Colin Farrell Wears Girly Headband

Some guys think they are super masculine if  they can wear and do things that chicks normally do and still look hot.  For instance, Colin Farrell was spotted in LAX with his super young girlfriend and baby mama Alicja Bachleda wearing a girly wide headband.  You might say, no it’s just a bandana…but I say, no it’s definitely a girly headband that he is using to hide his greasy hair!  Gross!  This outfit looks like he took his dad’s old suit jacket and paired it with a cheap plaid shirt…with one button buttoned?

Ugh I’ve never been a Colin Farrell fan…I think he’s totally gross with the whole impregnating a 26 year old Polish actress slash model thing…is it just me or doesn’t he just look sleezy?

But wowza the baby mama is looking pretty darn good for just giving birth about a month ago…I mean, more than pretty darn good.

Image: INF

Image: INF

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