‘Desperate Housewives’ Season 6, episode 5: ‘Everybody Ought to Have a Maid’ liveblog

“Desperate Housewives” Season 6, episode 5: “Everybody Ought to Have a Maid”
Air date: Oct. 25, 2009

This season continues to get better and better. The stories all are interesting, and even though I don’t have a super great amount of love for the Bolens year (no one seems to fit..Angie doesn’t have the right chemistry to fit with the rest of the ladies, I don’t buy the Danny/Dominic + Julie affair, and poor Nick, he’s — well, he’s just in the wrong show. More bloodsucking, less desperation).

Peggy, the not-neighbor friend watched the show with me, and you can follow along next Sunday on Twitter @DesperateBlog (or here!!!)

On with the DHness!!

9:59: Is it bad that the hair on my arm raises when I hear “Welcome home, ______ family!” ?? Because it means it’s DH time!!!
10:00: The “previously on” has shown everything I want to see in this episode!!
10:01: Whoooooa, Gaby. That shirt is SO CUTE. I want it!
10:03: “Honey, do that thing where you run into a wall.” – Gaby. She’s such a good mother.
10:04: This is QUITE the welcome party Julie’s getting for not being dead. Mike didn’t get any such party.
10:04: …he just got Edie.
10:05: Dirty look for Dominic?
10:05: It’s weird to see Angie in the group, isn’t it?
10:06: Mike doesn’t want Susan to pour gasoline on the fire that is Krazy Katherine. I totally disagree.
10:08: “If I ever see you two together, I’m going to tell mom.” — Vampire Nick. Danny …..smiles…..?
10:09: Angie is NOT the type to be oblivious to her husband’s crap, hey?
10:10: “Getting the picture isn’t the problem, it’s getting rid of it.” — Lynette, about Roy’s old downtheres.

10:11: Uh oh, maid at the Hotel L’Affair is gettin’ all judgy on Bree.
10:15: “Now just shut up and fork over some cash.” — Gaby
10:19: Wait a minute: Is Bree getting advice from her HUSBAND about how to deal with the judgy maid at Hotel L’Affair?
10:24: “I don’t have any weed, lady.” — Jamaican maid
10:25: Why are we caring so much about what the Jamaican maid thinks about us, Bree? Jamaid! Ha!
10:26: “Owned. Bree got owned by the Jamaid.” — (Not)Neighbor Peggy
10:27: Did Roy just tell Lynette she needed a bell?
10:29: “She looks really well-rested for someone who hasn’t been able to sleep.” – Peggy
10:31: As ridiculous as Susan smooch-for-the-world fest was, I like that Mike accepts her for who she is.
10:32: “My laundry is clean, folded and put away, you loon.” – Susan. You should’ve heard the extremely loud “HA!” I just made. Loud. The girl who works at the winery heard it next door, no doubt.
10:32: “He’s snaking a ladies drain, OK??” OOooooooooohh, I get it, now, Susan.
10:37: Let’s take a guess what’s going to happen at this party…some child-related injury?
10:39: Jamaid’s pretty wise.
10:40: Our responses when we saw Bree’s cleavage in the mirror: “Ewww,” — me. “Whoaaaa,” — Not(Neighbor) Peggy
10:41: Peggy keeps saying that Bree’s not interested in keeping Orson. Is this true? I’m still confused about their relationship.
10:42: Gaby and Susan drinking margaritas …. while the monkey kills the clown?
10:48: Is this when Tom looks to Roy to help him be less easily whipped?
10:48: Aw, no. Instead, he’s supporting his wife. Again. Seriously, Tom, where do you grow?
10:49: “You’re a good man, Scavo.” — Roy. You’re not wrong, sir, you’re not wrong.
10:49: Carlos and Gaby showing love? I miss that!
10:51: Oh, hey, Susan. What’s up? You’re….not wearin’ much, are you?
10:51: Susan…shot Katherine. YES.
10:57 Nothing says “emasculate me” like, hey, baby, will you unload this gun?
10:59: Speaking of bad moves, Angie…using Katherine to manipulate? She might be krazier than any situation the Bolens are hiding from….
10:02: The “next time on” TOOOOOLD me it was going to be surprising, but it didn’t SHOW me. Where are the English teachers screaming “SHOW, don’t tell!”??

That’s aalllll, DH kids! Any ideas for winners? Losers? No? How about the newly branded Linner/Woser category?

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    • Tyler

      Susan, surprisingly, because she stopped at nothing (even guns which she hates, remember?) to protect Julie, again. I can understand her anger at protecting what belongs to her: her daughter and Mike.
      Tom, as I’ve probably suggested before. God, is it obvious I have such a man crush on Mike? He’s such a great person, and I love his little speech in the previous episode about Lynette’s “one flaw” and now this episode and his reasoning for letting Lynette belittle him. I loved it. “A man has to protect his wife.”

      Gabrielle – After last week when I was so happy for her growth in five years, she disappoints me! Drinking at your daughter’s birthday 7th birthday party? (Even though she should barely be five, by now) Seriously. I’m annoyed she was so determined to make her daughter’s birthday special. What did it prove? It didn’t make her seem like she was responsible at all. What was it a contest? To see who could be the better mom? Her whole storyline didn’t make sense.
      Katherine – I’m willing to believe she was doing her nightly patrol, but I don’t believe it was for the right reasons. She might’ve used that as an excuse to look less crazy. Well, at least Angie took up for her, but she had an ulterior motive…

      (Dom)inick – The guy’s got serious guts to talk to Julie in light of all the shenanigans she’s gone through lately. However, the quiet blackmail of his son was spot on, though, because his mother probably would be angrier that he knew and didn’t tell her.

    • EvilTurtle

      Great episode, I liked it a lot.

      Winner: Tom for being such a great husband. He knows that Lynette controls him and he lets her. Because he wants her to feel safe. I’m not even sure if Lynette is aware of her “I-have-to-control-things”-ness, but Tom sure does. He’s adorable.

      Winner: Gaby. She’s really trying to be a good mom, but she’s just different than all those other great moms. She’s a good mom in her own, special way. And Carlos’ kind words to her at the end made me smile :)

      Karl was also a bit of a winner. Karl brought Bree flowers, how cute is that (and at the end of the episode we could see him halfnaked. NOMNOMNOM!)

      Woser/Linner: Bree and the Jamaid. The Jamaid was awesome, stepping up to Bree. The ‘weed’-line was funny! You could really see Bree’s struggling with the affair, she feels guilty. I’m glad she chose Karl in the end :)

      Losers: the Bolens. I like them and now I feel sorry for Angie. She’s trying to fit in with the girls, but at the same time she’s adding fuel to the fire by saying what she said to Katherine. And poor Danny, he can’t tell that his father is having an affair because he doesn’t want to hurt his mom.

      Loser: Katherine. I feel sorry for her, she really is crazy.

    • Saba

      I love see Angie in the group. Angie is the new Katherine and Katherine is the new Edie.

      Katherine is so crazy I’m starting to think maybe she’s the one who attacked Julie.

      Winner: Gaby.. or Solis family. Gaby’s girls are winners like their moms.

    • Ryeloza

      In the little moments that count I’d choose Lynette as a winner simply for recognizing that if things continue the way they’re going, Katherine could possibly pull a Mary Alice. I don’t know why, but in an episode of stand-out moments, that one really struck me.

      Also, Tom, of course, whose little speech actually made me tear up. And I agree with Saba that the whole Solis family was pretty awesome this week.

      Completely unrelated, I wish the writers would do something useful with Orson or just cut him for good. The only entertaining moment he’s had this season was when he was dealing with Krazy Katherine…I wouldn’t mind seeing that dynamic played up more. And she is a redhead…


      I just want to say this episode made me love Bree more than ever! Whether it was the gun unloading or the Karl choosing… oh who cares. She’s a total linner/woser.

    • RenatoB

      I adored this episode, can hardly wait for the next one. Amy, you mixed up the names of the Bolen guys, Danny’s the kid, Nick/Dominic is the father. :)
      It was really hard to pick winners and losers in this episode. As always, I’ll try to give more than three suggestions.

      Losers: Lynette – we know she’s a control freak, and we know Tom lets her be, but the way she talks to Tom sometimes, like when she said “all I know is we’re getting flower boxes”, that’s pretty much just rude and disrespectful, she does castrate him a bit, way more than Bree does to Orson – and why did the bird house have to pay the ultimate price?; Roy – whereas I am not on Lynette’s side, I am also not on Roy’s side, although I think he’s more old fashioned than a chauvinistic pig. I don’t think he should always defer to Tom for help, particularly since Lynette was the one who hired. And why did guest Roy star in his own story when his girlfriend, a regular character, was so underused? When are we gonna get to the juicy part of their relationship, like, say, Karen finding out he’s got like seven wives chopped up in his basement; Bree – she clearly knows she wants to keep this affair with Karl Mayer going, but still doesn’t know what to do with Orson. Bree has always been such a resourceful woman, what happened to her? Can’t she just threaten to put Orson in jail too, see what happens, didn’t he steal a lot of stuff last season?; Nick – again, creepy guy.

      Winners – Tom: he has to make the ultimate sacrifice and allow his b*lls to be chopped off every now and then so that his wife can be happy, and that mustn’t be easy; Carlos – he made the love of his life realize how great of a mother she is, a nice turn from what Carlos has shown us in the past few episodes; Jamaid (whatever her name is) – that woman is not a hypocrite as some people (not on this blog) are saying, she is someone who did something stupid and subtly tries to help others not to be that stupid. She was right on about Bree and her guilt, and her speech at the end was very heartfelt and touching, greatest guest star in a while; Angie – what she did was wrong, but let’s face it, this woman has to protect her family, and she’s doing a heck of job. She’s a psycho… but she’s a winner.

    • Kathy

      You were right on the spot with this week’s episode. I liked the story line with the Jamaid…. and at the end when it gave all the right answers why she should…. except Bree isn’t going to stop her affair. I also like Tom… he surprises sometimes with his depth

    • Karl

      Ok is there nobody here to point out that Susan has been going the wack-job road along as well as Katherine has been ? The fact that Mike chose her didn’t make her more mentally stable, she’s SHHOTING AT PEOPLE! Damn !

      Winners :
      Gaby : Great episode for her. Even though the kids sled down the stairs she got off as the sane one, I mean, what kind of mother can blame her for the kids doing stupid stuff? Again, who’s cray enough to watch kids all day long when they play? That mother was insane. Besides, killing monkeys are always a must at parties.

      Angie : Although the Bolens are very shady she got to avoid that bullet – for this week – while manipulating Katherine.

      Katherine : Entertaining Katherine – as always. She even crossed the line as the sane one this week. I mean, Susan is a mean bitch who wouldn’t choose her for neighborhood watch. And then she shot at her! I mean comon, I can’t even believe people are rooting for Crazy Susan

      WOSER : Scavos. Not much to work with this week. Blah!

      Loser :

      Bree. I cannot believe a hapily ever-after moment between Bree and Karl. I mean, they are still doing it in a crappy motel after all this time?

      Nick: Besides looking like the trailer-park white trash of Wisteria Lane, the guy was sleeping with a girl he could’ve had as his daughter.

      Susan: Big time LOSER. I mean, throughout this post I have showed how Crazy Susan is going bonkers. Katherine looks more stable than her.

    • Jaz

      RenatoB: I LOVE the idea of Roy having chopped up wives. I mean, Mrs. McCluskey’s had a few frozen dead husbands of her own so they would be totally compatible.

      Woser: Katherine. I loved the way she was staring at Mike at the beginning of the neighborhood watch meeting. She’s shameless. just the way I like her.

      Angie: Thumbs up for hiding/protecting their family’s shadiness so swiftly but thumbs down for encouraging Katherine. It was clever but wrong. But on the other hand, Susan DID try to kill her son so I think she deserves some payback in the form of a stalker. And for being cheated on. And I still kind of think she’s the Julie Strangler.

      Susan: for protecting her kid and harming ANOTHER innocent person. If anyone were to kill anyone, she would probably be the one (ironically) to do it by accident.

      the (nosy) maid: it was nice of her to try and help someone but she should stay out of other people’s business. Bree didn’t even listen anyways, so she just wasted her energy trying to help her. And she kind of sounded pro-Orson. which I hate. I don’t think she would be if she knew what a killer-klepto-lying-blackmailer Orson is.

      Winner(again): Tom. I also want a Tom of my own. Its amazing how attractive someone can become just by their actions and intentions. He’s the only winner this week.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jamie.lord Jamie

      Where was I? I forgot to choose my choices? I got lost, I suppose.


      Susan (Yes — again): She shot Krazy Katherine… In the arm! Funny stuff. Well, not if it were in real life, but this is one time where Susan’s clumsiness actually worked to her -advantage-.

      Katherine: Watching this train wreck is like watching, well — like watching Susan with a gun. Funny. But a little sad, as well. Maybe she’ll end up on the same ward with Diabolical Dave. (Spinoff idea!: “Love Behind Padded Walls”)

      The Maid: Potent words from a guest star. My seond time picking a guest star.

      Woser/Linner: Angie: I love her, and the next minute — she scares me. That is all.


      Nick: Not only does he look like a vampire, but also his acting is crap! Too faux Marlon Brando/Jack Nicholson wannabe-ish.

      Roy: Change your sexist ways. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

      Lynette: Get some therapy and let Tom take the reigns every once in awhile.

      …but I love her. :)

    • Neighbor Peggy

      I gotta disagree with Amy about the Bolens–I find them more interesting than most of the others right now! MOstly due to they mystery, I suppose. Also I really like Angie. And Danny’s faux-vampire pouting is sort of hilarious.

      Then again, I teach high school, and I think the Bolens are getting a better “Show, don’t tell” than a lot of the other characters!!

      If Tom’s right about Lynette’s need for control, I’ll be interested to see if that comes back out in feelings of loss of control about her pregnancy?

      Ryeloza, I agree 100% about wanting more Orson/Katherine. It would be very entertaining to see Bree trying to keep Karl a secret while Orson tries to resist feelings for Katherine, who’s still obsessed with Mike, who remarried Susan who used to be Karl’s wife. SOAP OPERA GOLD!!

      Saba—WORD! I can totally see Krazy Katherine going for Susan and getting Julie by mistake???
      Karl, I’m with you on Susan’s crazy. It’s less scary than Katherine’s, but it’s still there.

      And, LAST but not LEAST: Oh, Krazy Katherine. You so crazy!!!

    • KP

      I too get excited for “Welcome home family!” as it means its DH time– its the only part of that show that I watch!

    • Kris

      Frankly I wondered how Tom can say he lets Lynette control him with a straight face. Window boxes and bird houses. Come on, why should he care when he’s in college like he wants to be, when he got the large family he wanted, when he opened the pizzeria of his dreams like he wanted, when Lynette stayed home with the kids for several years, like he wanted. Sorry, I’ve never seen a supposedly hen pecked guy be so caterd to by his supposed bully.

    • Kris

      I think it’s more accurate to say Tom lets Lynette think she controls him. She can have the final word, if he really cares about something he’ll pout until he gets his way and she caves in. She’ll make the final decision, but it will be in Tom’s favor.