Victoria’s Secret fashion show clips

I actually forgot or was misinformed that the Victoria’s Secret fashion show was on last night. I ended up watching Hoarders and then putting on Home Alone (a really glam life, no?). While I was watching messy houses and Kevin McAlister, the Angels were waltzing down the glittery runway, all smiles and kissy faces.


Photo: Zuma Image

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From the buzz (or lack of) on Twitter, it seems the show was another flop, just as it has been for the past few years. Too much entertainment and not enough modeling, so if you’re actually into fashion, it really isn’t the show for you. The getups were as silly as usual. I love fantasy, but a lot of the looks aren’t really dreamy…they’re just a hot mess.

What did you think of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show?

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    • Nubiasnonsense

      The show was great, Adriana was missed though =( all the girls were lovely and graceful

    • Quinn Smith

      i don’t feel so bad now! i was eagerly anticipating the show all day and then forgot and ended up watching tabatha’s salon take over on bravo! i was so upset come 11:25 when i realized what i had done (in the middle of watching chelsea lately). thank you for posting the pics and videos and while it may not be the fashion forward event of years past, i do enjoy it’s campy brand of sexy (with a lot of bass in the background (it would’ve been better than tabatha. i can catch that on a rerun!)