• Sat, Nov 28 2009

Glam Girl Gifts From Coach + A Giveaway!

As I look back onto 2009, I find myself being increasingly reflective.



I spent a lot of time being angry and resentful — of shady “friends”, shoddy business going on, the recession, my hair…and I forgot just how grateful I should be. Like, that I have a career that allows me to make a living chatting about gorgeous bags all day.

Case in point. Please meet my new bag, right on the top page of the list of all the things about my life that are…well, incredibly awesome.

This bag is Coach’s Audrey textured bag, and it’s the top of my own wish list of gifts this holiday season. (Except I love it so much that I didn’t want for Chanukah Harry. Oh well.) It’s metallic and purple, and has hardware, and it’s totally – seriously – every single awesome trend of this season wrapped up in one hot-as-heck package.

I was telling a group of friends recently that there’s certain pivotal items every girl needs to have in her wardrobe.



There’s an LBD – obviously – a great everyday bag (see above!) – and a sexy little special occasion item to cary around your essentials, show a bit of flash, and compliment your party look.As NYE is in mind for all of us, can you THINK of anything hotter than the Coach Poppy Occasion Sequins Pouch?

I don’t know how many of my fellow glamorous wish-listers live in a cold environment, but in my experience, as the weather gets chillier…it gets way harder to be hot. (No pun intended.) But seriously…how can we possibly show off our sexiness under layers of winter-weather bulk?

This problem, quite obviously is solved if your winter wear is hot, itself. I am IN LOVE with Coach’s Ruched Bow Gloves (and not just because they are pink, I swear!). They are a classic style, in nappa leather, but made ultra-modern in the pink shade. They have a very Audrey Hepburn feel, don’t you think? Actually, come to think of it, my whole list has an Audrey feel…



Maybe that’s how I should just go through life. “What would Audrey wear?” Couldn’t hurt, right?

Anyway, that’s my wish list, in case anyone is taking notes!

ShopaholicsDaily is participating in Coach’s Holiday Blog-a-Day program, and each day, from November 20th through December 19th (that would be my birthday!) they are going to highlight a different fabulous blog, and their three picks for their own dream holiday wish list. My picks will on their site tomorrow, November 29th, so please drop by!

And while you are at it, enter my contest – because ShopaholicsDaily and Coach have teamed up to award one lucky reader my favorite bag! One reader will win the Audrey Textured bag – valued at $598!

To have your chance to win, please visit the Coach web site, and tell me your own glam girl’s wish list from their holiday lineup. Then pick any two ShopaholicsDaily entries from the past two weeks and leave a comment. Please earn extra entries by RT-ing this contest on Twitter (I’m @alywalansky) – and feel free to enter as often as you like! Deadline to enter is December 19.

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  • Natasha

    Oh, so, FAB, giveaway! I am currently obsessing over the Coach POPPY SPARKLE LEATHER MINI T-LOCK CROSSBODY. Sooo cute and perfect for New Year’s parties!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/raijean raijean stroud

    My glamgirls wishlist item is the EMBOSSED EXOTIC ELLA purse and the new ALEX SIGNATURE SATEEN TOTE.. They are absolutely HOT!

  • Angela J

    My wish list would include the shoulder bag Leather Brooks and the necklace Stone and Bead Cluster

  • http://www.iheartheels.com Julie

    My fav of all time is your fav – the Audrey textured! So jealous – I want my own!! I think purple’s def my color. ;)

  • http://www.iheartheels.com Julie
  • http://auntiethesis.blogspot.com shel

    I adore the Pop C Glam bag…it’s so bright and cheery! I’d also love the Patchwork Bangle bracelet.

  • http://auntiethesis.blogspot.com shel
  • http://ascendingbutterfly.blogspot.com Tracy

    I have an obsession with green bags lately, so it was love at first sight when I saw the Coach ‘KIRA’ bag in brass/green (although I also love it in Red, that’s the Aries side of me!)and I have already commented on more than Two threads! :-)

  • http://ascendingbutterfly.blogspot.com Tracy

    I’m all about the Twitter Love ♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥ :

  • amber

    Ooh hot picks! I really like the Coach Parker Hobo, the Patent Audrey Satchel, the Newsboy Hat, and the New Op Art Domed Ring. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

    I commented on two blog entries: Lancome Limited Edition Holiday beauty Box, Scott Barnes Sephora Picks.

  • amber
  • http://www.splendicity.com Michelle Smith

    I like the Kristin tote bag in green, I think it’s sage. Now I’m off to tweet you @ca_michelle.

  • http://www.twitter.com/marylene_x3 Marylene Poyhanya

    I really loveee the SEQUIN SPOTLIGHT bag! its so pretty & so my style.

    i commented on “Give Yourself a Facial While You Shower”
    and “Arbonne Aromassentials”.

    tweeted: http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/56850231.rss

    i also followed yuu! ^_^

  • Missann

    Omg! i so happy i get the oportunity to win the bag! I was wondering is it open internatinally? It will really make me happy if it is:D:D!
    My glam girl’s wish list;
    -SEQUIN POUCH //style:14368
    -POPPY ZIP CLUTCH//style:42973
    -FELT BERET//style:80668
    -3 BUTTON GLOVE//style:80721
    -COACH AUBRIE BOOT//style:Q541

    I would really be the happiest girl if i win the audrey bag,i REAALLY love it& its this contest is the only way i can get the bag since i cant afford the bag &theres NO coach store near me.You would really make ME THE HAAPPIEEST GIRL ALIVE!


  • Amanda

    I have to be honest, originally I was bias against Coach. My first purse ever was a Fall 2001 Prada Messenger Bag, so I started off pretty high up there. And that was the bag that started my bag addiction (it truly is an addiction, I have a a closet just for bags and shoes, and I’m talking decent sized closet). Every time I went to a store and I passed by the Coach area, I just didn’t think of it, because in my mind it was “too common”.

    But last year I received one as a gift, and I gracefully accepted, because even though it was “too common”, it was actually pretty nice. It was a Legacy Leather Top Handle, and ever since then, I’ve been converted. Now I own 11 Coach bags, and I love them all! I also love the fact that they’re affordable luxury, so for people who can’t necessarily afford Haute Couture designer bags, this is a more attainable, but still good quality substitute.

    If I had to choose a top 10 Coach items from the website (because let’s be serious, who can choose just one?), they would have to be:

    1. Embossed Exotic Ella – Style 14206 – in Silver/Red

    2. Embossed Crocodile Large Garnet – Style 13919 – in Brass/Cobalt

    3. Kristin Embossed Exotics Zip Top Tote – Style:14220 – in Gd/Ivory/Cream

    4. Kristin Tote – Style 14214 – in Brass/Brown

    5. Large Garnet – Style 13924 – in Brass/Mahogany

    6. Large Maggie – Style 14313 – in Brass/Mahogany

    7. Large Leather Brooke – Style 14141 – in Brass/Eggplant

    8. Leopard Sequins Audrey – Style 14233 – in Gold/Tan Multi

    9. Embossed Exotics Darcy – Style 14222 – in Gd/Ivory/Cream

    10. Madison Checkbook Wallet – Style 43221 – in Brass/Mahogany

    (I did not include the bag being one on purpose, I really do adore the bag!)

    Thanks darling, hugs and kisses!

  • Julia Smith

    I love all the Coach bags

  • Debbie B

    I love the entire Poppy collection! Especially the Pop C Glam shoulder bag

  • Debbie B
  • LS

    i absolutely adore the kira tote (style:13930) in blue, the textured leather large audrey in licac (style:14329) & the sash coat (style:80760)… and i really love that i come up with wish lists like this!:D if only i could actaually afford any of them…:( ah well, maybe i’ll hit the lottery one day! a girl can hope right?;) and the first step is this contest … so i’ll just try my luck! g/l everyone!:D

    And FYI: commented on Gap holiday deals event & Foley & Corina distressed leather tote…:D

  • C09

    I’m obessed with coach now days.. I been saving up to buy one & omg imma go crazyy if i actually win this
    yuh have no idea my love for coach & i would rate de contest on twitter but im not allowed to have one..<3

  • C09

    ii adore coach :]

  • Stephanie V

    Maggie in black is beautiful as well
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  • Wanda

    Okay, I’ll take the Leather Brooke in quartz, taupe, mahogany, and black; the Large Leather Brooke in eggplant; the Maggie in periwinkle, plum, and bone; the Signature Groovy in brown; the Coach Parker Hobo; the cashmere lined gloves in Bordeaux; and the Legacy perfume spray. Tomorrow would be good.

    wandapanda at live dot com

  • Wanda



    wandapanda at live dot com

  • http://maegal.blogspot.com Mae

    I would love to have ANY of the coach bags. I don’t have to funds for them at ALL, but I can wish. :)
    My favorite bags are any from the Poppy Collection. I love the youthfulness of the bags. I also love the purple bag you listed above! Gorgeous.

    Please enter me in the giveaway. Thanks!


  • http://www.xmaterialgirlsx.blogspot.com xMaterialGirlsx

    My Glam Girls Wishlist item would have to be the Brooke Op Art Large Wristlet in Black. It was a love at first sight for me when I first went on the Coach website. =]

  • Helen

    The bag looks fantastic! Although, I really love the metallic ocelot claire from the madison collection in style :14309! I love coach! Enter me please!

  • Alissa


    this is on my wishlist

  • http://www.xmaterialgirlsx.blogspot.com xMaterialGirlsx
  • Mandie

    i like the Sequin Waffle Weave Scarf style:98766 it looks so warm and and im in love with that bag

  • PurpleHorsie

    I really love the Leather Brooke bag in eggplant!!! It’s my favorite!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Catherine

    Love your blog and your picks!

    My two holiday wishes?
    Th tartan glam tote style number14360 from the poppy collection(My Favorite Collection!)and…
    the felt beret style number80668(SO CUTE!)
    enter me please,thankyou:)

  • Sarada


    My wish list is as follows: Poppy pop c glam bag, audrey textured bag and the coach op art lurex glam tote. I am trying to save up! Thanks for the giveaway:)

  • Lexi

    I just love all of the audreys. The textre is so hot looking.

  • azarely

    Well i do love the Audrey bag its chic and sexy all in one:)
    i love how it looks and the texture tottaly saving up for onr:D
    Well my favorite bag has been the Cathy bag becuasie its big enough to carry my books for college and cute and goes witheverything. I would love to win the Coach Sequin Pouch. It looks good for when you go out and dont want to take a big purce. I would love love love to win it:)

  • http://laviedelaurie.com Laurie

    Love, love, LOVE your choices, and the purple Audrey is also on top of my holiday wish list this year! What a great fall bag with sparkle and style! Along with it, I am wishing for the mini pave star earrings, black felt beret, tartan scarf, and a gramercy patent wristlet (I’d take one in each color, please!)

    Off to comment on two of your past posts. I hope Audrey and I become friends this holiday season! ;-)

  • Michelle Draveski

    I have always wanted a coach so there are many but first coice would be a Coach Parker Hobo

  • http://sushiforlunch.com Connie

    Ever since I saw the Pop C Glam shoulder bag on the Coach website, I’ve been wanting it!

  • Diane B.

    My favorite Holiday must have’s are the Glam tartan tote in silver/black multi stlye 14360 and then my second favorite bag if of course money was no worry would be from the the Kristin line I love the Kristen tote in brass/green style 14214.

  • Sam

    I would love the Coach Sequin Spotlight Bag in black
    Also The Audrey Textured Leather Bag
    I also die for the Ruched Bow gloves! The same ones as above
    Coach’s stuff id to die for and i really hope to win!!!

  • Janet

    I’ve always been a Coach fan and there are so many bags that I love this season however after perusing their site I stumbled across these Chandelier Earrings style number 94694 that I absolutely love! I think they’re fabulous and would be so fun for holiday parties. :)

    So glad that I found your site through the blog contest and I’ll definitely be back!

  • http://www.chasingdavies.blogspot.com MeggyD

    Oh please let me win this gorgeous bag! I love this bag, but also the poppy collection, specifically the SEQUIN POUCH!


  • Natalie

    My wish list is the Audrey Textured bag & the Poppy Signature Zip-Around Wallet! I think that bag is stunning! I would love to win! Thanks for having this giveaway! :) I Tweeted as well!


  • Jordan S.

    I’m in love with the Poppy Sequin Spotlight bag. It’s stunning. But I love the Audrey bag you chose. The color is just the thing I need. HOPING I WIN!

  • http://dixie-afewofmyfavoritethings.blogspot.com Dixie T.

    I love purple and besides the Audrey I really love the inlaid c brooke.style 14339, it’s so funky and fine! I wouldn’t say no to those gloves either!

  • Jessica

    Hi! I absolutely LOVE the winning bag in this contest. I have been drooling over it since I have been looking at the Coach website. It’s beautiful! My wish list from the Coach website would be the Audrey Textured bag, the Garnet Textured Metallic clutch and the Patent with Chain Audrey. The bag in your contest is my absolute favorite.
    Thank you! xoxo – Jesse

  • Nithiya

    OMG as much as i love the Audrey Textured bag, I’m going crazy over these following items, my glam girl’s wish list is:
    1. Claire Handbag style:14334
    2. Brooke leather crossbody style:43112
    3. Pave signature enamel ring style:94699
    I’m really glad that you and coach are doing this. Please enter me, I’m dyiiiing to own my first coach bag. :)

  • renee

    I love the patent book tote (style 14376, silver/licorie). I commented on “How to cure a Turkey neck” and the “Dior primer”. thanks for the contest.

    good luck everyone!

  • liana

    MADISON OP ART SATEEN AUDREY is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Its att the top of my wish list. I don’t have any handbags, except one that i scraped up to buy from ross. I would love to have this bag, not even for myself, but for my mom. She deserves it soooo much.
    Happy holidays.

  • Gina

    I love the Tartan glam tote and the Audrey textured bag! The glam tote is fun and youthfull, while the Audrey is classic and sophisticated! LOVE it!

  • liana

    MADISON OP ART SATEEN AUDREY is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Its att the top of my wish list. I don’t have any handbags, except one that i scraped up to buy from ross. I would love to have this bag, not even for myself, but for my mom. She deserves it soooo much.
    Happy holiday

  • liana

    Enter me

  • liana

    I want this bag more than anyone!

  • liana

    I added you on twitter!

  • Veronica

    I love LOVE love coach.. My wishlist would consist of: the Coach Bow Earrings, style: 94673….The Legacy Skinny C Scarf, style: 98770 … and most definetly the Textured Metallic Audrey bag, style: 14232. Enter me to win.. thnx :)

  • Sydney m.

    right now i love the black sequin spotlight bag from the poppy collection its probably my favorite idk if i could even choose anything else

  • Lydia

    I love all Coach bags.
    My wish list is a pair of Coach’s LIAH FLATS

  • Wafa

    For the holidays, I want the coach op art sabrina (12947) (or any other nice coach bag) to give to my cousin who has been battling a brain tumor.

    I really think a coach bag would cheer her up for the holidays because she’s a total fashionista!

  • http://youfail.com/blog Kiersten

    Santa can you please bring me a warm and furry pair of Coach’s WINONA BOOTS, Black Leather CASHMERE LINED GLOVES, and a Blue KRISTIN ZIP TOP TOTE? I’ve been very good this year!!

  • Shae

    Please Enter Me!!!! I am so interested in the Coach Textured Metallic Audrey style:14232-gm/Amethyst

    The Madison Textured metallic slim envelope wallet-style:14232 gm/Amethyst

    And last but not least the gorgeous Karee Tweed Signature Hat-style:80734 in Black

    It’s so hard to just choose 3 items of Coach everything is so Amazingly Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 Please pick me!!!!

  • Peggy Lui

    HI!, My glam girl wish list is the leather with audrey bag! its so cute, I also like the patent leather audrey bag!

  • Jessica

    Actually my favorite bag is the one you’re giving away the Amethyst Textured Metallic Audrey Bag is my DREAM bag. I am usually a very neutral signature collection kind of gal but I LOVE how spicy this bag is. I love the color, the hardward, and the interior. Please enter me into your contect. Thank you for the opportunity. I will follow you on twitter as well.

  • http://www.chic-in-pink.blogspot.com/ The Chick in Pink

    I would have to say that right now my favorite Coach items are the Tartar Tote bag and their Tartan Groovey…Am loving the Poppy collection. Purple and Pink is my fav. you just cant go wrong :)

  • Elizabeth Nguyen

    I love the coach OP ART GLAM. it is cute, my fav color and adorable!

  • Alice Pang

    Favourite is the Red Kira bag from their boutique line!

  • Hayley

    I love the Leather Brooke in brass/mahogany i have only enter 3 but im pretty sure the second is only for U.S resedents so im not sure but so i think just 2.


  • http://cocobelle8.blogspot.com Alex M

    my favorites are definitely the kristen photo print girl tote, op art sateen claire, and the audrey textured bag

    they’re all so beautiful!

  • ma.vienna krizta de juras

    i love the audrey textured bag..love it ang i wish i can have it…

  • kristi

    my wishlist consists of the the brooke bags (ANY ONE OF THEM :D ) and then the poppy collection its totally hot!

  • ashley w.

    i love anything about coach! i only have a mini skinny because im a student that is saving money for school and i cant afford designer stuff.. so im hoping to win this so i can use it everyday like i do with my mini skinny where i got it as a birthday present! im not picky so i like anything that people give me! thank you :)

  • katie

    My wish list from coach consists of the Audry bag its amazing and also the fiona flats in black they are adorable!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/britese Stefy

    The Audrey textured bag looks amazing! and Purple is my fav colour!!

    My top favs are:
    SEQUIN SPOTLIGHT style:13821
    and of course the lovely Audrey Bag

    also Tweeted
    my user : Britese

    Stefy xx

  • emmi

    I’m really wanting the black felt beret

  • Agata

    My wish list, since the bag are expensive for me would be just one:) The Claire in bone! OMG, this bag just screms me!:) Although the Audrey bag is very nice too, i love the chain:)

  • Sona

    Hi! The coach items that would be on my holiday wish list are: the puprle Patent Book Tote, which would be great for carrying things to school, the sequin Poppy Zip Clutch for nights out and the multifloral ponytail scarf to keep me warm. I really like the poppy collection and would love to win the Audrey bag! Please enter me:)

  • Sona

    I added you on twitter and RT! please enter me again;)

  • Claire

    My goodness, my top coach purses are:
    alex stiches patent tote (grey), op art sateen claire (my name), and the audrey textured bag!
    so lovely!!
    Thank you sooooo much!!

  • Nora

    I am soooo sooo jealous!!! exactly the Coach’s Audrey textured bag, is my favourite bag, but I hadnt looked before at the gloves etc and these are aaaawesome! so pretty!
    please enter me
    xxx Moi

  • Sydney

    What a great bag! I also love the new Coach alex stitched patent tote! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • ZuzanaK

    I really love the Audrey textured bag, it’s definitely one of my favorites. Another one I would choose is the Patent Large Spotlight bag, from the Poppy Collection. It’s just a pretty classic bag. :)
    Thanks so much! Gonna Retweet now :) :)

  • threadie

    My wish list from coach consist of the Tartan glam tote, the madison large wristlet and the cashmere lined glove.

  • bunnyb

    I love, love, LOVE the Large Leather Brooke bag, style: 14141

  • Nastia

    my favourite bag happens to be the Audrey bag, OMG.]

    i just discovered Coach 2 weeks ago and it would be so nice to get one!

  • Stacey

    enter me please,, i love the bag!

  • Margaret Smith

    I love this textured bag so much. What a super giveaway. I also love the Inlaid C Brooke bag in brass/taupe. I could so easily get lost on this Coach site. I would love a Coach bag and I keep changing my mind about a favorite. lol
    Thanks so much for this wonderful contest.

  • http://paperfashion.wordpress.com Kathryn Elyse

    I would love to have the Coach Winona Boots!!
    They’d be cute with this bag!! Love it! :)

  • Mandie

    I just love this bag and purple is my fave color and i also like the Embossed Exotic Ella Style 14206 Red both these bags are on my wish list

  • fatima

    Enter me & ii love coach because of their collection
    its so awsum & de purple audrey bag is gorgeous


    i have never been lucky enough to own a Coach Bag every time i visit a store that sells them i just press my nose against the glass and dream

  • Natalai

    I really like the tartan glam tote in purple. I absolutely love coach bags they are so classic! Please enter me!

  • Lindsey

    My favorite bag is the tartan spotlight bag, style 14371. Something else i would like from coach this holiday season is any of the poppy wallets, they color doesn’t matter. Please enter me and thank you!

  • polina

    hey! i love this bag! and it would be a great gift for my mom! here is the list of items that i liked!…Coach Bow Earrings, style: 94673….The Legacy Skinny C Scarf, style: 98770 … and most definetly the Textured Metallic Audrey bag, style: 14232. enter me please! i hope i win! thanks for the contest!

  • polina

    hey! i love this bag! and it would be a great gift for my mom! here is the list of items that i liked!…Coach Bow Earrings, style: 94673….The Legacy Skinny C Scarf, style: 98770 … and most definetly the Textured Metallic Audrey bag, style: 14232. enter me please! i hope i win! thanks for the contest!

  • Stella

    enter me please! I followed on twitter im @seetellah

  • Liz

    My wish list consists of:
    Audrey textured bag (I actually ooh’ed and aah’ed over this in the store prior to seeing your blog post!)
    Patent Hailey in Silver/Jade
    Tribeca Patent Tote

    I love patent leather and I’m so happy several Coach bags feature it this season!

  • elizabeth p

    I love the Kristen tote!

  • Stella

    I love this Audery bag: its big, and its purple! But I have to say my favorite bag has to be the poppy sequin spotlight bag! ahh I just love sparkly things. Please enter me in the contest! Happy holidays! btw, thanks for doing this giveaway.

  • http://juniperrbreeeze.blogspot.com/ I Heart Book Gossip


    Tweeted: @iheartbkgossip

  • Sarah

    I’m loving the one you’re giving away (Audrey Textured bag) its very nice and versatile and I’m liking the new alex stitched patent tote style:14265

  • http://juniperrbreeeze.blogspot.com/ I Heart Book Gossip

    Commented in Escape to Post Ranch Spa in Big Sur and U by Urango Fragrance for men and woman posts.

  • Diana

    Enter me!! :) I looooVe this baq!!!!
    Wish list:
    * TEXTURED METALLIC AUDREY — style:14232
    * METALLIC OCELOT AUDREY — style:14289
    * GABRIELLE BOOT — style:Q527

  • http://juniperrbreeeze.blogspot.com/ I Heart Book Gossip


  • Kellie

    I absolutely love that purple bag. gorgeous (:
    My wishlist consists of the sequin spotlight bag, style:13821, the barrett sneakers, style:q556, and now the audrey textured bag :D please enter me!

  • royalangel

    I love the textured metallic audrey in amethyst and
    the patent large spotlight in black

  • Nina

    I love the MAGGIE bag (style:14336) and the TEXTURED LEATHER LARGE AUDREY bag (style:14329).

  • Jody Tews

    SIGNATURE SATEEN BOOK TOTE is one I would like.

  • esther

    my favorite is the black patent spotlight!

  • Samantha

    I’m in love with COACH OP ART LUREX GLAM TOTE STYLE:14439. The Audrey Bag is just as Gorgeous!

  • Nina
  • http://thefashionplanner.blogspot.com Midnight Cowgirl

    I’m in love with Coach Sequin Spotlight in Red.

  • Elena

    Right now I’m totally in love with the patent Hailey crossbody in jade. Gorgeous! Thanks for the contest!

  • anna

    would love to win this :)
    My favorites are- Audrey in Emerald, Exotic Ella in Red and patchwork bangles
    I left comments on Tory Burch and Ideeli articles :)

  • desiree kelley

    I like the maggie style

  • JamieP502

    Love the leather Brooke…any color will do :). Also the op art sateen Audrey! My fav posts have to be this one :) and Happy Black Friday

  • Heather S


  • Amanda

    Oh, wow. I love that Audrey bag. :] It’s GORGEOUS.
    My wish list are the following items ..
    The Audrey bag, the Crackled metallic brooke, and any of the Poppy bags.
    Please enter me <3 :D

  • http://auntiethesis.blogspot.com shel
  • Jaime

    I commented on the I Heart Cheap Undies post and the Avon Cashtastic Ruffle Scarf post.

    My picks would include the one you picked, the textured metallic audrey in amethyst, (so so gorgeous!!!), the op art chainlink maggie style: 14420, and the sequin spotlight style: 13821 in black.

    I really hope I win. I’ve never owned a Coach bag but would love too! Especially this gorgeous bag! :-)

  • mariahnciole

    i have been wanting style:14360 for so long, im in love with it!

  • amber
  • erica basso

    I love love love the Audrey bag! Purple is my FAVORITE color, I’m obsessed. Although I can’t afford a 598$ bag I am entering myself to win! I would be the happiest girl on Christmas if I received this coveted bag. The Audrey bag has been on my wish list and this seems like the only chance I get to actually (maybe) be able to have it! If I could pick one thing it would be said bag, although all bags on Coach are gorgeous! Speaking of Audrey, Audrey Hepburn is my icon of choice. She always has been. I love her classic aurora. Please enter me :)

  • Connie

    I love the maggie bag and the black patent spotlight!

  • AnaMaria

    Beacuse i’m a bag junkie, my holiday wish list includes:
    -Poppy tartan spotlight bag [style:14371]
    -metallic Ocelot Audrey [style:14289]
    -textured metallic Audrey [style:14232].

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/jollymcmoo jollymcmoo

    i want style:14360
    or any bag(:

  • Gae

    OMG!!! I love, love love KIRA in Blue.

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  • Elizabeth

    one of the things on my wishlist is the tartan glam tote it is pretty.
    but i would love to win this purse because it would be my first coach purse.

  • Brooke

    I love love LOVE the textured Audrey! I’m also loving the Madison Op Art Chainlink wristlet (in purple), the Poppy Op Art Glam Tote in gold, and about a million other things from the site!

  • http://www.facebook.com/blair.sinnott Blair Sinnott

    Hi :)! I’m Blair, and I am 16 years old. This is an amazing opportunity :D! I am a total coach fan but I can’t afford any of there bags or anythings =[. Winning the audrey bag would make this holiday season for me :D!! I’m so excited. I love that bag, it’s gorgeous!! You can’t get coupons for the most gorgeous looking coach anywhere these days :(, no coupons, discounts, nothing. And the outlet factory stores are so far away from me =[.
    1. The Tartan spotlight bag – style:14371
    2. textured metallic audrey – style:14232
    and 3. amanda satin drawstringbag – style:43178

    :) Thank you!!
    Love, Blair.

  • Louise Gilbert

    Great giveaway! pretty, pretty, pretty:)Love the Coach’s Audrey textured bag. Please enter me. My picks would include the AUDREY handbag (black)for $398.00 second-PATENT WITH CHAIN AUDREY and MADISON OP ART SATEEN AUDREY

  • Aisha Hasan

    i like the entire POPPY collection.

  • Sharon B

    I love Coach! My choice is the Parker Hobo.

  • Shelby

    I love the: Pop C Glam, style: 13839

    thank you so much!

  • http://www.agirlandherblogspot.blogspot.com Carly

    i’m swooning over the envelop wallets. they are SO adorable!
    especially the teal MADISON PATENT SLIM ENVELOPE

  • Maggin

    My wishlist:
    the bonnie hightop
    sequin pouch in black
    coach op art wide belt in black

    I left a comment here:
    and here:


  • http://www.agirlandherblogspot.blogspot.com Carly
  • Ashley

    The bag at the top of my wishlist is the SEQUIN SPOTLIGHT, style:13821 in black. I probably won’t ever get it, but it’s fun to dream. The thing I like most about the Coach company is their use of color. They’re always innovative and exciting and they aren’t afraid to try new things. I don’t have much of a Coach story other than the fact that I admire them from a far and hope that one day I’ll be in a position where I can have one of my own. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Jen

    Please Enter Me! :) This bag is beautiful!!!!

    My Wish List:
    Metallic Ocelot Audrey in SV/Grey MULTI style:14289
    Leather with Chain Claire style:14306
    Audrey in Black/Silver style:14316
    Stone Cluster Necklace style:94777

    I’ve never had a Coach bag before! I wish I could afford one.

  • Quynh-Nga

    Awesome giveaway!!I love the audrey black bag so much (audrey style:14316). Since I’m graduating from college in a week, I would love to have this bag as a present. Please enter me! Thanks!!!!

  • Allison W.

    The leather brooke duffle.
    Kristin leather zip top tote.

    If I list anymore, I’ll get depressed. I can’t afford any of these items – wah!

  • Danielle

    sequin spotlight bag, style:13821

  • allie

    Love the Audrey!
    And I also love the spotlight bags!
    Very nice giveaway!

  • tyasaa

    my wish list:
    this audrey bag definitly! .. i love it..
    RIBBON BUTTON GLOVE style: 80731
    COACH AUBRIE BOOT style: q541
    i already enetered all girls from this contest.. i’m folliwing coach-blog a day every day!! tw of girls that I entered: Dulcecandy87 and juicystar07


  • graceann

    I love them all but my number one wishlist item from Coach is deffinitly the Tartan Spotlight Bag

  • /members/ashley/ Ashley Shute

    Any black Coach bag with a a bright coach scarf is on my wish list. But this bag will do, Aly. :)

  • Brianna

    I’m in love with all of coach’s bags but my top three picks are:
    -Sequin spotlight in black.
    -Patent leather spotlight in blue.
    -Audrey Textured bag.

    Please enter me :)

  • Gloria

    All the audrey Satchels but for now ill choose this one.
    in brass/mahogany
    puuuuurrrrfect :)

  • http://jodifur.com jodifur


  • http://jodifur.com jodifur

    I retweeted, I’m @jodifur

  • Shae

    I Believe that the most reason I would love to win this Gorgeous Coach Textured Metallic Audrey Bag is so that I would be able to bring a great fashionable signature piece to my Christmas & New Years Outfits as well with my everyday attire.I would be the most happiest woman alive,if I could win.I would also be able to walk around proud showing off this gorgeous bag.There is something about Coach Bags that just screams out STYLE, FASHION and CLASS All in one.I have always wanted a Coach bag for myself, but with other obligations and responsibilities such as bills, and two small beautiful children to care for and so on…I Always felt if I was to buy a beautiful coach bag it would make me feel so proud to have one on my shoulder, but at the same time make me feel so guilty for spending the money on myself. I did however really want to get my Mother something very special this past Mother’s Day so I decided to splurge on her and I went and bought her a GORGEOUS Coach Bag,she had been wanting the bag so bad. So when I gave her what she had been wanting,she was so happy and surprise by the bag that I made her cry a little bit she said I made her feel so special.I was so happy to see her smile and be so proud. Needless to say she absolutely Loved her brand new coach bag and told everyone she knew that I had bought her one. But in the end I was able to justify that my Mother deserved this bag. And in hopes that someday soon I would be able to have one for myself so that I can feel just as special and happy to have one too. I would be so grateful to have won this Coach Textured Metallic Audrey Bag,and I would treasure the bag Forever !!!!!!<3

  • Sofia

    honestly, besides that bag, my wishlists includes the pop c glam STYLE: 13839
    and the new alex op art multiprint top handle pouch STYLE: 43380

    I RTed on twitter and about to comment on other blogs! Enter me please!

  • Betty K.

    I love this bag but also love the Coach Claire Bag and Audrey bag both in black,,,so many beautiful bags to choose! Would love to be entered!

  • Bisma Riaz

    My favorite thing on the coach website is the : COACH OP ART CHAINLINK CLAIRE!
    Style: 14321

    Please enter me ! :)


  • Sofia

    pop c glam style: 13839 and new alex op art multiprint top handle pouch style 43380
    commented on two other blog entries and RTed! enter me please

  • http://youtube.com/datemilychick Emily Jewell

    I’m Totally, To Die For, IN LOVE with The new coach Poppy Collection, It’s Amazing!
    5. Poppy Tartan Large Wristlet, The Colors Are GORGEOUS!
    4. Madison Op art Sateen Top Handle Pouch, And not just because it’s HOT PINK :O
    3. New Alex Signature Top Handle Pouch, Sooo Classic!
    2 .Pop C Glam RAINBOW-LICIOUS!
    1. OF COARSE the Audrey Textured Bag, WHY DO YOU THINK I’M ENTERING? :D
    Love Love Love love Love Coach! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONSIDER ME I adore this purse!

  • Mandie

    love this bag so much

  • Auburn

    Amazing bag and opportunity!!! My favorite bag from coach is the pop c spotlight style: 13830

  • Auburn

    Amazing bag and opportunity!!! My favorite bag from coach is the pop c spotlight style: 13830

  • andreaya

    Please enter me!!

    I adore handbags, therefore my wish list consists of following:
    - Large leather Brooke bag in brass/taupe, style:14141;
    - Textured metallic Audrey bag in gm/amethyst, style:14232 (which you are giving away as a prize;))
    - Kristin tote in brass/green, style:14214

    However we probably all agree that ALL Coach bags are simply stunning!!

  • Julieta

    I love the poppy c spotlight bag, and the audrey bag!
    Please enter me! :)

  • Katie

    I love the Coach Poppy Sequin Bag. It is so adroable and it my favorite style of bag!!!

  • reeva

    i love the op art chain maggie style- 14420

  • Amber G

    My wishlist is for the Patent Large Spotlight from the Poppy Collection!

  • Valerie

    I also love the giveaway handbag…..very nice!
    Here’s my wishlist:
    garnet textured metallic clutch (14210) in rose gold
    large chandelier earrings (94694) in gold/amethyst
    phoebe bangle watch (w761) in gold


  • Valerie

    I gave this amazing giveaway a tweet.
    I’m dragonfly777


    Thanks :)

  • Kendra

    textured metallic audrey in amethyst~~~thanks for the awesome giveaway !:)

  • HNLP

    I love the Audrey textured bag! Coach makes beautiful bags-their Hailey, Brooke and Poppy bags are so fashionable and functional – I’d love to own them all!

  • Elisa Lewittes


  • Yvonne C

    Right now I’m so loving the madison collection all the bags are so beautiful.

  • claudia

    i love the op art chain maggie style- 14420 i hope i win!!!! thanks! claudia

  • Susan

    I love the Blue Maggie purse
    Style 14336

    Also, Alex Coated OP Art Tote

    Style 14264

    Lastly for this post, the Inlaid C Brooke

    style 14339

    Love them all!!! What a great giveaway!

  • Anne D


  • Annette D

    Oh! I just love the new ALEX STITCHED PATENT TOTE!

  • Wanda



    wandapanda at live dot com

  • Annette D
  • Kristin

    i love coach!!
    i like the coach op art sateen audrey


  • PatZ

    The Blue Maggie is definitely me.

  • betty t

    ilove this audrey bag! i alsolove the Legacy Skinny C Scarf, style: 98770 from the website.

  • FaithJ

    My wishlist is

    pink darcy clutch

    coach coleene heel

    coach selena boot

    I’m off to comment on two posts… see you on the other side! Thanks for the chance to win!


  • Vanessa

    My favorite from their site is the audrey bag!! its so cute! thank you for the great give away!

  • sunchicka

    INLAID C BROOKE is at the top of my list.

  • Sherly

    I like these purses. But I really, really like the textured Audrey purse you have.



    I heart Coach.

  • Lindsey F

    I love the large leather Brooke in eggplant – of course I love the Audrey too because of the color! Thanks for the chance to enter this contest – what a great collaboration between Coach and beauty bloggers. Happy Holidays!

  • Rachel

    my favorite things on the coach website is:
    1. sequin spotlight bag from the poppy collection in black
    2. large poppy wristlet in gold
    3. sequin pouch from the poppy collection in black
    4. the bag you’re giving away! it’s absolutely gorgeous and can be used for day and night :)

  • Rose

    My wishlists:
    2. STARLET-style:13829
    3. TRIBECA OP ART SATEEN TOTE-style:14133

    Please pick me!

  • Rose

    along that I also love
    Poppy Signature Book Tote, Poppy Leather Glam Tote from Poppy collection!

  • Wendy G

    1)rosaria heel- Oh lord! These have to be the perfect heels for me! Their sleek and sexy, and they just go great with everything! Their MaryJane style makes me sigh, in appreciation of course, I’ve always wanted MaryJanes, but these are just more mature… in a sense.
    2)textured metallic audrey- Ahh… this is just a dream lol. It’s 2 because it’s so expensive!! I love the metallic texture, it brings attention to the most boring of outfits.
    3)Lastly the poppy tartan swingpack- It’s small enough for just everyday use, but it’s plaid style s just so cute!

  • Anna-Maria

    1-amanda fashion sequins large wristlet
    2-metallic ocelot audrey
    3-sequin pouch

    Thats my wishlist, please enter me and happy holidays :)

  • Bonnie

    I love the MADISON OP ART SATEEN AUDREY handbag!

  • Rachel

    I like the multi charm braclet..I also love the 1.7 oz perfume. I like the silver wallet as well.

  • Bonnie

    I also commented on other 2 posts. the gap sale one and the elle black dress sale. I’m glad that was put part of the rules because I love sales : D

  • http://kaitlin_dance@hotmail.com Kaitlin

    My wishlist is the patent large spotlight bag from the poppy collection in black

  • molly

    stunning bag.

  • Wendy G

    Here’s my just shoe wishlist <33(not including the rosaria)
    1)The black barrett sneakers, they're so convenient and trendy for on the go =D
    2)Coach tullah bootie, EVERYONE needs brown hells and these are to die for x_x
    3)coach aubrie boot the little bow is just so cute!!

  • Amanda

    wow what an amazing giveaway I love the bag and I also like the EMBOSSED EXOTIC ELLA bag.

  • Wanda
  • Gina

    Here are a few things I’d love: COACH OP ART BROOKE bag in plum, the

    I commented on these 2 posts: http://www.splendicity.com/shopaholicsdaily/tory-burch-crinkle-bombe-t-tote/#respond

  • Bethany

    i am a big fan of the Coach Poppy OP Art Glam in the orange im a total orange fanatic and its super cute!!! =]

  • del

    enter mee!!!!
    its my moms favorite bag and i would LOVE to give it to her for christmas

  • Catalina K

    Here’s my holiday, glam girl wish list from Coach’s website:
    - short bonnie eyelet glove in grape;
    - Gramercy Embossed Accordian Zip-Around Wallet in silver/plum;
    - large maggie bag in amber/copper.
    I’m now going to post comments to two other ShopaholicsDaily entries.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  • Erin

    my favorite is……
    the silver sequin pouch :)

    now i will comment on two of your entries.
    thanks ♥

  • Catalina K

    I’ve tweeted about the contest:

    Also, I have posted my two comments under the Tory Burch Crinkle Bombe T_Tote and Putting My Dancing Shoes On: 6 pm.com threads. Thank you.

  • samra

    i would love to receive the poppy c bag style:13839
    but i would love to also win this beautiful bag.
    thanks for the entry

  • Kimberly Nguyen

    My wishlist is definetly:



    And I would wish that last one just cause my mom uses this old ugly bag, and we cant afford a new one for her.

    Please enter me!

  • Laura

    I wish for the Brooke bag in silver/cherry

  • http://twitter.com/jennerss Jenny

    Oh I LOVEE the SEQUIN SPOTLIGHT for $398.00 (style:13821) in silver/red. It is tooooooo dieee for! It’s flashy & dramtic. So my style ;) It’s also great for parties too! Love coach to death! :)

  • Jenna H.

    Pop C Spotlight is on my wishlist!

    I love the audrey bag as well!

  • traci

    i absolutely LOVE the LARGE MAGGIE
    style:14313. i love the one u are giving away too!

  • Michelle

    My Coach wish list includes the tartan glam tote in pink/silver multi, the pop c spotlight in b4/multicolor/gold and of course, the Audrey textured bag. Please enter me in your giveaway!!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/cinnie24 Cynthia Henriquez

    Hey Aly,
    Just a couple of days ago I was on the COACH website looking at bags when I came accross Kristin zip tote & Audrey textured purple bag. No bag had ever done this for me, purple is my favorite color.
    Then shortly after I was brousing the site and found that Coach is having this wonderful contest.

    I tweeted about his contest http://www.twitter.com/cinnie24

  • paige chandler

    I wish for the Annie hobo bag. Hope santa is listening.

  • Kiara

    I like the Signature Groovy bag.

  • Cindy

    i am absolutely in love with the Large Zebra Haircalf Brooke bag!

    style: 14346

  • David K.

    My wife loves coach and would be thrilled with the Coach’s Audrey textured bag! Thanks for having the contest!

  • Alyssa

    The SEQUIN SPOTLIGHT bag (style # 13821) is on my wishlist! Could you please enter me in the contest?


  • http://agirlandherlife.blogspot.com tuesday

    I love the large chandelier earrings and the large maggie bag – great stuff!
    off to go comment away!

  • Kate

    My three glam wishlist from coach!

    -Spotlight Poppy Bag Sequin
    -Addison Op Art Baby Bag
    -Patent Glam Poppy Tote

  • cathiem

    I like the Alex stitch Patent Tote.

  • cristina

    My wish list?
    the cluster charm necklace [style:94607]- gorgeous, heirloom feel to it
    the poppy mini coin purse [style:42860] – love the detail of the zippers && if i’m really lucky
    the patent large spotlight bag [style:13869] – the shoulder strap & hardware are amazing

    thanks for the opportunity! xx

  • doris munoz

    Love the audrey textured bag. Great for work or anytime.

  • natasha zubia

    My wishlist is:
    Coach’s pop c spotlight bag
    and Coach’s Audrey textured bag!!

  • Arriane

    i love the tartan spotlight bag from the poppy collection! it’s totally on my wishlist for this year.
    pleasse enter me to win.
    thanks much. :)

  • Arriane

    i love the tartan spotlight bag from the poppy collection
    please enter me to win,

  • Katie L.

    My favourite bag is the purple Poppy Patent leather Spotlight bag. Please enter me to win!

  • Victoria

    I love the Patent Large Spotlight from the Poppy Collection

  • sheila boyle

    love it

  • Josianna

    hi, i’d like to be entered in the coach contest. i’ve commented on two of your posts.
    my favorite bag is the patent large spotlight.

  • Melissa Thomson

    I love the new COACH OP ART SATEEN MAGGIE. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • ana

    Firstly. Coach is fabulous! I would love to own any of their items it would add a spice to my wardrobe.

    I love the audrey style: 14232
    and from the poppy collection the groovy style: 13850

    thank you for this amazing chance to win a bag!

  • Traci

    this is a purse i would die for for sure!

  • http://misaacmom.blogspot.com MaryBeth I

    glam in the silver and rasberry

  • Michelle

    Woo LOVE the Coach’s Audrey textured bag.
    And it’s in my favorite color, purple!

    Please let me win it and make my holiday a fashionable one.

    The top 3 items in my wish list are:

    1) Coach’s textured metallic Audrey bag
    2) Coach’s large Maggie bag
    3) Coach’s leather Brooke bag

  • Abby

    I love the pop c large wrislet!! great give away :)

  • Hayley Howe

    The Poppy Spotlight in Black (13819) is on my wish list :)

  • Lisa

    I love Coach, and the top two bags on my wish list is the one you’re giving away, and that tartan glam tote in pink and purple style:14360. Thanks for this opportunity. Happy Holidays! :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/rrrednas Sandy

    My wishlist
    2. METALLIC OCELOT AUDREY-style:14289
    3. ALEX COATED OP ART TOTE-style:14264

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Wanda



    wandapanda at live dot com

  • Wanda
  • Lilly

    The CLAIRE style:14334 is definitely on my wish list since it is a great every day bag which is simple but stylish.

  • sarahbelle93

    My three wishes from the website would be…

    The Poppy Sequined Shoulder Spotlight Bag in Black
    Poppy Art Glam Tote in Navy
    Poppy large spotlight patent purple bag :)

  • carla

    I love coach!! my favorite bags are:

    metallic ocelot audrey style:14289
    large zebra haircalf brooke style:14346
    signature sateen book tote style:14364

    Totes are my all time because i carry a lot of stuff!!


  • Aneta

    For Christmas i would love to recieve Poppy leather starlet satchel (style:13829)!! i think its the worlds cutest thing. (pass that on to santa if you happen to run into him!!). I would love to win this purse for my younger sister, because it would make the perfect Christmas present for her!! so excited. i hope to hear from you very soon!!

  • morgan

    hi!!!!! i absoulutely am in L-O-V-E with coach heres my wishlist :) :)
    the black sepuined spotlight bag style:13821
    the black sepuined spotlight bag style:13821
    the black sepuined spotlight bag style:13821
    yes i love this bag ^^^^^^ so much i really want to win it

  • Christine

    like the Signature Groovy bag

  • anne

    i like the patent large spotlight bag
    its really nice and its my fave color… hope i win!! :D

  • sabrina

    i love the maggie bag from the madison collection (sty;e # 14336)! i think it the purple/brass combination would fit into any girl’s wardrobe!

  • sandra

    i love the audrey bag i will love to get that bag please enter me!!!

  • Crystal C

    Dear Santa,

    Been a very good girl this year. I would really like a that gold starlet handbag, maybe the leather with chain xl garnet or anything audrey…preferably in a butter soft purple.

    Thank you god.

    The end.

  • Camille

    Audrey textured bag.

    but i honestly love it ALLLL!

  • Nat

    My favorites from the Coach collection are:

    Textured metallic audrey

    Patent audrey in jade/silver

    Those are my favorite!!!

  • kmango

    i love the coach poppy sequence bag. it’s so cute
    please enter me :)


  • http://iamjeda.wordpress.com/ Zel

    i love the tartan glam tote (style 14360).
    Thanks for the opportunity :)

  • Jessica

    my favorite bag is the metallic ocelot audrey (style#14289)
    please enter me

  • Jessica

    my favorite bag is the metallic ocelot audrey (style#14289)
    please enter me
    i tweeted about the contest: jesstsweet

    enter coach giveaway at http://www.splendicity.com/

  • Jenna Claire

    1) Op art Chainlink Maggie from the Madison collection in silver/multicolor $298
    2)Op Art Glam bag from the Poppy collection in Colbalt $182
    3)Belted wool monika Hat $178
    4)Op art oblong lace scarf $78
    5)The brown madison skinny leather belt $98

  • http://www.randomthoughtsandsuggestions.blogspot.com Jennifer B.

    I like the Hailey Crossbody bag and the Coach Parker Hobo bag.

  • Jennifer

    I like the leather pieced large garnet the best!

  • marisol

    There are so many bags I love, my favorites must be: Amanda satin drawsting bag and Poppy sequin pouch :]

  • Jennifer
  • Lindsay

    I love these two styles for the holidays… style:14368 & style:42855.

    Please enter me! Thanks :)

  • emma

    I love coach but my top four(because i couldn’t decide on three) holiday wishlist would be….
    the patent spotlight in red
    the pop c glam bag
    the inlaid c brooke bag
    and the patent audrey

  • lisa p


  • Gerald Estep, Jr.

    my favorite bag is the metallic ocelot audrey (style#14289)

  • Karoline

    Hi there!
    My wishlist from Coach.com is:
    -Poppy Patent large spotlight style:13869 in the blue
    -Coach OP Art Lurex Glam Tote in the silver color style:14439
    -Shine Ballet Flat style Q500
    -Multi Signature Ponytail Scarf Style: 98807

    Im clearly obsessed with bright coach things haha
    And that is my wishlist. Yours is fabulous!That Audrey bag is so gorgeous, a lot of people I know love it!!

  • evenstar

    my number one from the coach website is the tartan glam tote (style 14360).
    I also love, in no particular order, Op art oblong lace scarf, the OP art glam tote, the patent groovy bag, and the golden starlet style 13829.

  • evenstar
  • Heather Garland

    My own glam-girl wish list from Coach’s holiday line up would be the ‘Op Art Chainlink Hailey’ or of course the Audrey textured bag you’re giving away which stopped me dead in my tracks when I saw it! Thanks for the chance!


  • Shaina’s Alter Ego

    those gloves are amazing, but im all about the graffiti tattersall rainboots!

  • Heather Garland

    The two ShopaholicsDaily entries I found interesting were ‘Shop for Christmas without spending a Dime’ (Nov. 25th) and ‘Hot Pick: Kusmi Detox & Christmas Tea’ (Nov 24th). Great blog! Now I’m hooked on reading them! Thanks!


  • Vicky H.

    I absolutely love the OP Art Chainlink Audrey. I like the colors used in its pattern.

  • Heather Garland

    I follow splendicity on twitter (my twitter id is hgarland) and I tweeted the giveaway!

    link to tweet: http://twitter.com/hgarland/status/6193141655

    my email: hether78(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Brittany

    My favorite coach item is the Aubrey textured bag, I love the color !

  • Glenda Dezarn

    I like the hobo bag.

  • Monique Rizzo

    I like the Metallic Ocelot Audrey the best. Thanks for the chance.

  • http://www.afteridoblog.com Reese

    Two bags are a must have for me. The embossed exotic ella in RED and the brooke collection op art in saddle or gunmetal. Wow. Both would go great with any of my outfits.

  • Naomii

    My wishlist! (:
    Tartan Glam Tote in Pink/Purple; Style:14360
    Felt Beret in Cream; Style:80668
    Coach Script Muffler in Purple; Style:98761
    Coach Aubrie Boot in Black; Style:q541
    Bonney Hightop; Style:q509
    Poppy Three Strand Flower Necklace; Style:94584
    I know it’s a lot, but I’ve been compiling these. lol. (:
    My two blogs are Under $50 Calvin Klein Career Duet Dresses (because I believe more designers should price their clothes WAY DOWN so we can actually afford our dreams too!) and Is Mineral Makeup Really Better For Skin? (because my friends all think mineral makeup is like a gift to divert attention away from regular powders)
    Oh, and I retweeted about your contest from your account: my account is naomiily!

  • Julie

    Hi! I really like the audrey textured bag.In fact,I love all Coach bags.Just give me anything.haha Hope you select me:D I forever heart Coach<3

  • Anita

    OMG! my favourite bag has to be the TEXTURED METALLIC AUDREY in the purple colour you have!! purple is my favourite colour <3<3 i'm really loving Coach's bags this season. they're coming out with better and better designs :D thank you for entering me into your giveaway! xo

  • http://swtexcape.blogspot.com Anita

    OMG! my favourite bag has to be the TEXTURED METALLIC AUDREY in the purple colour you have!! purple is my favourite colour <3<3 i'm really loving Coach's bags this season. they're coming out with better and better designs :D thank you for entering me into your giveaway!! xo

  • http://auntiethesis.blogspot.com shel
  • Khushbu

    My favorite bag is the signature large spotlight bag. Please enter me in the contest :)

  • Lorna


  • Donna

    sign me up

  • karla k

    The tartan glam tote, no, the hobo, wait, wait, too many great things, I can’t make up my mind

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  • Wanda



    wandapanda at live dot com

  • http://Amandachen.co.nr Rita Gonzalez

    my wishlist is:
    the maggie bag

    th epink leather brooke

    patent maggie

    coach parker hobo


  • http://moonstar8504.multiply.com nezie

    The bag I would definitely love as a holiday gift is the SEQUIN SPOTLIGHT, style:13821 in black, but the Audrey bag is also very stunning. What I like most about the Coach company is their creativity to mix-up styles and colors and functionality….wow! They are always up to new exciting products and styles and their products are very known for high-quality. I really don’t have much of a Coach story other than the fact that I admire them from afar and wish that one day I will be in a position where I can have one of my own…and wow a Coach bag! Thanks so much for sharing! Please let me have the bag, I really need a bag, it would really make my Christmas very happy. Please please please???

  • http://randomthoughtsandsuggestions.blogspot.com/ Jennifer B.
  • katie

    my favorite bag this season is hte metalic ocelot claire! style #14309

  • Diana

    Coach Wishlist:


    love ittt
    Enter me!! :)

  • http://www.ontheverge.tv april

    Ooooh love shiny things — so I’m going with the LARGE SPOTLIGHT in raspberry. Big and roomy and bright — love!

  • /spicygarlic.wordpress.com LHE

    My wish list would include the black Parker Hobo bag and the Honor flats. Both so cute and yet usable for everyday! Plus I love having fun shoes to spice up an outfit! (now I just need to figure out how to drop some well placed hints… as I can’t buy them for myself this year :-()

  • Wanda
  • Jesssaminex

    My favorite bag in the whole Coach page is the Tartan Glam Tote!!! Oh my god! My holidays will be perfect with that bag!! jejeje Please enter me!

  • http://lissalightnup.blogspot.com LissaL

    I just love the Red Sequin Spotlight handbag. It is hot!

    I enjoyed the
    “Putting your dancing Shoes On”=LOVE the boots and my daughter & I can look & shop for shoes all day long

    Also the “Shop in 3D” -can’t wait to try it and tell my daughter. We are also both Taylor Swift fans!


    ok. my wishlist!!

    JORDAN BOOT $378.00
    BRANDIE HEEL $218.00
    PATENT GROOVY $198.00
    INLAID C BROOKE $498.00

    oh.. and definately the bag you have listed!!
    ok. off to leave my comments on your posts!! thank you

  • http://lissalightnup.blogspot.com LissaL
  • lily

    I love the textured audrey bag, and i liked the cyber monday deals post because I love deals when I go shopping, especially online!

  • amber
  • Otilia

    My coach wishlist would include:
    SIGNATURE GROOVY style:13833
    TARTAN GLAM TOTE style:14360
    Please enter me to win i would love this bag!!
    <3 Otilia

  • Shannon Finer

    I love the KRISTEN, it’s so classic and modern at the same time. I love the simplicity and the details too! That’s all I want Santa!

  • Shannon Finer

    I commented on the Foley & Corinna Distressed Leather Tote and the Cyber Monday articles.

  • Shannon Finer
  • http://breakingcurfew.blogspot.com/ katie

    i commented on the ideeli post and the tory burch tote post.

    my coach wishlist definitely includes that purple audrey bag! YUM! i would add the sequined amanda leopard clutch, button gloves, and zebra platform heels to that list. hope i win!

  • Claudia

    From Coach’s website I love the Large metallic Brooke bag, the flat heart hoop earrings and the newsboy cap. I commented on your posts about the Tory Burch t-tote and your post about 6pm.com’s website (putting on your dancing shoes). I really love the metallic Audrey bag, though. It might be my very favorite Coach item of all!

  • Wanda
  • Meghan

    I like the Brooke in brass/taupe – commented on cyber monday and the article featuring those lovely leather boots.

  • Kathy Willis

    I love the leather brooke in quartz.

  • Sammi

    I love the Audrey bag, myself – I commented on Cyber Monday shopping tips and Babies’ Ear Piercing

  • Kathy Willis

    I don’t know if I understand how to comment. But if this counts the person before me commended on something and lots of other people didn’t! By the way I love the leather brooke in quartz. I’m sure I would love the giveaway bag also. Never had a Coach. Thanks.

  • Wanda
  • Melanie B

    Wishlist: Poppy Sequin Mini T-lock Crossbody (style: 43292); Amanda satin Large Wristlet (style: 43402); Layered Op Art Darcy Clutch (style: 14224)

    I posted comments on 11/30 “Cyber Monday Shopping Tips” and 11/27 “Tory Burch Crinkle Bombe T-Tote”

  • Melanie B
  • http://www.twitter.com/tclarkusa Tomi

    The Slim Tote SLIM TOTE style:14458 & I commented on the “Ideeli Red Sale Today” & “Sassy Chicks Event in New York: December 2″ blog entries. Good luck!!!

  • Tracey Byram

    I like the Leather with Chain XL garnet satchel.

  • Lorna Johnson

    I made comments in Cyber Monday Private Web Sales, and Holiday Shopping sticking to your list.

    I also am so in love with EMBOSSED EXOTIC ELLA style:14206. when I saw this bag I wanted to sit down and cry!

    I also love the Audrey bag that you have for your give-a-way, and thank you for having this contest.

    I really like your blog site as well.

  • Sarah O.

    I LOVE the Audrey bag and all of the Poppy collection!

  • http://www.twitter.com/susank Susan K

    I already have my list created. I want a very glam bag so the glam tote is what I’m hoping Santa brings me this year!

  • caitlan

    I love the signature sateen book bag and the audrey textured bag!

  • caitlan

    I really love the signature sateen book bag and the audrey textured bag!

  • Eun

    My wish list includes the poppy op art lurex glam tote and poppy op art lurex accordian zip!

  • http://www.just-fabulous.com Michelle Reich

    What a beautiful bag you chose! The Audrey is one of my favorite styles on the Coach website and purple is my first color choice. That being said I also love and adore the entire Gramercy line. My favorite is the embossed patent small wallet in red. For the last few years I have been existing on sub-standard handbags because I have been less than enthused with the styles available. I am so glad that Coach has so many beautiful bags with clean lines, bold colors and lasting quality.

    Even if I do not win any contests I will eventually own a second Coach bag. They are just so wonderful!

  • Danielle Ohara

    Love this bag !!!! Please enter me.

  • veronicav

    my glam girl wishlist includes: the poppy pop c glam bag! i have also beein looking everywhere for beautiful long gloves like those ruched bow gloves you featured so that makes my list too! and for shoes i would choose the coach aubrie bootie!

    anyway good luck everyone!

  • lauren

    love all the bags! i’m such a fan of coach!

  • Grace

    My wishlist from Coach is the sequin spotlight bag and the audrey textured bag.

  • Angela

    Love it! Please enter me! Thanks!

  • laurell lasenburg


  • Kayli

    I really like the

  • Wanda



    wandapanda at live dot com

  • http://www.alizabetho.com Elizabeth

    I am loving the Madison Chainlink. But also pretty much the whole poppy collection.

  • http://www.alizabetho.com Elizabeth
  • http://www.youtube.com/xCoutureQueenx Rachel

    I commented on the Cyber monday Evans London post and the Black Friday Sephora Sales post.

    My Coach Wishlist: I have been in LOVE with the Sequin Spotlight bags ever since I saw them (Red one being my fav), so that is definately there! I am also loving the Alex Multicolor OP Art Tote, I just can’t get enough of the deep violet blue and the purple together! And of course I have always wanted a Coach wallet, so the Madison OP Art Checkbook in Raspberry is one of my all time favorites!

  • Wanda
  • Marlene

    I love the textured metallic Audrey! Purple is my favorite color.

  • http://www.youtube.com ae_1996

    My favorite: signature spotlight (black)
    Style Number: 13843

    Even though this purse isn’t my favorite, I REALLY like it!

  • KayRN

    I’ve commented in 2 different recent posts.

    I “Heart” the Claire Bag (style:143340). It looks like it fits a lot of things which is awesome for me!

    Happy Holidays!

  • KayRN

    I have followed you on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway! http://twitter.com/kayliciousRN/status/6221900573

  • B. Lechowicz

    The “large leather brooke” in eggplant.

  • Charlotte Lapham

    I love the large leather brooke….I need it in classic black for parties

  • Renita

    I love the Pop C Glam Bag.

  • Wanda



    wandapanda at live dot com

  • Bonnie

    I tweeted! (xjuicyyy)


    i commented on CHRISTINA KEEPS GETTING BETTER and CYBER MONDAY SHOPPING…my wish list is INLAID C BROOKE BAG IN PURPLE, TARTAN SPOTLIGHT BAG and SEQUIN SPOTLIGHT! love them!!!! please enter me in the contest!!

  • http://youtube.com/supernaturalgirlx3 Angie

    I commented on Ideeli Red Sale Today: Boots Liquidated! and 50% Off All M Lab Products at Secret SkinStore =D
    My Glam Girl wish list is the Audrey Bag and the Sequin Spotlight Bag, SO GOREGEOUS! Please enter me, thank you!

  • http://dindintattat.blogspot.com Justine

    Oh, so many wonderful bags! I love Maggie too since it is purple & so classy and Audrey textured bag which is absolutely perfect for my school books & work outfit! Love! Thanks for sharing this wonderful giveaway :)

  • http://facebook Jamie

    I love the large leather brooke. I would love it in black so that I could use it for work.. I would love it in other colors but due to dress code it would have to be black… Please enter me to win

  • Crystal Warren

    I want them all but I’d settle for the KIRA bag in blue!

  • http://swimming-with-sharks.blogspot.com Christine

    My favorite is the Grey Audrey textured bag. Just gorgeous. I guess I’m off to comment on two more entries.

  • http://www.pegsplay.blogspot.com Peggy Gorman

    I love the kristin tote and I would get the Darcy wallet to match

  • http://www.pegsplay.blogspot.com Peggy Gorman
  • http://www.pegsplay.blogspot.com Peggy Gorman
  • Wanda



    wandapanda at live dot com

  • Wanda



    wandapanda at live dot com

  • http://auntiethesis.blogspot.com shel
  • http://randomthoughtsandsuggestions.blogspot.com/ Jennifer B.
  • Meredith

    loving the parker hobo – thanks for the opportunity!!

  • mj

    I’d love a black felt beret, the rose colored cashmere lined gloves, and the silver Garnet bag (with the chain)- to start with!

  • Lauren

    Hi! Great blog! My Coach Christmas wish list includes :
    Both are so beautiful and would add some much needed pizazz to my wardrobe!

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  • Kayte

    It`s soooooo hard to choose, everything coach make is amazing! My favourite thing has to be the op-art lurex glam tote, style:14439 just cos it would go with any outfit.

  • Cassie

    I really am loving the sequin spotlight bag! I am also really liking the Audrey textured bag that you have above. thanks for entering me (:

  • amber
  • khushbu

    I LOVE the large spotlight bag in black. Thank you for this contest :)

  • Cassiejo

    Beautiful bags! My glam girl wish list includes the Tattersall Muffler in ivory. This scarf is a great way to spice up a winter coat. I live in a state where the weather gets below zero and a girl can never have too many scarfs! My other two wish list items include two large wristlets for all the holiday parties that have began. I love the poppy leather wristlet in gold and the Amanda black sequin wristlet. They are a perfect size ; not too big or small and easy to get the holiday essentials in! Oh, and they give that extra punch to any outfit. Great contest!

  • Gaby

    I love the Coach Audrey Textured Bag. Its purple (which is my favorite color) and its got all my favorite elements!
    I wish I win because my family has never been able to afford anything so expensive.

  • Sue

    Love Coach’s Audrey, it’s so classic!
    Thanks for the contest!

  • Wanda
  • Alejandra

    Hi there!! I love your blog, its awesome!!
    I love Coach!! There’s too much to choose! But my favorite bag has to be OP ART LARGE SABRINA!! Thats my wish list!! and also another thing from my wish list is the Audrey textured bag that you are giving away!! Its a gorgeous bag!! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway!! and thanks for entering me!!
    Happy Holidays!!!

  • Ali

    Loving the Aubrey bag, enter me!

  • Jaimie

    Thanks for this amazing opportunity!

    I love the coach op art chainlink audrey for $358.00. It is elegant, fun, and stylish yet young enough for teenagers to carry around as well!

    I also like the coach tartan glam tote for $198.00. The new color in pink/purple plaid will be great for the holidays!

    Bags are must haves!

  • Bonnie

    tweeted! (xjuicyyy)

  • Wanda
  • http://arlettetran.blogspot.com Arlette Tran

    this is my fav Zebra Haircalf Brooke Tote

    with love from Germany

  • Elizabeth J

    I like the Claire bag

  • Abby

    Last year I fell in love with their gloves and now I want more!!

  • Hannah Malcolm

    Ok I like too many so I’ll make a list.

    1. op art glam in brass/gold
    2. patent book tote in silver/ruby
    3. signature sateen book tote in brass/brown
    4. sequin pouch in black or silver
    5. poppy large wristlet in gold
    6. poppy zip clutch in licorice/gold
    7. pop c groovy in brass/gold/multi (love how it is so colorful!)
    8. darcy in all the colors!

  • victoria

    I LOVE those ruched bow gloves!! I try them on all the time!!

  • Jaime
  • Wanda
  • Raquel Borrayo

    Heading the top of my Christmas wishlist is the Coach Kristin Tote in Green. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

  • http://twitter.com/amandanne Amanda Anne

    My Coach Holiday wish list:
    1. Signature Groovy in khaki/silver/magenta (item # 13833)
    2. Audrey in silver/periwinkle (item # 14316)
    3. Sequin waffle weave hat (item # 80777)
    4. Coach Tullah Bootie in brown (item # q543)
    5. Sterling multi heart glitter ring (item # 94739)

    I commented on these posts:

    Please enter me :)

  • sierra

    oh those gloves are so so cute, i think i’m in love — might be my favorite of the moment!

  • Erin M

    LEATHER WITH CHAIN AUDREY is just what i’ve been looking for!
    So chic and Sophisticated.

  • carole rossi

    I love the op art glam bag in black, or beige.

  • Chris23892

    This contest is as clear as mud.

    To have your chance to win, please visit the Coach web site- I went there. No where to be found is a contest sign up sheet. where is this at??

    , and tell me your own glam girl’s wish list from their holiday lineup- what Holiday line up and where does one find this??

    . Then pick any two ShopaholicsDaily entries from the past two weeks and leave a comment- again, where does these entries come from and how do I get there to comment??

    . Please earn extra entries by RT-ing this contest on Twitter (I’m @alywalansky) – and feel free to enter as often as you like! Deadline to enter is December 19.- How does one RT and how does this earn me extra enties? I do not understand how you will know this tweet id from me and know that I’m entered again.

    Some one please explain??????

  • http://the-life-of-mb.blogspot.com Mb

    Those gloves are unbelievable! Absolutely love them.

  • Wanda
  • WendyK

    I love the audrey bag you are giving away, and I also love it in the amber/copper color. I also like the Kristin zip top tote in the teal blue color, and the Tribeca tote in purple.

    I also love the purple ribbon button gloves to coordinate with any of the purple Coach bags.

  • Chris Van Horn

    Ok…think I got this now…Wisj list id for my wife (we could never afford this, but it’s always nice to wish)
    style:94644 (beautiful and dianty)

    Very nice ensamble for my sweet lady love (even if it’s just a wish) Tweets to come!!!

  • Chris Van Horn

    wecamtweet: Glam Girl Gifts From Coach + A Giveaway!-BEAUTIFUL handbacg from Coach.com- http://mgvhyt.xrt.me
    3 minutes ago from Splitweet


  • Chris Van Horn

    infobotx: Glam Girl Gifts From Coach + A Giveaway!-BEAUTIFUL handbacg from Coach.com- http://mgvhyt.xrt.me
    5 minutes ago from Splitweet


  • Chris Van Horn


    IAFootball: Glam Girl Gifts From Coach + A Giveaway!-BEAUTIFUL handbacg from Coach.com- http://mgvhyt.xrt.me
    5 minutes ago from Splitweet


  • Chris Van Horn


    pighide: Glam Girl Gifts From Coach + A Giveaway!-BEAUTIFUL handbacg from Coach.com- http://mgvhyt.xrt.me
    5 minutes ago from Splitweet


  • Chris Van Horn


    lingeriemodel2: Glam Girl Gifts From Coach + A Giveaway!-BEAUTIFUL handbacg from Coach.com- http://mgvhyt.xrt.me
    5 minutes ago from Splitweet


  • Chris Van Horn


    tweetlegz: Glam Girl Gifts From Coach + A Giveaway!-BEAUTIFUL handbacg from Coach.com- http://mgvhyt.xrt.me
    5 minutes ago from Splitweet


  • Chris Van Horn


    tweetmodel: Glam Girl Gifts From Coach + A Giveaway!-BEAUTIFUL handbacg from Coach.com- http://mgvhyt.xrt.me
    5 minutes ago from Splitweet


  • Chris Van Horn


    tweettramp: Glam Girl Gifts From Coach + A Giveaway!-BEAUTIFUL handbacg from Coach.com- http://mgvhyt.xrt.me
    5 minutes ago from Splitweet


  • Chris Van Horn


    changingseason: Glam Girl Gifts From Coach + A Giveaway!-BEAUTIFUL handbacg from Coach.com- http://mgvhyt.xrt.me
    5 minutes ago from Splitweet


  • Crystal C

    Ok I really wish I could afford the starlet bag or any Audrey bag.

  • LG

    I love the Audrey bag and the cute little poppy wristlet. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • http://acupofsweetness.blogspot.com Betsy

    Love the Audrey bag!!!!

  • Jaime
  • Wanda
  • Melanie D

    I love the new alex stiched patent tote!

  • Wanda
  • Damla


  • amber
  • Carol

    The bag thats is on my wishlist is the claire bag it is so pretty

  • Carol

    The claire bag is on my wishlist :D

  • Carol

    AHH the claire bag is on my wishlist

  • Carol

    KRISTIN ZIP TOP TOTE is on my wishlist

  • http://randomthoughtsandsuggestions.blogspot.com/ Jennifer B.
  • deb c

    I love the new Alex Signiture Sateen Tote.

  • Allison

    The giveaway bag is my favorite bag from the Coach website!

  • Carol


  • http://auntiethesis.blogspot.com shel
  • Carol

    KRISTIN ZIP TOP TOTE is soo pretty its on my chirstmas wishlist

  • Wanda
  • CJ

    I love the inlaid c brooke bag in plum because it’s my favorite color. I also love the op art brooke in gunmetal/plum, the poppy sparkle leather mini, and the gabrielle boot in brown, size 5b.

  • Christine

    I love their Hinged Signature Bangle, so beautiful! Thank you!

  • Christine

    I commented on your Ungaro Fragrance post and your Philosophy Candy Cane post. Thank you!

  • Christine

    I’d love to win and I tweeted http://twitter.com/Tina12312/status/6280262086

    thank you!

  • Heather McDonough

    I like the Alex Op Art multiprint large bag and the Lisbeth sunglasses.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/CalGlam CalGlam

    I went to the Coach bag and zeroed in on the Maggie inlaid opt art Large Bag Style #14298 from the Madison collection. It is so much more fabulous in person than it looks on the internet! The Audrey Bag would be so awesome with dark plum opaque tights and the Coach Alexandria heels style#q515 with an off the shoulder slouchy sweater dress.

  • Elizabeth

    First of all, I’d like to thank you and Coach for giving everyone such an amazing opportunity this Holiday season! ‘Tis the Season! :o)

    After viewing the Coach website, my favorites was the black kristin tote, new alex op art multiprint tote, and metallic ocelot audrey!

    Thanks again! Happy Holidays & God Bless!

  • Wanda
  • Lynn

    I like their hinged bangle and so many of their purses, I can’t even list them all here. I hope I win!

  • Alison

    My coach dream wishlist:

    Textured Large Audrey Bag
    Quilted Alex nylon Large Swingpack
    the classic Audrey in Silver Periwinkle
    Tatersall Muffler w/ Grey
    Felt Beret
    3 Button glove

    Of course… that list is me dreaming in print

    I was a huge fan of your post about first lady fashions and how showing off shoulders with poise and prints is fashionable. In addition, the one on Crystal Barrettes for Holiday Party Hair — I am addicted to hair accessories like barrettes and headbands.

  • Nina

    The claire bag is on my wishlist! haha :)

  • Alexis

    in addition to the one beautiful giveaway…i am lusting over the amber/copper satchel!

  • Shannon


    The audrey bag is stunning!!

    I also love the poppy glam tote!

    Please enter me :)

  • Wanda
  • Lucy K.

    love the Audrey textured bag… I could fit my life in there lol…

  • Terri


    Maggie in Blue $348.00
    Sequined Pouch in Silver $198.00
    Poppy feather crossbody in blue $298.00
    Stone cluster necklace $198.00
    Multi stoned snap earrings $98.00
    large chandelier earrings $198.00 (gorgeous)

  • Terri

    Commented under Give Your Friend Wings and Roberto Coin Diamond Initial Necklaces – My husband and I both lost jobs this year so no gifts for us but oh how I’d LOVE that Diamond Initial Necklace…beautiful…oh well. Maybe another time…sigh…

  • Wanda
  • Iwona

    I LOVE bags; big and small. Everything coach make is amazing!!!******** It is so hard to choose.

  • Bonnie
  • http://www.chasingdavies.blogspot.com MeggyD

    I love coach!!! Sign me up please! :)

  • Li Chen

    Wishlist :KRISTIN ZIP TOP TOTE, the gloves that you showed in black!

  • Jenny

    Love, love, love the Claire bag!

  • Elizabeth

    i absolutley love any and ALL of the coach jewlery this season

  • Nancy

    Coach’s Audrey textured bag is on my wish list!

  • laura

    enter me… love the Audry bag.. its on my wishlist.

  • Christine
  • Debbie B
  • Wanda
  • http://randomthoughtsandsuggestions.blogspot.com/ Jennifer B.
  • Wanda
  • http://agirlandherlife.blogspot.com tuesday

    I went to the coach store the other day & I LOVE all the bags they have for fall/winter. I colve teh colrs & textiles. Great giveaway.

  • jennifer O

    Thanks so much for this!!!! I looked on the Coach website and loved the Tartan Tote. They are great colors and perfect size. I of course LOVE the Audry textured handbag even more though!

  • Wanda
  • Anita

    I love love love LAYERED OP ART DARCY!! It’s my favorite!! And the Audrey bag… different style, but Iove it too!!

  • Wanda
  • Rosalynne

    My wishlist would contain;
    1) the garnet texture metallic clutch bc i love the shine, and i think it is a very pretty pink and just an adorable clutch.
    2) metallic ocelot audrey- i love the size and the leopard pattern
    3) sequin spotlight- i think it is just a really fun bag and find it very unique!

    please enter me into the contest! i’d love to win that bag! =]

  • 101doggygirl123

    omg! i love that bag! coach is such good quality and it would be awesome to win that bag! my wish list includes the purple bag that you showed above and the poppy tartan large wristlet (style number: 43286)

    please enter me:)

    if i win, please contact me at maricar97_doggy@hotmail.com

  • Wanda
  • amber
  • http://auntiethesis.blogspot.com shel
  • http://queenofoz.blogspot.com Hannah

    I love the tribeca patent tote – classy bag with beautiful colors! I would love to win this Audrey bag however – its equally as gorgeous!

  • carissa

    I would love a poppy sequined spotlight tote! They are soo cute!
    <3 it! Enter me pls!

  • Gabriela Nino

    my wish list from the coach holiday lineup are:
    the audrey textured bag in purple style:14232
    the sequin spotlight style:13821
    brooke bag in neutral style:14142
    leather with chain claire bag style:14306
    black motorcycle gloves

  • Wanda
  • http://samsakara.blogspot.com/ Shilo Beedy

    My coach wish list is

    brandie heel in brown style:q486
    belted long down coat with fur in black style:80745
    alberta sunglasses in plum style:s845
    signature groovy in brass/brown style:13833
    gramercy leather swingpack style:42975

    I also posted on two of the ShopaholicsDaily

  • morgan

    i love the ptolight sequined poppy bag style : 13821

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/lizs1passion lizlabora

    Hi! thank you for this opportunity to own a gorgeous coach bag which happens to be my dream bag brand, and your blog giveaway helps to make my dream come true… so my wishlist is:

    1.) i totally adore the INLAID C BROOKE in purple, i visit coach website practically everyday to stare at this beauty
    2.) and the the TEXTURED METALLIC AUDREY spells L-O-V-E, it’s just so gorgeous that i can’t help daydreaming of wearing it
    3.) and last but not the least is the CRACKLED METALLIC BROOKE , it is kinda mesmerizing… i luv the metallic texture, it’s so classy and sophisticated =)

    there goes my WISH, i hope that it will no longer be a wish this holiday but a reality =)

  • Liz

    My wish list would contain anything from the Poppy collection….I am really loving that right now….Metallic Gold rocks!

  • Bonnie

    tweeted! 9xjuicyyy)

  • http://thelifeofachristianfamily.blogspot.com/ Rebecca

    My Coach wishlist!



  • http://thelifeofachristianfamily.blogspot.com/ Rebecca


  • Carrie Chen

    I have been eyeing the brooke bags for a while. Its great for a everyday use type of bag. I also really like the textured leather audrey bag.
    Bags…just can’t help but love ‘em

  • Julianna

    1. the tartan glam tote (so cute!!!!)
    2. the op art glam
    3. the signature spotlight (the sateen lurex 1 2!)
    4.bonney hightop

  • rosalie

    My favorite is the Patent Glam bag style: 13836
    I also LOVE the Audrey bag!

  • Jaime
  • Kristine Barnes

    my wish list from coach is:

  • Cheryl R

    My wish list:
    -signature spotlight bag style:13843
    -amanda metallic leather bag style:43183
    -newsboy hat style:80712
    and lastly this audrey bag!!love it!!!

  • Heather C

    Here’s a quick list:
    Tartan plaid CARLI HEEL

  • Erica C.

    The new kristin photo print button tote is nice and funky! I love it! Thanks :)

  • http://iamjeda.wordpress.com/ Zel
  • http://agirlandherlife.blogspot.com tuesday

    I loveo coach, it is classic and lovely. Not to mention well made!

  • Wanda
  • sierra

    i want the gloves — love them, they are so girlie and classic at the same time

  • http://randomthoughtsandsuggestions.blogspot.com/ Jennifer B.
  • 101doggygirl123

    how do you find out if you won???

  • Wanda
  • http://auntiethesis.blogspot.com shel
  • Jaime
  • http://iamjeda.wordpress.com/ Zel
  • Christine
  • Jenna

    I love the CLAIRE bag and the LARGE SPOTLIGHT in rasberry.

  • Lauren

    My favorite item from Coach would be the Op Art Lurex Glam Tote in style: 14439. It is a gorgeous bag that I would use every day!
    I love coach so much.
    Please enter me, I will give this beautiful bag a good home :)

  • Krystyn K

    i would lovee to get the tartan glam tote bag!! the darkeer colord one!

  • amber
  • Bonnie

    tweet (xjuicyyy)

  • Kirsten

    PATENT GLAM bag in all the colors! They are beautiful bags!!!!!

  • Kirsten
  • Wanda
  • Frederick Rotzien

    My girl friend would love this.

  • Wanda
  • Wanda
  • Wanda
  • Heather C
  • Trisha

    I love the new line up of Coach purses and accessories…but I really love the Audrey textured bag, great color and the hardware looks fun! Style #14232

  • Kristen

    My dream wish list:




  • Lellu

    Hey! My wish from coach this christmas is the pop c spotlight. It is so lovely and bright and i love it. It would go with almost any color outfit, and the bag can make a grey/white/black outfit standout even more. : )
    Enter me please to win the lovely audrey bag ;)

  • Mildred

    In addition to the bags you listed above, but perhaps in other/additional colors, I would pick the Leather Brooke bag in black and/or the Checkerboard Folding Umbrella.

  • Deepthi Thomas

    (Don’t have twitter, so hope I can enter through here.)
    Hi Aly! Congrats on being picked as one of the bloggers for Coach, thats so exciting!! Love your site and I LOVE THIS BAG! It would be a great gift for my mom who has worked so hard but never treats herself to anything and I can borrow it here and there too =)

    Here is my personal wishlist:
    #1) Textured Metallic Audrey bag, in the featured color amethyst style: 14232.
    2) Poppy collection Sequin Spotlight Style 13821 for a night out on the town that I am so desperate for since I am in medical school
    3) A signature spotlight for in silver/khaki/magenta Style 13843 for everyday use =)
    eheh A girl can dream, can’t she =)
    ENTER ME please! Thanks for the contest!

  • Wanda
  • Christine
  • Wanda
  • margo

    Coach Bow Earrings, style: 94673….The Legacy Skinny C Scarf, style: 98770 … and most definetly the Textured Metallic Audrey bag, style: 14232

    omg pleasee entter mee !

  • Jess

    I love the Audrey bag!

  • Katie

    Hi! I really like the tartan glam tote style:14360.
    Thank you for the chance to enter.

  • Wanda
  • amber
  • Jaime
  • Courtney

    I love the POP C GLAM bag!

  • http://twinceretwinkles.blogspot.com/ Tanya W. aka @Twincere

    The Coach Audrey textured bag is so fierecly screaming fashionable femme fatale, yet totally lovable. I covet thee, and these three, too!




    I commented on the Clarisonic Home & Away Set post and the Make a Statement: With Jewelry! post as well!


  • http://twinceretwinkles.blogspot.com/ Tanya W. aka @Twincere

    I am following you on twitter, user name @Twincere,and I tweeted
    about this contest here:


  • Wanda
  • Bonnie
  • Heather C
  • siwing

    I love the TARTAN GLAM TOTE style:14360. Please enter me! Thank you!

  • siwing

    i tweeted !!!


  • http://auntiethesis.blogspot.com shel
  • http://gatheringmyroses.blogspot.com GeorgiaMist

    I L*O*V*E both the Audrey (my younger sister’s middle name!) and the KRISTIN COLORBLOCK SHOULDER FLAP.

    Following you and COACH on twitter and tweeted this post! I’m @GeorgiaMist on Twitter.

  • Jennifer

    My COACH Holiday wishlist:

    1. Leather w/chain Claire

    2. Textured leather large Audrey in Purple

    Ultimate coach holiday wish

    3. Gray Kira

    commented on :

    Philosophy limited edition winter products, Clairisonic home and away set

  • Ruhe

    I love the Op Art Brooke Style 14147.Pl enter me.

  • kirsten
  • http://www.craft-y-cook.blogspot.com Blair

    Hey! My favorite bag is the #14420; the OP Art chainlink Maggie in multicolor!

    I love it, but I also love the Audrey Textured bag from this blog! :D
    Enter me, please!

  • Agnes

    My favorite Coach bag is the Patent Large Spotlight (Style: 13869 $368) because it reminds me of the Balenciaga bags and I really like simple but edgy purses. I really like Coach because it is a very classic American brand. A lot of people have it && want it. I remember when I was about 14, I begged my parents to have a Coach bag. That’s what Coach does to people. lols :] My mom is a big fan too, btw!
    XOXO, Agnes!

  • Jacquel

    patent large spotlight

  • Wanda
  • Wanda
  • Amanda

    I love the Audrey texture bag and the Tartan Glam tote! YUM!

  • Wanda
  • Wanda
  • Wanda
  • Jaime
  • http://auntiethesis.blogspot.com shel
  • Holly J

    my favorites :)
    Filigree Optic C Domed Ring $158.00
    NEW Kristin Photo Print Button Tote $398.00
    Patent Large Spotlight $368.00 or Large Spotlight $368.00
    haha I know, its a lot :D
    Please enter me and thanks for the opportunity!

  • Christine
  • Joanna

    Love Coach! On my wishlist is…

    1. hailey crossbody in brass/plum
    2. audrey in silver/black
    3. ribbon button glove

    I will be commenting on your other posts, but sadly don’t have a Twitter :( Thanks for doing the giveaway though!!

  • http://aigoogle.wordpress.com Clara

    My holiday wish list from Coach is incredibly long, but three things that I would love love love to have:
    The large Spotlight bag
    The Audrey bag
    The Madison Checkbook Wallet

    Thank you so much!!!

  • vy bui
  • kirsten
  • Joanna

    I got a twitter just so I could tweet about the contest!


  • Mariam Mikho

    Pick me!! this is totally my style of bag. my absolute FAVORTITE is style:14329

  • Wanda
  • amber
  • Wanda
  • Bonnie
  • amanda

    I’d love the SEQUIN POUCH style:14368 in silver/amethyst, the new COACH OP ART SATEEN MAGGIE in style:14426 in silver/silver and the COACH AUBRIE BOOT style:Q541 in both black and brown because I can’t decide on just one. :)

  • Audrey

    actully funny enough the audrey textured bag is! i luv it and plus we share names….. match made in heaven! :D

  • Holly W.

    My Coach holiday wish list:

    Madison leather Maggie $348
    waverly coated canvas accordian zip wallet $188
    Bridget ss strap watch $188
    w lurex skinny scarf $98
    Alberta Sunglasses $218
    W rabbit mittens $298

  • Holly W.

    Posted a comment on do it yourself beauty treatments!

  • Holly W.

    Commented on Holiday sparkle from the body shop!

  • Holly W.
  • Wanda
  • Rachel

    Hmm… my wish list is just a wish but I love the Red Embossed Exotic Ella- it’s beautiful!!

  • http://twinceretwinkles.blogspot.com/ Tanya W. aka @Twincere
  • Sarah

    I love the Amethyst Audrey. It is at the top of my wishlist following the Brooke inlaid c in Plum. I’d also like a new scarf and I am liking the tattersall muffler in grey.

  • christie

    I love the tartan glam tote so cute
    also the aubrie boots
    ehhh!!! enter mee

  • Diana

    pop c glam
    aubrey texture bag

    love them all

  • laura

    love this one please enter me thanks..

  • midori

    patent spotlight bag in ruby style:13835
    love the audrey bag too. please enter me!

  • Christine
  • christin

    I really really really really want the leopard sequins large claire. That is the top thing on my wishlist but any coach bag will really do. please enter me =]

  • Wanda
  • http://randomthoughtsandsuggestions.blogspot.com/ Jennifer B.
  • Lydia

    My fave is the Audrey bag in amethyst, I love it! I left a comment on the Philosophy Limited Edition Winter Products entry and the Stuart Weitzman shoes entry.
    I tweeted @princessla66.

  • http://auntiethesis.blogspot.com shel
  • Wanda
  • reeva
  • Wanda
  • amber
  • Laura

    My coach wish list is as follows:(even though i would really like to get everything on the website)


    i love your blogs, and thanks for the contest!

  • Bonnie
  • Jade

    My Coach Holiday Wishlist:

    *Tartan Glam Tote
    *Textured Metallic Audrey Bag
    *Felt Beret in Green
    *Cambridge Stripe Coat
    *Coach Alexandria Heel


  • Yvonne

    This is the bag I like on Coach, it is a part of the Poppy collection. style:14371 I love Coach…enough said. Thanks!

  • Nikki

    My fave is the Audrey bag in amethyst its so beautiful
    please enter me

  • http://www.twitter.com/cinnie24 cinnie henriquez
  • http://www.pegsplay.blogspot.com Peggy Gorman
  • http://www.pegsplay.blogspot.com Peggy Gorman

    The maggie in Plum is gorgeous! Thanks

  • Marianne

    My wish list would be: the Claire hand bag in black (Style:14334), the Great American Cardigan in gray (Style:80756), and the Liah Flat (Style:q549). Please enter me :)

    Have a wonderful day !

  • Monica

    My Coach wishlist:

    Textured Metallic Audrey/amethyst style#14232
    Crackled Metallic Brooke style#14347
    Metallic Ocelot Audrey style#14289

    I heart all all of these!

  • kirsten
  • jaime lou
  • Heather C
  • Jenna L.

    Hi!My favorite bag was the Sequin Spotlight!!Absolutely adorable and a must-have this holiday season!Thanks for letting me enter!:) Style:13821

  • Crystal Warren
  • http://iamjeda.wordpress.com/ Zel
  • melissa m

    My wish list items include the new alex stitched patent large tote and the quilted nylon large swingpack.

  • melissa m
  • Thu Huynh

    My love for coach is neverending, my fave bags is the from the Kristen and Audrey collection. I would love to win a bag this holiday season. Thank you for the drawing.

    Thu Huynh

  • Bonnie
  • cath

    I’d love to have the audrey textured bag! it’s a pretty :)

  • http://randomthoughtsandsuggestions.blogspot.com/ Jennifer B.
  • Christine
  • Clara

    OMG!!! Besides this wonderfull Audrey Bag, there’s one more item I really love: it’s the tartan spotlight bag

    Please enter me in this contest!!!

  • amber
  • Becky

    I love so many items on the Coach site, they always have the best selection but if I had to choose one it would be the bag in your contest metallic audrey in amethyst, it’s stunning and would make my holiday wish come true if I won it, please enter me into the contest. Thanks so much and happy holidays to you :)

  • Rebecca J

    My wishlist includes the ALEX OP ART MULTIPRINT TOTE, the BLUE ALEX COATED OP ART TOP HANDLE POUCH, the BLACK OR PURPLE AUDREY and so many more… AH! I love Coach!

  • Sara Winkels

    I would love to own any of the audrey bags! So pretty!

  • Kayli Barber

    Although I love everything on the Coach site, here are a few must have favorites:
    The Brook Bag is Quartz is TO DIE FOR! $358
    Alberta Sunglasses $218
    CASHMERE LINED GLOVE (Any color is amazing) $98.00

  • jaime lou
  • Loraine

    I’m obsessed with the Kristin handbag!! I also want a new wallet and the GRAMERCY looks great! I left a comment on Cut Out Shoulder Dress by Obesity + Speed post and the Sleek & Chic Special Occasion Clutches post.

  • Loraine
  • Wanda
  • Shannan

    I would luv, luv, luv the textured leather large audrey in graphite/anthracite for $798, style: 14329!!

    I’ve been a good girl all year ;)

  • Kirsten
  • Stephanie

    I love the coach claire bag in brown as well as the audrey purple bag. plus their lavender fur lined gloves are soo pretty! i love anything purple.
    plz enter me ~

  • http://twinceretwinkles.blogspot.com/ Tanya W. aka @Twincere
  • Gabby

    Please enter me! This is a great opprotunity to thank my momma. (because i would want to give it to her, because of all of the things she has done for me.)

  • Heather C


  • Christine
  • http://randomthoughtsandsuggestions.blogspot.com/ Jennifer B.
  • amber
  • Adrienne Gordon

    I want the textured leather large audrey in graphite/anthracite

  • Wanda
  • jaime lou
  • http://auntiethesis.blogspot.com shel
  • Jennifer

    I’m in love with the Brook bag and any of the Audrey bags, because they are so classic and always in style. I am also craving the motorcycle gloves in black but they are sold out :( Luckily, I’m also loving the cashmere lined gloves and they look so warm.


  • Maria Beake

    My fav is the TEXTURED METALLIC LARGE CLAIRE. Oh so pretty.

  • Elizabeth

    I love all of the bags but i especially like the madison and poppy collection bags. i would love to receive this purse or the leather with chain audrey

  • Elizabeth

    I would love to receive this purse or the leather with chain audrey

  • Jessica
  • http://theblushingbride.tumblr.com Alicia

    My two favorite items from Coach for the Holidays are:
    the Poppy Signature Swingpack – perfect to throw on your shoulder for when you need free hands (like to Christmas shop!)
    and the Coach Op Art Brooke bag. I love it!

  • Kirsten
  • Piper

    I love felt beret style:80668 and I adore the audrey in mahogany! Oh, and the coach aubrey boots are to die for!

  • Piper
  • Lola S

    My favorite is SEQUIN SPOTLIGHT black/sliver style:13821

  • Wanda



    wandapanda at live dot com

  • Shari D

    My wish list includes: 1. Pop C Glam Purse 2. Nesting Heart Earrings 3. Classic Signature Strap Watch.

  • Christine
  • http://auntiethesis.blogspot.com shel
  • Priscilla

    My favorite bag is pink POPPY GLAM TARTAN TOTE. please enter me. Thanks!!!!

  • Kirsten
  • amber
  • Stephanie

    I love the
    SEQUIN SPOTLIGHT black style:13821 Thats going on my wishlist either for x-mas or for my birthday next month!I hopt my husband sees this ;)

  • Kendra B

    I love the patent groovy. Too cute!

  • http://breakfastatsaks.blogspot.com Ashley

    My Coach wishlist:

    -Rosemary sunglasses in black
    -Felt Beret
    -Sash Coat
    -Sequin Cardigan
    -Audrey bag

    But if I win, we could knock the Audrey bag off the list :) Thanks so much for the chance!

  • http://breakfastatsaks.blogspot.com Ashley
  • Nicole


  • Julia

    I love love love the madison checkbook wallet
    style:43221 in the gold color but sadly it’s a bit too expensive for a wallet :( also I love the leopard sequins large claire
    style:14231, tattersall muffler
    style:98717 in ivory, and heart, star, & flower keyfob

  • Anita

    I want the INLAID OP ART CLAIRE.

  • Ashley

    i love the patent with chain audrey

  • Heather C
  • Tali

    my wishlist is…



    LOVE your blog by the way!!

  • Piper
  • http://theunlikelyhousewife.com Elisa

    I would love:
    1. the metallic leather large cosmetic bag
    2. the new multi signature neckerchief
    3. the Hailey crossbody bag in plum (perfection for a mom on the go like me)

    and the textured metallic Audrey, which is just gorgeous!!

    (I commented on two of your posts, too.)

  • Piper

    I love so many things from Coach this season.

    I adore the Textured Metallic Large Clair
    I would wear it with the 3 button glove in aubergine and the gail sunglasses!

  • Christine
  • Cynthia Shern

    I like the Poppy Zip Clutch and the Layered Op Art Darcy Clutch.

  • http://auntiethesis.blogspot.com shel
  • jaime lou
  • amber
  • kirsten
  • Deepthi

    Hi!! LOVE THE METALLIC AUDREY!! please enter me!!

    also retweeted but dont know how to copy that status update like people are doing here since i new to it but following you mines (mdeelish) thanks!!!

  • Piper
  • Piper

    I also made a cute wishlist with Coach items! http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=1200505

  • http://auntiethesis.blogspot.com shel
  • Piper

    Good Morning! I’ve tweeted here!http://twitter.com/PiperPearlPage/status/6598696792

  • Otilia

    Hiiii thanks for this contest , im really excited that i might be able to win this bag.
    I posted comments on “Holiday Shopping: Find Best Deals Online” and “Super Discount at Urban Outfitters” !

    My wishlist for coach would be :



    I think they are beautiful!

  • Kirsten
  • Christine
  • stephanie

    hey please pick me to win anyways my wishlist would be the tartan glam tote valued at $198

  • amber
  • Deborah Curan

    I would LOVE to win the Audrey textured bag

  • Ana A.

    I would LOVE the Poppy sequin spotlight bag in black! Its so cute, makes a statement, and has a really cute keychain!

  • http://iamjeda.wordpress.com Zel
  • lavendar

    My wish list is what you’re giving away! the Audrey textured bag! so cute.

  • Diana

    wish listt mmm

    pop c glam bag
    audbrey metallic
    spotlight sequin

    they are so gorgeousss count me in pleasee

  • fariza

    :) thanks for having this!

    top 3 choices that im looovin;

    1.POP C GLAM

    amaaaazing !

    RT : FarizaRusdi

  • http://gatheringmyroses.blogspot.com GeorgiaMist
  • http://gatheringmyroses.blogspot.com GeorgiaMist

    I love the purple / plum metallic AUDREY bag!

  • http://gatheringmyroses.blogspot.com GeorgiaMist

    Shared on FACEBOOK!

  • Corina

    I love the kristin tote bag, audrina bag, and the audrey metallic.

    they are really great this season!!!

  • Tazin Islam

    I would love the :

    i hope i win :)

  • Rebecca

    My wish list:

    -Sequin Pouch in black
    -Textured leather large Audrey in gunmetal
    -Kristin tote in brown
    -Brooke dusted suede clutch in whatever color
    -Large claire in leopard sequins (yeah I can keep dreaming lol)

  • Piper
  • Piper

    I shared it on facebook!

  • Piper

    My second polyvore Coach wishlist! http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=1200505

  • http://twinceretwinkles.blogspot.com/ Tanya W. aka @Twincere

    I love all of the bags that you’ve featured,but I love, love The Kristin Zip Top Tote! It is perfect for my hectic schedule, since it can accommodate all of the things I lug around with me on a daily basis. I love the fact that’s its so versatile and spacious enough to stash a few diapers and a pack of baby wipes!
    Thanks for the chance!


  • Brooke E Walton

    my wishlist:
    tartan glam tote
    metallic ocelot audrey
    tartan groovy

    so in looove <3

  • http://twinceretwinkles.blogspot.com/ Tanya W. aka @Twincere

    Tweet tweet!


  • Brooke E Walton
  • http://auntiethesis.blogspot.com shel
  • amber
  • Erica G

    I would love to have the new COACH OP ART SATEEN AUDREY bag, METALLIC LEATHER LARGE AUDREY bag, and the LEATHER WITH CHAIN XL GARNET bag. There are many more things, but those would be at the top of my list. Thanks!

  • liana

    Fingers crossed! I love you i would love to have their pearl and chain necklace. It’s such a statement piece! Pearls are timeless. It would add the perfect amount of pizazz to an outfit. :D

  • Elisabeth

    My Wishlist includes

    Military Cap with Ball Chain flower
    Sequin Skinny Scarf
    Long Ruched gloves in black
    Sequin pouch
    poppy feather crossbody

  • liana

    DSquared2 Sexy Little Black Dress and the pearl necklaces under 100 are the two blogs i commented on! Oh keeping my fingers crossed, if you believe, dreams do come true!

  • Jennifer Lachman

    My holiday wish list includes the perwinkle maggie bag, the stone cluster necklace, and the Karee Tweed Signature Hat

  • Jennifer Lachman

    tweeted http://twitter.com/jennielee685/status/6644634452

  • Laura

    I like the PATENT GROOVY, thanks.

  • http://melody-melodie.blogspot.com/ Melody

    I love everything in their poppy collection!


  • Kirsten
  • jaime lou

    a stunning bag…i could never buy

  • Adrianna

    Loves it!

  • Courtney

    My Glam Girl wishlist includes the audrey textured bag and the leather with chain claire bag!

    Tweet! See my tweet at @countneydenison

  • Muneera

    I LOVE the POPPY SPARKLE LEATHER MINI T-LOCK CROSSBODY it’s just too too tooo chic and gorgeous. wish i could have it!!!


  • Piper
  • Michelle
  • Crystal Hamilton

    I love the pop c glam bag!

  • Crystal Hamilton
  • Andrea D

    @alywalansky Enter the Coach giveaway at http://www.splendicity.com!

  • http://www.superdumbsupervillain.com Naomi
  • amber
  • aylav


    love hte style so much, would look cute anything!!! gl everyone

  • Monica

    TEXTURED LEATHER LARGE AUDREY in purple!!! royal color! =) Sorry i cant tweet! cos I do not have twitter. =) but im telling my friends to join the contest 2!=)

  • aylav
  • http://thevelvetdoll.blogspot.com/ Rachel Swartzlander

    I want the Coach Audry textured handbag and the PAVE MULTI CHARM BRACELET
    $248.00 !!

  • http://www.pegsplay.blogspot.com Peggy Gorman
  • http://www.pegsplay.blogspot.com Peggy Gorman
  • http://www.purpleescapade.com Lauren Jewel

    I am absolutely obsessed with the Maggie!!! By boyfriend just surprised me with the black one! But purple is my favorite color so I am considering hyjacking yours :) Coach looks wonderful this year, loving the METALLIC OCELOT CLAIRE! Love love love, would love to gift it to my momma for Christmas!

  • Stephanie

    OMG That Audry Textured bag in purple is freakin fabulous!

  • http://auntiethesis.blogspot.com shel
  • Jaime Lou
  • Piper
  • Melody

    My favorite bag is the textured leather audrey from the madison collection
    style number: 14329
    in gm/purple.

  • karel

    I love the amethyst poppy sequin pouch.

  • Veronica

    My wishlist includes the Claire chain bag, the Audrey in grey and the Poppy Sequin Clutch. Please Santa, leave these under my tree this year?

  • Kirsten
  • Teresa

    I really adore the sequin pouch in silver! It is SO cute and would be perfect for going out. Absolutely perfect!

  • Piper
  • erin

    I love, love the audrey is patent. So sexy and chic yet practical in size and shape.

  • francesco

    I love the amethyst poppy

  • Crystal H
  • Mell

    I love the textured metallic audrey handbag and the 3 button gloves.

  • Mell

    The 3-button glove and the textured Audrey handbag is fabulous!

  • Christine
  • http://auntiethesis.blogspot.com shel
  • amber
  • Emilie

    My Favorite from the Coach Poppy collection is:

    Soooo cute!!!!

  • http://www.letstalkstyle.com sammy

    this glam girl’s coach wish list features:

    1. cracked metallic brooke
    2. parker pieced op art shoulder bag
    3. the audrey textured bag (great minds think alike)

    retweeting love @letstalkstyle

  • Elizabeth

    My glam wish list from Coach this holidy season:

    Audrey in textured metallic leather- amethyst!
    Brooke with the inlaid C in purple or taupe

  • Elizabeth

    I’d love to enter again!

    I also like the crackled metallic Brooke. I’m crazy over the leather Audrey in bone, too.

  • joana

    Smooth, rich leather in deep hues make this bag exceptional. Can be carried in the hand, crossbody, or on the shoulder.

    I love the color and it’s not a “Screaming” (logo loaded) coach bag! :) very versatile bag. :) ang it’s LEATHER, will surely last for a long time… saves money.. :) :)

  • http://twinceretwinkles.blogspot.com/ Tanya W. aka @Twincere
  • Piper
  • sascha

    My list would consist of the Audrey Textured handbag and the BIAS SIGNATURE BAND RING ($128.00 style:94244).

  • sascha
  • kirsten
  • Jaime Lou
  • Teresa

    FYI I commented on several posts :) love your articles! :D
    And I have RT’d the following times so far:
    Dec. 10: http://twitter.com/alywalansky/status/6145699824 (RT feature) – its on my page
    Dec. 12: http://twitter.com/TeresaHonoursMC/status/6611638116
    Dec. 15: http://twitter.com/TeresaHonoursMC/status/6710987301
    Dec. 16: http://twitter.com/TeresaHonoursMC/status/6722773983

  • Snehal

    hey! my favorite is the op art chainlink audrey!

  • crystal

    I think that the DOWN MOTO CROSS JACKET is sooo great,definitely at the top of my wishlist!!

  • Piper

    I tweeted this wonderful contest! http://twitter.com/PiperPearlPage/status/6727257530

  • Megan

    The bag I wish for is the Op Art Glam tote in Brass/Khaki/Bronze. :)

  • Haromony

    RT-ed @harmonyjs

    i absolutly LOVE…
    1)BARRETT SNEAKER (in black multi/gold)
    and of course…
    3)THE Audrey Textured bag!!!!

  • Christine
  • Crystal Hamilton
  • amber
  • Kirsten
  • http://auntiethesis.blogspot.com shel
  • gala2


    Tuesday Sale Alerts: French Connection Sale
    Valentino Bow Satchel

  • lubna

    my wish list is

  • Stephanie
  • Piper

    I tweeted today. http://twitter.com/PiperPearlPage/status/6745814502 omg. I want this bag so badly. *_*

  • laurie c

    I like the Audrey textured bag and the Kristin Zip Top tote! Thanks for the giveaway~

  • Raquel Bobadilla

    My Coach Wishlist:
    2)Audrey Bag (beautiful)style:14428
    3)and for the cold days the 3 button glove style:80721

    Please enter me, would be wonderful to win!
    Raquel B.

  • Teresa
  • Elizabeth DeHart

    I lust after the Tartan Glam tote

  • janeh

    I love the tartan groovy – in poppy………..fun for the holidays!

  • laurie c
  • Huguette English

    On my wish list would be the signature groovy handbag!

  • Piper
  • Piper

    A lovely polyvore Coach wishlist, #3! http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=1200505

  • Tonya

    I have had the Large leather Madison Sabrina on my wishlist for a long time now!

  • mineola

    I’m a Brooke (in leather, with a flat strap) fan (the bucket style) overall- but I like Poppy quite a bit for everyday running around because I like to be hands free on walks or errands.

  • mineola



    This is a nice Coach promotion- I keep bumping into it everywhere! Gets Coach on the brain! :D

  • Christine
  • Crystal Hamilton
  • Melissa D

    I dream of owning the CRACKLED METALLIC BROOKE bag,

    Thank you!

  • http://cbwp.us cbwp

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  • http://auntiethesis.blogspot.com shel
  • Elizabeth DeHart
  • Elizabeth DeHart

    comment on Long Lashes contest and Simple sneakers contest

  • Nancy V

    The Audrey textured bag by Coach is my favorite. Thanks for the contest!

  • Lyudmila

    tweeted @Ludmilochka

  • Lyudmila

    The new alex quilted tote is cute!

  • amber
  • Ashley

    I like the Alex Stitched Black Patent Tote.

    ashaldridge (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Irina

    I really like Madison Op Art Sateen Maggie
    and Signature Sateen Garnet! They are amazing!

  • Ayesha

    I like the Audrey textured bag and the Kristin Zip Top tote!

  • Teresa
  • Liz Gomez

    Quintessential New York—elegant, modern, wow. Easily converts from handbag to shoulderbag.


    I like it because it is elegant and modern and because it easily converts from handbag to shoulderbag. I also like the details: the textured metallic leather with metallic leather trim, the inside zip, cellphone, multifunction pockets, the ring to clip an accessory or keyfob, the fabric lining, zip-top closure and chain detailing, jewel charm with hangtags.

    Please enter me.

  • Karrie

    There is so much I want. here are my top wishlist wants :)
    1. plum maggie bag
    4. honor flat

  • Ashley
  • Yvonne Butler

    My wish list would be the Coach Parker Hobo in brass.mahogany. and the Duster Chain Necklace. Thanks for the entry

  • Yvonne Butler

    I am commenting on Snowflakes and NYC about recycled items and Gift Idea: Cole Hoan Bow Slippers from Neiman Marcus.They are kid suede fully linned with shearling. Thanks

  • Huguette English

    Commented on the Valentino Bow Satchel and the Nine West – Up to 50% off! posts

  • Kirsten
  • http://madamebfatale.blogspot.com/ MadameBFatale

    Favourites are


    3. EMBOSSED EXOTIC ELLA (gorgeous all year round!)

    Tweeted @MadameBFatale

    It was hard to choose!

  • http://www.facebook.com/nylimor Romilyn

    I would die for their Sequin Spotlight bag. Overload in gorgeousness!

  • http://www.facebook.com/nylimor Romilyn

    I would love to have the Sequin Spotlight! It’s the bag to die for!

  • shuf

    Coach Wish list:

    please enter me, thanks!!

  • Christie

    I like the LARGE LEATHER BROOKE in brass/quartz.

  • michelle varia

    I would love the New Coach Audry Textured handbag

  • sue park

    enter me :)

  • Christina

    I love the red Gramercy Patent Mini Skinny Wallet!

  • Lisma S.

    My wish list consist of the textured audrey metallic, the peyton lether caryall, and the brooke zebabrea haircalf large wristlet.

  • Deana C

    My wish is the Coach Textured Metallic Audrey!

  • Gayle Morgan

    Coack Parker Hobo in black is my favorite bag.

  • JRG

    The Coach Parker Hobo bag would be a nice gift for my wife!

  • Kirsten
  • Jennifer Lachman

    tweeted http://twitter.com/jennielee685/status/6795838522

  • Carol

    Coach Parker Hobo bag and I love the shoes at the Coach site.

  • Carol
  • Carol
  • Piper
  • Kristie

    I love the Alex Signature Sateen Tote.

  • Kimberly

    I would LOVE the maggie bag with the darcy clutch stashed inside. Yes, I am greedy. :)

  • Christine

    I would love to win this and I tweeted again http://twitter.com/Tina12312/status/6798911809

    thank you!

  • robyn scollo

    I so love the new Alex art tote in the shimmery black and silver

  • Jamie

    I lust after INLAID C BROOKE in purple or brown.

  • cindy

    I would love the New Coach Audry Textured handbag

  • http://auntiethesis.blogspot.com shel
  • Jillian

    i love the new COACH OP ART SATEEN AUDREY!

  • Happi Shopr

    The Coach Parker Hobo is tops on my list

  • amber
  • christina singer

    I like the Parker Hobo too, but the Audry Textured bag would be awesome too!

  • Li Teng

    These are the things from Coach that made it onto my Christmas wishlist this year:
    1. Patent Book Tote in Black from the Poppy collection
    2. The Pave snowflake keyfob
    3. Madison checkbook wallet in black
    4. Kristin colourblock shoulder flap in pink

    Chosen shopaholicsdaily entries:
    1. The Growing Appeal of Leggings
    2. The Art of Layering

    Happy holidays!

  • suzette

    plllease enter me! i woulld love to win this for my mom she is going all out on my christmas gift and i hope i could do the same for her!

    sooo please enter me thanks(:

  • Maricar

    i love that bag!!! omg it’s is so so so nice… it has everything a perfect bag needs !!!! i also love the brooke zebra haricalf large style number: 43266

    thnkx for the great opportunity… i really really really love textured metallic audrey and it would be so so great to win it <3

  • KEN M


  • Maricar

    i have retweeted twice :)

  • http://lovelifefashionmakeup.blogspot.com Stephanie

    I love the Sequince spotlight bag in black. and the black motorcycle gloves!

  • Jennifer H

    the New Coach Audry Textured handbag

  • Ashley

    Today’s tweet: http://twitter.com/AggieAshley/status/6807921971

    ashaldridge (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Danielle

    I love the black blair strap watch and any of the accordian zipper clutches!


    On my wishlist!!

    The Audrey Bag (of course )
    The great american tattersall trench!
    The cambridge strip coat
    Alex quilted tote in purple.




    And I forgot to comment above but I am off to comment on two shopaholic dailies for you.

  • midori

    please enter me
    I <3 the patent spotlight bag

  • shawna

    I would love the ALEX SIGNATURE SATEEN TOTE.

  • Jackee

    I would like the New Coach Audry Textured handbag

  • Angela Winesburg

    I love the NEW ALEX SIGNATURE SATEEN TOTE in silver, thanks!

  • Jackee
  • Lindsay

    What’s on my wish list is the tartan glam tote and the kira!! :)

  • katiea

    My sister actually emailed me about this very bag a week or so ago. It would make a perfect present for her this year if I win. Thanks!

  • Huguette English
  • Kayce Crews

    I like the KRISTIN TOTE in brown or green.

  • Julieh

    I’d like the gramercy embossed patent checkbook!

  • Stephanie N

    I like the Maggie handbag and the belted long down coat with fur. These are on my wish, wish, wish list, of course.

  • Jennifer Reda


  • SaraC

    Ok, my job requires me to stay in my coat all day, so I need to look fab yet flexible. I would like the new ALEX OP ART MULTIPRINT TOTE,MULTI BIAS OBLONG SCARF, and cashmere lined PINK GLOVES to match! Just to start, but I do have to keep this to a limit…

  • Piper

    Friday wishlist! *Bejewled Keyfob! LOVE THIS! (style:92600) *Leather brooke style:14195 *Madison small wallet in copper!

  • Piper
  • http://iamjeda.wordpress.com/ Zel
  • Jennifer Reda
  • Kayte

    My wish list is made up of the great american trench, the op art chainlink maggie bag and the tartan glam tote!
    I commented on holiday parties are here and nine west – up to 50% off.

  • Jaime Lou
  • trishden

    Hi, the HAILEY CROSSBODY in brass/mahogany, the TARTAN GROOVY in Silver/Black Multi, CASHMERE LINED GLOVE in teak and the STONE CLUSTER NECKLACE would be on my wishlist. I commented on your Weekend Sale Alerts post 12/18 and your My Video Debut! post. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • trishden

    I tweeted on Twitter here:


  • Angela G

    I also love the Kristen Tote. It’s definitely on my list!

  • Vicki Andrew

    the crystal bib necklace is high on my list, hope Santa thinks I’ve been nice


  • Julie

    I love the Audrey bag.

  • Angela G
  • Crystal Hamilton
  • Elaine C.

    The black/silver Claire bag is definitely on my wish list!

  • Courtney mason

    I would ask for the new Alex stiched patent tote.

  • nicole

    love this bag! please enter me!

  • Lori K


  • Teresa
  • http://twitter.com/DreeG Dree

    I like the new PEYTON LEATHER TOTE. I commented on the Panasonic ES-LA63 Rechargeable Shaver and the Weekend Sale Alerts posts.

  • http://twitter.com/DreeG Dree
  • mineola
  • Sheila B

    My wishlist- PEYTON LEATHER TOTE in brown
    LARGE MAGGIE in Copper
    KENDRA sunglases
    I love Coach,could you tell?

  • Sheila B

    Lwft a comment on More Fabulous Last-Minute Gift Suggestions!and Coupon Dos and Donts.

  • Sheila B


  • Crystal Hamilton
  • vivian

    crystal bib necklace ty.

  • Angela G
  • Senaida Tapia

    Oh, I so want the gloves! In pink, yes please

  • Angela G
  • Piper
  • Michelle
  • http://shoplovely.com Michelle

    My Coach Wishlist Part One: Patent Garnet Bag in Cobalt, The Sequin Skinny Scarf in Gold, The Rosemary sunglasses <<< LOVE THESE!! in Black

  • whitechocolatecherries

    I love the GRAMERCY PATENT LARGE WRISTLET in silver/plum, the MAGGIE bag in purple, and the alex quilted tote. Thanks for the chance!

  • whitechocolatecherries
  • whitechocolatecherries
  • whitechocolatecherries
  • whitechocolatecherries
  • joe gersh


  • joe gersh

    I posted undfer Giveaway: Panasonic ES-LA63 Rechargeable Shaver and Live Tweet, Prizes: Robert Verdi Tonight!

  • kelly wakefield

    My wish list is made up of the PEYTON LEATHER TOTE in brown; MADISON MEDIUM WALLET; & the black/silver Claire bag

  • http://myloonyverse.com Dddiva

    TEXTURED LEATHER LARGE AUDREY in gunmetal is my #1 pick
    AUDREY in silver/periwinkle
    COACH PARKER HOBO in silver/graphite
    err yeah, that’s enough, right? ;)

    I commented on Holiday Parties are Here and Weekend Sale Alerts- Happy Birthday, btw! Hope your party isn’t snowed out.



  • http://myloonyverse.com Dddiva

    I tweeted the op (I wanted to keep it to myself, but I also wanted that extra entry. Seriously want this one badly- it’s my dream purse and I haven’t lusted like this in for – freakin- evah over a purse… or shoes for that matter. I might change the color, but I wouldn’t need to.
    Anyhoo here’s my link http://twitter.com/dddiva/status/6831040469



  • Christine

    daily tweet http://twitter.com/Tina12312/status/6831618165

    thank you and Happy Holidays to you!

  • Kirsten
  • Terri Dell

    I like the leather Brooke and the Crackled Metallic Brooke

  • Jackee
  • Diane Baum

    Love the Audry handbag

  • Heather

    I think the new ALEX SIGNATURE SATEEN TOTE would be perfect for holiday parties!

    My favorite posts from the week;

    The live tweet party! http://www.splendicity.com/shopaholicsdaily/live-tweet-prizes-robert-verdi-tonight/

    And the Valentino Bow Satchel – Gorgeous! http://www.splendicity.com/shopaholicsdaily/valentino-bow-satchel/

  • Heather
  • David Patterson

    These clothes are fabulous!

  • Susan Smith

    I like the Audrey in the brass color.


    I would love to win this handbag!

  • Susan Smith

    I commented on the Walmart plus size clothes pst and the How to use a Flat iron post.


    Iwould to win this handbag!

  • kaleonani

    since this is a “wish list” i picked one from each catagory:







  • carol ~

    For a good-sized bag I owuld chose the new ALEX QUILTED TOTE in my favorite color which is purple. This is gorgeous and really I would love ANY of their bags!

  • carol ~

    I posted on More Fabulous Last-Minute Gift Suggestions! and Fabulous Gift Tips from Robert Verdi.

  • carol ~

    I follow and tweet!~http://twitter.com/dresdenrain/status/6833959472

  • amber
  • http://www.over30mommy.blogspot.com Over Thirty Mommy

    I am wishing for the new PEYTON SIGNATURE SATEEN CARRYALL.

    Commented on Investment Worthy Little Black Dresses and Lolita Lempicka Eau de Parfum

  • http://www.gigglingkids.blogspot.com Heather


  • Kristi C
  • http://auntiethesis.blogspot.com shel
  • Noelia Gutierrez

    love the PEYTON LEATHER TOTE, it’s cool

  • Angie P

    My wish list has the new COACH OP ART SATEEN AUDREY and the EMBOSSED EXOTIC ELLA. <3

  • Angie P
  • kathy pease

    i love the KRISTIN TOTE

  • checkers

    The Audrey bag!

  • kathy pease
  • Emma

    i would love having the “leopard sequins large claire” tis year for christmas! it is a bit on the pricey side, but it is such a gorgeous bag! i love anything leopard print. please enter me!!

  • Kathy

    If money were no object, I’d love the Kira.

  • hazel hunt

    Would love to win this!!

  • Patrice S

    I just love this bag

  • Ashley

    Today’s tweet: http://twitter.com/AggieAshley/status/6839997823

    ashaldridge (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Priscilla

    On my wish list are:
    the Glam Bag, the New Hanna Heel, and the op art jacquard muffler in black

    I commented on the Holiday Parties Are Here post and the Top Five Ways to Update your Wardrobe post.

    priscilla (dot) a (dot) escobar (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Priscilla

    I tweeted!


    priscilla (dot) a (dot) escobar (at) gmail (dot) com

  • wendy


  • Susan D

    My choice would be the Leather Brooke bag in black

  • Rita Guffie

    I would love to win!!!!!

  • Kelly Grant

    Madison medium wallet

  • Maja Meza

    kristin tote. wow.

  • JoAnn Legano


  • gina

    I adore the Joele Boot & new Peyton leather carryall & Poppy Tartan Large Wristlet…

  • Tammy Greer

    The Kira is my fave! Would love to win!

  • Sand

    I’d love the MAGGIE bag in silver/periwinkle.

  • Zara K

    I adore the Audrey bag!

  • Veronica Garrett

    My wish list is the Kristin Tote, the op art heart stud earrings and the Joele boots.

  • dawn

    PEYTON LEATHER TOTE looks good.

  • Veronica Garrett

    I left a comment on More Fabulous Last-Minute Gift Suggestions and Fabulous Gift tips fromRobert Verdi.

  • kay wolter

    LOVE COACH bags Kra 139330 Brass Bordeux, 14141 large leather brook $458,popcswing pack 43284 $118, leather brass mahogeny 14142 $358 wow wonderful thank you

  • Cassandra

    I would want the toggle sweater for $399 in ink, the sequin waffle weave scarf in heather gray for $168 and the kira bag for $898.
    Great Giveaway!

  • Kirsten
  • Marcy Strahan

    INLAID C BROOKE SHoulder bag & MADISON CHECKBOOK WALLET are on my wish list !

  • Marcy Strahan

    I posted comments & tweeted these:

    Lolita Lempicka Eau de Parfum


    Ed Hardy Hearts & Daggers


  • Gianna


  • Charlene Kuser

    I have the Coach POP C SPOTLIGHT handbag on my wishlist

  • Lindsay

    The Audrey Textured Handbag is AMAZING!That is definitely on my wish list this year!

  • Charlene Kuser
  • Gracie

    i would love anything from the poppy line really. the book totes are my fave though!

    thanks for entering me :D

  • http://momsfocusonline.com rajee

    I like the Audrey in the brass color.

  • Betty C

    I like the leather brooke shoulder bag in brass/mahogany.

  • http://momsfocusonline.com rajee

    tweeted @momsfocus

  • Renee We

    1 in each color for the LADIES OF THE FAMILY.

  • Lucy

    Please enter me for:

    Large leather brooke-$458.00
    Style: 14141
    Colour: brass/mahogany

    It’s going to be my mom’s Christmas gift! =]


  • Betty C

    I commented on the Nine West – Up to 50% off! and Thursday Sale Alerts.

  • Connie T

    Love the Kira bag!

  • Lizzy Patillo

    I like the Tartan Glam Tote!

  • Yajun

    Please enter me for:

    Large leather brooke-$458.00
    Style: 14141
    Colour: brass/mahogany

    It’s going to be my wife’s Christmas gift!


  • Chunlin

    The top 3 items in my coach wishlist are,
    – Crackled Metallic Brooke
    – Audrey textured bag
    – leather with chain claire

    Pick me please.

  • Teresa

    RT’d Dec. 19: http://twitter.com/TeresaHonoursMC/status/6853188255
    P.S. Please let me know if we need to show you where we commented or if you are able to track this info. I commented on 4 or 5 and I’ll gladly look for them if you’d like. Thank you! :)

  • Teresa

    I RT’d again but from this article…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I hope you had lots of fun on your special day :D

  • Angela G
  • Avni

    i would love to own the poppy spotlight sequined bag!!

  • Avni

    i commented on “More Fabolous Last Minute Gift Suggestions” and “Thursday Sale Alerts”

  • Crystal Hamilton
  • Piper

    so excited! this bag is g-g-gorgeous.

  • Teresa
  • http://youtube.com/datemilychick Emily Jewell

    When Are You Going to tell us the winner?

  • Sam

    also tweeted
    twitter is: fashionista526

  • Jessica

    I tweeted, my twitter is: @LoveCoachMarie

  • laurell lasenburg

    Girl I love the large metallic Brooke bag too.

  • laurell lasenburg

    I love that bag too, I really hope I win it

  • Cindy

    hey i retweeted!
    hi! those bags are absolutely beautiful.
    my favorite would be the bags from their poppy line, the spotlight bag and the Pop C tote
    i can only dream of having a coach bag, it would bet the most amazing present but i could never afford such a thing..

  • katy

    I love it. my favorite as of now is
    tartan glam tote from poppy

  • Sara Winkels

    I love all their bags too!

  • Sara Winkels

    I dont know i want it pretty badly!

  • Kayli Barber

    The Poppy line is cute!

  • Kayli Barber

    Me too!

  • Shari D

    I love this one too!

  • Shari D

    I love the Parker Hobo too!

  • Lisma S.

    oops, sorry my keyboard is failing, i keep forgeting that i have hit the keys hard or they wont enter, hence the misspelling above. so again they peyton leather carryall, the brooke zebra wristlet, and the textured metallic audrey.

  • Carol

    You have great taste in bags.

  • Carol

    Love that bag.

  • Charlene Kuser