Britney Looks Cute But Lumpy

Hey look…it’s Britney!  I’m excited to see the former pop princess out and about in her new hipster wardrobe with gray skinny jeans and a conservative short-sleeved turtleneck (Britney Spears in a turtleneck!???  Who would have thought this day would come!???), but unfortunately it just seems like she bought all of her clothes are at least one size too small.  The zipper seems to be actually popping open on her skin-tight jeans!

I seriously hate to complain about her bra situation because we’re all just uber-excited to see that she is WEARING a bra…but she is displaying that unfortunate ill-fitting quad-boob situation where half of the boob spills out over the top.  Just get a bra that actually FITS and wear it all the time and the Britney Spears bra problem is officially solved!

At least I love her hair!!!

Image: Fame Pictures

Image: Fame Pictures

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    • http:///members/ashley/ Ashley Shute

      Oh dear. I would not have left the house without that “situation” under control.

    • Taste N Tact

      You forgot to mention what ever the hell those are on her feet.