• Thu, Jan 7 2010

Alyson Hannigan In a Bridesmaid Dress

Evidently Alyson Hannigan was in a rush to get dressed for the People’s Choice Awards and decided that an old bridesmaid dress would be just the right thing to wear.  With all of the gorgeous and fashionable options that actresses have thrown at them, why would the How I Met Your Mother star choose such a cheap-looking unflattering and wrinkly dress??  The plain black satin strapless is exactly what every girl chooses for her bridesmaids to wear in assorted rainbow colors…and every bridesmaid hides it in the back of their closet because they never want to wear it again.  The length, the material, the fit, the style…everything bad bad bad.

I don’t like the shoes either…they seem to have some sort of weird asymmetrical embellishments on them.

Image: Zuma Press

Image: Zuma Press

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