Lady Gaga Looking Very Quasimodo

Usually I love Gaga for being totally out there and ridiculous with her fashion, but this hunchback look is really just not inspiring OR attractive.  You can be ugly if it’s for the sake of great fashion, but you are definitely not allowed to be ugly and boring.

Lady Gaga showed up at Radio City Music Hall in NY in this all-white futuristic ensemble.  The shades are very Gaga, but I hate the stringy mustard hair, Quasimodo hunchback shoulder pads and the bare legs.  From other shots it’s evident that her legs were covered in bruises and scrapes and lost of nastiness, which is just way too real for me….I don’t want to Gaga to turn into Amy Winehouse!

Gaga should be indestructible!!!

Image: Fame Pictures

Image: Fame Pictures

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