• Tue, Jan 19 2010

Marcia Cross shops in Santa Monica (while pulling off hipster skinny jeans)

Who knew Marcia Cross had something in common with 97.6 percent of the population of Brooklyn? Give her a pair of Chucks, a plaid scarf and a baggy beanie that doesn’t quit fit her head, and you’d be able to call her a full-blown hipster (as she’s walking back to her car after shopping this weekend in Santa Monica).


So I’ve noticed something: Marcia’s super active during the day; Eva at night. When do Teri, Felicity and Dana go out??

P.S. She really pulls off the skinny jeans like few other can.

Image: Pacific Coast News

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jamie.lord Jamie

    No DH until next Sunday? Gasp!

  • EvilTurtle

    She looks good!