• Sat, Jan 9 2010

Nicollette Sheridan OK after fall from horse

Remember her? Well, Nicollette Sheridan apparently had the worst Christmas ever when she was taken to the hospital after falling from a horse during the holidays. Don’t worry, though — she’s OK.


The National Enquirer reports that Nicollette’s boyfriend Steve Pate found her bleeding from a wound in her head after being thrown from a horse. She wasn’t wearing a helmet.

The hospital released because her injuries were minor, but serrrriously, Nicollette? Wear a helmet!

Image: Bauer Griffin

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  • RenatoB

    Glad to hear she’s ok. Hadn’t heard about her in a while, I hope she gets back on TV soon. I wonder if she still socializes with the people of DH.

    Why was this filed under “Felicity Huffman”?

  • Samantha Guillaume

    I LOVED HER!!! I still do I am really sad they brought her off the show and i really want her back!

  • Jaz

    She was unconcious when he “found” her?


    wow how come she looks so old? especially the skin of her neck