Shop in 3D

Get this: Forget Black Friday or Cyber Monday – now we can spend the month of December shopping in 3D!



For the month of December, InStyle magazine has gone 3-D!

Here’s how it goes: You start by checking out the cover, and if you have a web cam, you can use that against the issue to read a special message from Taylor Swift in 3D. (I think that’s pretty sci-fi awesome.)

But the most fun part is the SHOPPING part. It’s called Gifting In 3-D, and it’s essentially using high-tech reality tech in order to let you click-to-buy all sorts of awesomeness. You’ll understand once you see the issue, but basically, you utilize the 3D and watch items come to life through a customized gift box that pops open on your screen, as well as shows a 30-second video, and gift suggestions, contests and more.


It’s a little complicated, I know. But it’s really easy. Log into the link above, and then, well, shop.

if you try it out, let me know what you think!

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    • Jennifer B.

      Okay, now that sounds cool. I love the way that they are incorporating 3D into all sorts of media now.

    • Jennifer

      Neat! Can’t wait to check it out.

    • Lucy Loo

      Great now I’m gonna spend even more money

    • evenstar

      that’s really neat! i saw the 3D thing first time last year on ESPN. but shopping in 3D, now that’s something!!!

    • FOKXXY

      OK. it does sound complicated.. but also sounds intriguing.. I am off to try it.

    • Vikki Orona

      I would love to win the Coach bag you are giving away. Right now my favorite bag (if I must choose just one) is the op art Maggie style from the Madison because while it doesn’t look really large, it can hold a lot!! It comes in multiple colors. But, as far as I’m concerned you can never go wrong with any Coach bag, which is why I would love to win the bag you’ve selected for the Coach giveaway! Thanks and Happy Holidays!

    • Crystal Warren

      this is soooo cool!!!

    • victoria

      I forgot my magazine in Alaska at Thanksgiving I completely forgot to bring it back with me and to check it out on my computer!! Now husband gets to carry it back to MI with him, probably better than carrying that Coach handbag all the way back with fishermen and fellow soldiers sitting all around him on the plane!!

    • Maricar

      i am commenting on this as part of the coach contest….

      i love that bag!!! omg it’s is so so so nice… it has everything a perfect bag needs !!!! i also love the brooke zebra haricalf large style number: 43266

      thnkx for the great opportunity… i really really really love textured metallic audrey and it would be so so great to win it <3