Jon Gosselin Gets Grosser Everyday

Okay so I’ve tried to avoid jumping on the Jon and Kate Plus 8 paparazzi bandwagon, but I have to at least make a comment.  I was hoping that Jon Gosselin, the worst dad in America, would just disappear into nothingness as soon as he was kicked off the show, but it seems that he is trying harder everyday to be more famous and less respectable.

I have to admit that when the Jon and Kate drama first exploded I was totally on Team Jon.  Doesn’t Kate seem pretty nagging and annoying???  They are both extremely guilty of becoming super Hollywood and fame hungry, but now Jon has just gone completely overboard.  This guy is such a loser!!!!

Ugh.  Why can’t we just move on from this family and give these poor kids a small chance of finding normalcy at some point in their lives?????  Look at this guy!  Does he look like a Dad who should be raising 8 kids???

Image: Bauer Griffin

Image: Bauer Griffin

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