Ideeli Red Sale Today: Boots Liquidated!

…and that means SUPER HOT over-the-knee suede boots from some of our favorite designers for well under $100 at!!!

Today, homewares, shoes, jewelry, outerwear and more are on sale…so go check it out! I have my eyes on a particular pair of brown leather boots…so be ready for a fight.

(Seriously, guys: These are SUPER limited quantities. See the Diesel Sexy & Brave Chick style at left? The sale hasn’t even started yet, and they only have it remaining in size 38!)

I also need a new rain coat. However, it seems all the cute ones have no hood. What’s up with that???

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    • Julie

      These are always awesome sales, but wish they had my shoe size left!!

    • Missann

      Omg! i so happy i get the oportunity to win the bag! I was wondering is it open internatinally? It will really make me happy if it is:D:D!
      My glam girl’s wish list;
      -SEQUIN POUCH //style:14368
      -POPPY ZIP CLUTCH//style:42973
      -MADISON OP ART SATEEN AUDREY//style:14294
      -FELT BERET//style:80668
      -3 BUTTON GLOVE//style:80721
      -COACH AUBRIE BOOT//style:Q541

      I would really be the happiest girl if i win the audrey bag,i REAALLY love it& its this contest is the only way i can get the bag since i cant afford the bag &theres NO coach store near me.


    • Wanda

      Look at those boots! They are GORGEOUS!! Almost makes me wish for a little snow here in L.A.

      My feet are extremely hard to fit, and I’ve never bought any footwear except sneaks online. Some of the prettiest shoes and best prices are online, so maybe I should give it a go after all.

      wandapanda at live dot com

    • Sarada

      Hey I LOVE these boots… I will probably ask them as a present for the holidays!

    • Laurie

      I love ideeli! So glad they are finally open, and those boots would be perfect for this fall.

    • Sam


    • Dixie T.

      I can’t have enough boots-I’ve got my heart set on a pair of Old Gringos but they seriously need to put them on sale for me.I’m kind of an Urban cowgirl. :-)

    • Nithiya

      Those boots are reeeeeally cute and I love heel since I’m quite tall the height of the heel seems appropriate. LOL I’ve actually realized the same thing about the cute raincoats.

    • Veronica

      Coach is the best.. I love it.. I would love to have atleast these two items.. Definitly the Textured Metallic Audrey bag, Style 14232 and the Madison Patent top Handle Pouch, Style 43374 in black.. I want them!!!.. enter me to win. Thankyou.

    • Agata

      My wish list, since the bag are expensive for me would be just one:) The Claire in bone! OMG, this bag just screms me!:) Although the Audrey bag is very nice too, i love the chain:)

    • Margaret Smith

      Love these boots. Can’t believe that they are under a $100…need to go shopping now. lol

    • bunnyb

      Cute boots!!! Am searching for the perfect pair now :)

    • Liz

      I was also totally bummed about the limited sizes at the Ideeli sale. All the boots I wanted weren’t available in my size or sold out in 1st Row! Guess I should upgrade my status…

    • Diana

      Those boots are gorgeous!!! ;)


      * ASHLEY HEEL — style:Q544


    • anna

      Ideeli always has nice items but my size is too popular so they are always out. As far as Coach wishlist- I love Exotic Ella in Red and Audrey in Emerald, as well as cute patchwork bangles :)

    • mishi

      I would love to get the tartan glam tote $198.00 style:14360. Please enter me in the Coach contest, Thanks.

    • erica basso

      I am making another entry to win the Coach bag.

    • Gae

      You are so right-I don’t understand the sense of a raincoat without a hood. I would never ever buy a raincoat or a winter jacket without a hood.

    • Maggin

      Mmm . I love sales!

    • graceann

      i LOVE over the knee boots!
      My Coach wishlist item is the Tartan Spotlight bag style:14371

    • jodifur

      what a great sale!

    • Sofia

      omg those are soooo cuteee! i loooveeeeee salesss!

    • Bisma Riaz

      My favorite thing on the coach website is the : COACH OP ART CHAINLINK CLAIRE!
      Style: 14321

      Please enter me ! :)


    • andreaya

      Love these boots!! And being under 100 it is no brainer!

    • sunchicka

      Good stuff thanks for the info.

    • FaithJ

      I love Ideeli and shoes and boots! Thanks for the info! Also please enter me in the Coach giveaway, my wishlist is on the original post. Thanks again!


    • Sherly

      Yeah, I’m not really a fan of winter coats without hoods. But that’s why there’s hats! More stuff to love. Love the boots btw.

    • Erin

      I love the boots

    • Kimberly Nguyen

      My mom got those boots!

    • Kate

      Cuuute boots ;)

      Please enter me for the coach holiday blog a day!

    • cristina

      My wish list?
      the cluster charm necklace [style:94607]- gorgeous, heirloom feel to it
      the poppy mini coin purse [style:42860] – love the detail of the zippers && if i’m really lucky
      the patent large spotlight bag [style:13869] – the shoulder strap & hardware are amazing

      thanks for the opportunity! xx

    • Jennifer

      Oh to have a less common shoe size. :(

    • emma

      I love coach but my top four(because i couldn’t decide on three) holiday wishlist would be….
      the patent spotlight in red
      the pop c glam bag
      the inlaid c brooke bag
      and the patent audrey

      I’m so glad your having this great give-a-way!!

    • katie

      LOVE those boots- seriously gorgeous!

    • Meghan

      I want these!

    • Tomi

      Love these boots & at only $100 GREAT DEAL!!!

    • Angie

      Those boots are CUTE!!!
      Definately a fall look!
      My Glam Girl wish list is the Audrey Bag and the Sequin Spotlight Bag, SO GOREGEOUS! Enter me, thanks!

    • Crystal Warren

      Great site…now I have another site to add to my shoe obsession!

    • Christine

      Wow these boots are gorgeous gorgeous. And what a steal at $100!

    • Meredith

      how did i miss this??

    • khushbu

      Those boots are so cute! Boots are all I wear when its cold outside.

    • Gaby

      OMG those boots are amazing! I will most definitely be putting those on my holiday wishlist!!!

    • Marissa Fugate

      My glam wish list:

      Kristin zip top for school
      Poppy clutch for nights out
      All the gloves! I moved up north and it’s cold!

      Please enter me in the contest.

    • sierra

      love the boots! i also need a rain coat — maybe to go with my coach bag and gloves :) enter me!

    • Lauren

      My favorite item from Coach would be the Op Art Lurex Glam Tote in style: 14439. It is a gorgeous bag that I would use every day!
      I love coach so much.
      Please enter me, I will give this beautiful bag a good home :)

    • Ruhe

      Love the boots..The color is gorgeous..

    • midori

      boots=much love
      also please enter me in the coach giveaway thanks!!

    • Kendra B

      Another coach entry :) patent groovy is my fave!

      I bought a pair of boots at that sale

    • Paulina

      My favorite thing on the website is the pop c glam bag :)
      please enter me

    • Paulina

      My favorite thing is pop c glam bag on the website please enter me