J-Woww Is Killing Fashion

Did everyone hear the news that Jersey Shore’s J-WOWW (for some reason her name is always spelled in ALL CAPS…I guess we are YELLING IT) will be designing her own clothing line.  I just want to die thinking that now people like J-WOWWWW can produce her own clothing line.  Evidently she wants fashion to die!

This picture displays a classic J-WOWW outfit, although the exposure of her fake breasts is not as apparent in this outfit as in most.  UGH everything is absolutely horrendous.  What about this outfit does not instantly nominate her for the very top of the Worst Dressed Ever List????

From what I’ve seen, this girl just drapes a little piece of cloth over her nipples and calls it a shirt…I don’t think we need to see how she expands this into an entire line.

Image: INF Daily

Image: INF Daily

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