What I Hate About Me on Style Network

What I Hate About Me isn’t the most pleasant title, but instead of just going with a basic makeover, it’s more of a lifestyle change for its guests. Yes, there are haircuts and wardrobe tweaks, but there’s also decorating tips and health changes that help you improve your quality of life, as well as how you view yourself.

Ambar is the first person to tell us the things she hates about herself, and at the end of the episode, her enthusiasm and new lease and life is infections enough to make you get off the couch and make a few changes yourself. What I Hate About Myself debuts tonight on Style Network after How Do I Look?

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    • gee

      this show is awful. its basically a commercial for all this $$$$ crap. also this girl amber is a crybaby to the extreme. you can just use a buff puff for the damn bumps on your arms not a clarisonic brush that will cost you boucoup bucks…and who is lisa hooked up with to be getting these shows? a rice cake has more flavor.. yawn

    • Terri

      Just FYI, the show is called “What I Hate About Me” not “Things I Hate About Me”. It’s clearly right there on the video.