Whitney Port Still Not a Fashion Icon

If you are a reality TV star, you can’t just become a fashion icon by dressing weird all the time.  You actually have to wear clothes that look good.

I’m a pretty big Whitney Port fan (even though I’ve never made it through a full episode of The City)…maybe just because I am REALLY not a Lauren Conrad fan…but I still don’t Whitney’s fashion sense!!!  I see that she’s unique and creative, but she has NEVER worn anything that I would want to wear.  I mean, the girl is gorgeous but she somehow always wears outfits that are completely unflattering.  Does anyone else agree??  What is the deal??

Here is the famous fashion student wearing one of her classic unflattering ensembles.  This one seems to be a super ’80s distressed denim…jumpsuit???  Wowza.  And I know the girl likes to wear flats, but those funky little jazz shoes look more suited to a Grandma.  Unfortunately, I don’t see Whit becoming a fashion icon anytime soon.

Image: Fame Pictures

Image: Fame Pictures

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