Katy Perry Wears a Shag Rug

I am searching for words to describe the strange dress that Katy Perry wore to the press conference for the MTV Europe Music Awards…so far I have shag rug, ostrich, and floor mop.  If you had a little lap dog this dress would be perfect because it could fall asleep in your lap so easily…so soft and snuggly.

It’s not just the shag carpet skirt that makes the dress horrendous…the nude color is basically the same color as the fair-skinned singer so it completely washes her out.  Someone should inform her (I guess it will have to be me…) that nude does not work for her.

The lacy platforms with velvet bows are cute, but again they just don’t look that great on her.  It’s like her feet are telling me how uncomfortable they are in those shoes and it just makes them look bad.

Image: Zuma Press

Image: Zuma Press

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