Meet Snooki From MTV’s Newest Reality Show

Who the heck is Snooki???  I’ve seen this strange-looking chick popping up everywhere lately, so I had to finally give in and do some reality TV show research to find out.  Evidently she is one of the stars of the newest trainwreck MTV reality show “Jersey Shore.”  If you’ve ever heard any stereotypes about the Jersey Shore, I’m sure this show lives up to it and much much much more.

I doubt that very many people even watch “Jersey Shore” but somehow I feel that this Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi character is going to give me oodles of super snarky material.  I don’t even understand what decade she is from….is this really a style that is popular in America in 2010???

Here’s the infamous Snookster on her way to get even more of that deep golden glow at Beach Glow Tanning on Long Island.  I think this girl seriously has the ability to concoct the perfect storm of a terrible outfit every time she appears in public…do I need to even describe??  Or doesn’t the photo just speak for itself????

Thank you MTV for being even MORE ridiculous than ever (sarcasm).  And now I will watch an episode online….pleeeeeease tell me that I won’t love it…..

Image: Bauer Griffin

Image: Bauer Griffin

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    • http:///members/koriellis/ Kori Ellis

      You must watch this show. They are outrageously ridiculous, and you constantly are saying to yourself, “Are these people for real?!” It’s great bad TV, if you know what I mean.