Regrettable Accessories from Golden Globes

The stars brought out their best dresses, finest jewelry and most decorative accessories for the Golden Globe Awards red carpet.

Red carpet staples like elegant little clutch purses, sparkling diamonds and delicate, strappy evening shoes were on display.

While the majority of the stars pulled off a stylish, elegant outfit, there were a few choices that would make me question their stylists…

First of all, matching your purse to your outfit can be a risky choice – get the color wrong and it looks sloppy…


Or perhaps you should rethink the whole “matching” thing when your dress is that busy…

Actress Elizabeth Moss is a lovely and talented woman, but her choice of necklace isn’t doing a lot for her assets here:


Perhaps a shorter necklace would have worked better with that neckline?

Kate Hudson is another beautiful and talented actress, but I just don’t think those shoes are doing her any favors…

The Golden Globe Red Carpet Arrivals

They just look too heavy for her dress – there is a time and a place for shoes with a 3″ platform, but I don’t think this was it.

images: Zuma Press

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