• Mon, Jan 11 2010

Classic and Timeless Burberry Ombre Scarf

According to fashion experts the winter season is almost over. The aura of Fashion Week is in the air and the pieces which we critiqued and coveted since November are now hitting the shelves. This may be the best time to pick up some of the more classic and timeless winter pieces which you haven’t been able to purchase yet as the prices  (much like the temperatures) continue to drop.

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus

One of those items is the ultimate timeless winter item – the Burberry Ombre Check Scarf in a rose/viola color. The great winter accessory is still available for the end of the cold winter months of 2010 (not just for next year!). It measures 12 inches wide by 79 inches long. It’s great for a few ties around the neck and for the layering look that is all the rage this season. It is new to the Last Call section of Neiman Marcus, originally priced at $550. Now, though, as I mentioned, it is a little less and may be a bit more affordable at $330.

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