Christina Aguilera Dresses Like a Teen

I think Christina time travelled back to her early Genie in a Bottle days and forgot that she’s a mother and almost 30.  I know the girl likes to make fashion statements, but this is just not a good one.

The young mama was spotted out shopping with hubbie Jordan Bratman and baby Max at Barneys in Beverly Hills.  I’m 99% certain that she didn’t get this outfit at anyplace like Barneys.  I have no idea where she found this 80′s cableknit V-neck sweater, but it looks like something a high schooler would be forced to wear as a required part of a uniform.  I don’t know what the deal is with her purse, but it looks like she found it in a garbage dump.  Or is it supposed to be tie-dyed??  The gray sunglasses could be cute if they weren’t paired with this silly-looking outfit.

Maybe it’s time to start dressing like an adult.

Image: Flynet Pictures

Image: Flynet Pictures

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