Christmas Gifts for Badass Babies

Shopping for babies is awesome because you can pretty much buy them anything that you think is rad and not have to worry about their individual taste. There’s a really short window in which this is possible, so you gotta jump on it before they hit 18 months and start liking only blue things or whatever. I have my eye on this onesie for like six kids right now.
il_430xN.109071916Pin up girls and skulls aren’t everyone’s style, but they are mine, and seriously, what could be cuter than putting a totally innocent baby in something so badass? Nothing. Except how freaking cute it will be with these skater socks.

18398_lgYes, those are Vans for babies. You’re welcome. Onesie available for $8.50 from Punky Monkey Kids. Socks available for $22 from Uncommon Goods.

Photo Credits: Punky Monkey Kids, Uncommon Goods

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    • All Women Stalker

      Ahhh! I am inlove with the Vans for babies. I have 5-6 kids to give gifts to so this got me thinking. I wonder though if we have that here. Thanks!
      - Kaith

    • Naomi

      The adorableness is killing me… I mean, the coolness.