Shopping of the Future

Remember Back to the Future? Where we went into the past to see just how advanced we actually were? Well, and the power of love.

IBM and Holition have teamed up to do something pretty much as cool. Well, cooler, cause it’s not a movie, and involves…shopping.

Lets be real: In today’s economy, making the right purchases and avoiding buyer’s remorse is key for online shoppers—especially when it comes to expensive items such as jewelry, watches and designer shoes.



And so they are unveiling a new technology to help shoppers choose the right accessories at the New York Retail Annual Convention—a conference focusing on the latest technology innovations in shopping—next week.

(I’m going to try to go…i may video-blog right from there!)

In conjunction with the company Holition, IBM will present a live showcase of a 3D virtual reality application next week that will enable online shoppers to virtually try-on designer shoes, watches and jewelry.

They are doing this because they  hope the online shopping application will help stores achieve greater sales and increased client approval on luxury items, as those who have a chance to see items on before purchasing might be less likely to make returns. I think it’s totally brilliant…I can’t wait to try it out!!!

The tool is being introduced during the convention being held at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City from January 11-12, so if you have the opportunity to go, please comment below and report back!

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