Lindsay Looking Mean and Saggy

Our favorite red-haired word that rhymes with witch was recently spotted out doing the only thing that she ever does…yep, you guessed it…shopping!  With an open pack of cigarettes and an iPhone in one hand, she picked her way through Soho boutique Intermix with her infamously terrible mother Dina and soon-to-be-as-messed-up-as-Lindsay Ali and made everyone feel small and insignificant.  And why shouldn’t they??  Lindsay Lohan was blessing them with her presence!!!

Hasn’t this girl started to run out of money yet?  All she does is shop and party and ever since that made-for-TV movie where she played a pregnant girl we all know that she definitely ain’t gettin’ any big movie deals anytime soon.  For being emaciated, this horizontal striped skin-tight tee makes her look pretty lumpy.

Lindsay, we are all tired of your saggy boobs!!!

Image: Fame Pictures

Image: Fame Pictures

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    • Chris

      better saggy than fake and round.

      95% of women with big boobs have saggy boobs, thats nature and what men like, the only people who seem to hate saggy tits is kids and some women as well as the media.