I’m in New Beauty Magazine

If you have a chance to hit your local magazine or book store, pick up the latest New Beauty Magazine – the Winter issue. Why, you ask? Well, it Features ME.



Well, it actually features a few of their favorite bloggers, but I’m one of the few!

And it mentions Splendicity too! Please pick up a copy – it’s the one with Madonna on the cover.

(Yes, Madge and I are like LINKED now. Quite possibly, at this very moment, her and her army of children are sitting drinking tea, near a magazine that includes ME. Childhood dream = realized.)

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    • http://ascendingbutterfly.blogspot.com Tracy

      congrats Aly, that’s fantastic!

    • http://restorativelighttherapies.com joiful

      I picked up the mag and that is how I found you, congrats!

    • Helena