Amanda Peet Needs Fashion Advice

I think Amanda Peet has been out of the public eye for a little too long and forgot about the importance of looking beautiful and stylish on the red carpet.  She showed up to the Brothers movie premiere in this terrible outfit!  She must have heard rumors that faux fur and boyfriend jeans were in style this season and decided to put together a look herself.  Unfortunately she totally missed.

The jeans look like ACTUAL boyfriend jeans with the saggy size and tattered holes.  There are jeans that come oversized and broken in and they definitely don’t look like this!  The jacket has a weird dot pattern that doesn’t actually resemble any real animal and the sleeves are an odd length that just look ill-fitting on her.  And the shoes???  Ugh the shoes are the worst.  I don’t know anyone who should wear those shoes!

Amanda, please hire a stylist ASAP!!!

Image: Flynet

Image: Flynet

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