and shes not very attractive…unlike her other half :)

      • Sara

        Honestly? If you where her and you read these would that make you feel good about your self? I don’t think it would, at least it would make me feel horrible. I would wanna die. She is not icky, she is pretty. She has a great voice. Your opinion is to me is your opinion. Just think about what she would feel if she read all these nasty comments.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with Sara. Joanna is an amazing singer, probably one of my favorite singers. And Joanna is actually very pretty. It’s stupid that people like to judge other people by the way they dress. Seriously? Some people are just so shallow. Looks aren’t everything.
        And it’s creepy how stalkerish you girls are.

    • Illy

      Joanna is my most face talented indie chick! She is amazing at what she does and so creative. If I could be cool enough like her I would.. But that talent and self belief is natural. She elf like pretty, unique and sexy. She’s the perfect woman and uses her brain. I think it’s harsh to judge someone you don’t know. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Andy and Jo make a very cute couple.

    • Mira

      Joanna Newsom’s beauty is seriously underrated. And her sense of style? She’s all Joanna… and it works for her. I would love to raid her closet.

      I like Andy… and I think they’re cute together. <3

      • Erin

        You rock.

    • Erin

      Shut your trap, Snarkstress. Joanna Newsom is incrdibly talented, and stunningly beautiful and stylish in her own personal way. She may be eccentric, but at least she doesn’t slip into everyday crap trying to copy other people. Do you think you have any right to criticize her looks? You probably wrote this in old pajamas at home! And as for other people who trashed JN, just look at yourselves right now. That’s right. You have no right whatsoever to hurt her with your “I hope they break up because she’s ugly” crap. Please, just leave her alone.