Who Wears Short Shorts?

That’s Russell Brand, that’s who. The comedian wore a fleece zipper track jacket over a white shirt, paired with shorts, knee-high tube socks and sneakers.


You gotta give the guy some credit for having the courage to come out of his house like that. I can understand the top portion and the footwear of this outfit since Russell was going to the gym to work-out after all. But the knee-high tube socks? Wow. A violet one at that. Perhaps he was trying to keep his legs warm. Well, he can always wear track pants.

I don’t know how other people in the gym were able to concentrate with their own work-out having Russell Brand in the outfit right next to them. I say, bless their hearts, hehe. Hey, whatever floats his boat, I guess.

(Image : Bauer-Griffin)

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    • siph

      Those are football (soccer) socks, in the claret-and-blue colours of West Ham United (Russells team, he’s a big fan apparently). Normally worn with the tops folded down and over shin pads. His girlfriend recently wore a corset in the same livery to the MTV europe awards.

      That doesn’t explain the short-shorts though, and frankly I’m wondering if he waxes those legs.

    • http://www.colttrickle.com Adam Martin

      That is just ridiculous (ROFL) :)