Britney Wearing Hipster Glasses

It looks like old Brit is trying to go for a new look…evidently she got tired of her “trashy” theme for her wardrobe and decided to update to “hipster.”  Hm I’ll have to say that I (and the rest of the world) never thought of the Louisiana girl who is usually running around braless in Uggs, way too short cut-offs, and a nasty crop top as a trendy intellectual, but evidently that is the look she is going for.

Britney was spotted in LA on her birthday after wrapping up the Australian leg of her Circus tour (wow they must still like her down under) wearing thick dark-rimmed clear lens glasses.  I’ve seen these glasses in Williamsburg Brooklyn on a skinny “starving artist” type, but would never in my wildest dreams think that they would end up on Britney Spears.

Wow I think the hipsters would be really upset about this…

Image: Fame Pictures

Image: Fame Pictures

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