Zachary Quinto is the Next Big Thing

Does anyone else think that Heroes and Star Trek star Zachary Quinto is totally the next new guy that everyone is going to love???  I’m not saying like Robert Pattison love, but still this guy has some insane acting abilities and a cool look.  I’ve been a Heroes fan from the start and Zachary’s villain Sylar is one of the creepiest and most evil characters I’ve ever seen on TV.  Woah that guy gives nightmares!  But then he also totally shined as pointy-eared emotionless Spock on the new Star Trek movie.  Pretty awesome….

I love his style…that outfit is pretty impressive for such a chill guy…

Here is the elusive Zachary walking his dog with a lady friend in Los Feliz.  Can we please get some paps tailing this guy because the whole world deserves to know what Zachary Quinto is like in real life!  Please find out more about this guy asap!

Image: Fame Pictures

Image: Fame Pictures

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    • AJ

      You’re posting a paparazzi picture with this article. I think they’ve got him covered, but thanks for the extra encouragement. I’m sure ZQ appreciates it.

    • Kristen

      he already has too many paps trailing him as it is one is one too many I think Zach should be left alone and be allowed to be who he is like everyone else on the planet I would hate to have ppl taking pics of me just bc of what I do for a living!I wish I could follow him with a supermangnet to erase the images off of the SD chips in their cameras! cos too many paps spioil anybody Zach has been beyond generous to his fans and if the paps keep bothering him he may not be so inclined

    • Karen Brown

      I think if you LIKE him, then you want him to have fewer stalkers, not more. Paps are a plague on the lives of stars, and the last thing I would do to an actor who is, by all accounts, a nice guy, grounded, charitable and really nice to his fans, is to set the vultures on him.

      He shares plenty with his fans through his website, and his interviews. I don’t need to see him walking his dog or taking out his trash to ‘know more about him’.

    • Kate

      No thanks. Thinking like yours brought us Jon and Kate and Tiger’s endless bimbos. Quinto will do just fine if he follows the Depp model less paps more acting. Creepy that after Diana anyone would suggest this. Also seriously we don’t know these people and never will get real real.

    • Natalie

      MORE???? yeah thats right lets intrude on some pure guys life just so YOU can know what this guys “like”. No no you are TOTALLY right i mean yeah I would love nothing more for a troop of paps following me to the gym, work, coffee shop….when i buy a rug! Cause thats totally normal. Cause yeah, everyone needs to know all about me…..LEAVE THE POOR GUY ALONE!!!!! Yeah he is awesome, but he doesnt need to be pestered and needs his privacy as much as the next Joe Bloggs! :|

    • StephJP

      I agree that Zach’s personal life is interesting, but that’s just what it is: personal. Please think twice before wishing the paparazzi on someone. The world doesn’t “deserve” to know how he lives, it’s his own to share if he so chooses.

    • DRGenack

      This is absurd! If you want to know about him watch the shows he’s in, watch the multiples of interviews he’s shared with us, the photoshoots…. He has already shared so much of himself with us. Much more than any other actor I know of. What else do you want?