Victoria Beckham Looks Evil in Leather

If Victoria Beckham‘s goal was to look like an evil unapproachable word that rhymes with “witch” then she definitely was successful.  I understand the lure of high heels and tight dresses, but when you take it this far everyone is just going to assume that you are just way too elitist.

Victoria arrived to the George V hotel in Paris wearing a long leather trench, a low-tipped wide-brimmed black hat, and lots of bare leg.  Paris in the middle of winter isn’t necessarily an appropriate place to be sporting a super short mini and bare legs….

In every interview with the famous British football wife and mommy, she tries to portray herself as some sort of down home woman who is super friendly and doesn’t have the personality that her “look” portrays.  Somehow I am just not believing this.  And don’t pretend that the hat is hiding anything…we all know this is no disguise.

Image: Bauer Griffin

Image: Bauer Griffin

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